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Making Sense of Open Access Rowena Rouse Scholarly Communications Manager.

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1 Making Sense of Open Access Rowena Rouse Scholarly Communications Manager

2 For researchers

3 OA Mandates OA Infrastructure Title of presentation 00/00/2013 3

4 Jisc OA Good Practice Project Overview 03/05/2015OA Good Practice Project 4 Advisory Group (RLUK, SCONUL, ARMA) Advisory Group (RLUK, SCONUL, ARMA) Contact Group (publishers, intermediaries, vendors) Pathfinder Projects Develop shareable models of ‘good practice’ Pathfinder Projects Develop shareable models of ‘good practice’ OA Implementation Community Inform/ disseminate models of ‘good practice’ OA Implementation Community Inform/ disseminate models of ‘good practice’

5 Pathfinder Project (leads and associates) » Coventry University Associates: University of Northampton; DeMontfort University » Northumbria University Associate: Sunderland University » Oxford Brookes University Associates: Nottingham Trent University; University of Portsmouth » UCL (University College London) Associates: Newcastle University; University of Nottingham » University of Bath Associates: University of Bristol; University of Exeter; University of Cardiff » University of Hull Associates: University of Huddersfield; University of Lincoln » University of Edinburgh Associates: Heriot Watt University, University of St Andrews » University of Glasgow Associates: University of Southampton; Lancaster University; University of Kent » University of Manchester Associates: Edge Hill University; Liverpool John Moores University; University of Liverpool; University of Salford 03/05/2015Title of presentation (Go to ‘View’ menu > ‘Header and Footer…’ to edit the footers on this slide) 5

6 Making Sense – a researcher centred approach to funder mandates Stuart Hunt, Rowena Rouse June 2014

7 Partners Oxford Brookes University Stuart Hunt – Project Director Rowena Rouse – Project Manager Nottingham Trent University University of Portsmouth

8 The big question How can we get the researcher to engage with all of this? ‘Most academics are failing to adopt the principle of open access, according to Stephen Curry, a structural biologist at Imperial College London and campaigner for open access. He says the RCUK policy may not be forcing enough academics to change their behaviour to publish more work—but the inclusion of open- access requirements in the next Research Excellence Framework certainly will. “Every single university in the country is going to make sure their submissions are REF-compliant,” he says. “The REF grabs everybody by the balls.”’ Research Fortnight, 11 June 2014 mplate=rr_2col&view=article&articleId=1344415 mplate=rr_2col&view=article&articleId=1344415 ndex.php?option=com_news&te mplate=rr_2col&view=article&arti cleId=1344415 Cartoons by Bob Pomfret, copyright Oxford Brookes University. This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales

9 Sensemaking Five phases of sensemaking* 1.Frame the problem as a phenomenon 2.Collect the data 3.Look for patterns 4.Create the key insights 5.Build the business impact Madsbjerg, C, Rasmussen M B (2014) The moment of clarity. Harvard Business Press

10 The project so far?  Establish Baseline – First Project meeting July 2014 (frame the phenomenon) – introductions and current position August 2014 – survey Unlocking attitudes …

11 The project so far? - Baselining


13 Baselining

14 CIAO and MIAO

15 What Next?  Ethnographical Interview  How do researchers communicate their research  What triggers them to publish …  How do they choose where to publish  Longitudinal studies using cultural probes  Methodology – observations, video, existing record methods eg.lab books, discussing.. (collect the data)

16 More information See how we make sense of it all, follow this Blog: Date for your diary: Community workshop 20 May 2015 at Oxford Brookes html

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