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Enlarging Our Footprint Marketing Relay For Life in Your Community.

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2 Enlarging Our Footprint Marketing Relay For Life in Your Community

3 Marketing Relay For Life Much more than a fundraiser Relay For Life is a worldwide movement to end cancer Communicate to our participants their role in this movement Create sense of urgency in the fight Find the “front porch” of your community Not the time for “Business as Usual”

4 Worldwide Movement to End Cancer Movement - a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals

5 Global Movement to End Cancer “Relay For Life provides a living platform to the voice and face of the cancer patient, survivor, and now the caregiver.” – Dr. John Seffrin, CEO, American Cancer Society For the first time since my diagnosis, I felt alive! – June Ledbetter, Survivor, Bertie County, NC

6 Story We Need to be Shouting From the Rooftops! Because of your involvement in Relay For Life  90 more lives are saved from cancer each day since Relay was established as the American Cancer Society’s signature activity in 1993  There are better, faster, more humane treatments available than ever before  More cancer diagnoses are being avoided altogether through our prevention and early detection efforts

7 Tonight there are families resting comfortably at one of our Hope Lodges without spending a single dime in lodging costs while supporting a loved one through their cancer treatment There are 10.5 Million Cancer Survivors alive today – more than ever before in American history There are patients and concerned family members getting answers and information through our website and toll-free number. “You are change agents – and you save lives” Dr. John Seffrin

8 Create Sense of Urgency “We can say things today in the fight against cancer that we could not say even three years ago. What we do today will determine the story we tell three years from now.” Dr. John Seffrin, ACS Chief Executive Officer

9 Create Sense of Urgency Research The American Cancer Society is the single largest non-profit funder of life saving cancer research in the world The ACS research program is unique because of our focus on beginning researchers with the most cutting edge and innovative ideas Pay-if grants – Answers waiting to happen

10 Create Sense of Urgency American Cancer Society 2015 Goals Prevent 5 million unnecessary deaths from cancer – more than population of South Carolina Prevent 6 million new cancer diagnoses – more than population of Maryland Improve quality of life for all cancer survivors

11 Find the “Front Porch” of Your Community

12 Think Externally Always Include a Call to Action Make it Year Round

13 Tools & Materials Available to Help Tell the Story Community Fact Sheets New Speaking Points with updated messaging List of quotes from John Seffrin, Otis Brawley, and others Updated Press Releases Tips on Community Based Marketing

14 “Every step you take, every dollar you raise, every new member you recruit helps us get one step closer to a cure.” – Dr. Otis Brawley, ACS Chief Medical Officer

15 Thank you 1.800.ACS.2345

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