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Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador Annual General Meeting March 4, 2003 CEO’s Report Penelope M. Rowe.

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1 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador Annual General Meeting March 4, 2003 CEO’s Report Penelope M. Rowe

2 CSC in Newfoundland and Labrador Voluntary Sector Training 6 Contributors & Smart Labrador 9 Roundtables and Discussions 11 Orientation Sessions 32 SWASP Interviewers 14 Regional Field Workers 5 YMY Placements 8 SWASP Placements 214 Locations

3 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador During 2002 CSC paid wages to : Employees40 Student participants47 External consultants13 Total100 CSC2003

4 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador Mission: The Community Services Council of Newfoundland and Labrador is an independent organization promoting social and economic well-being. Our goal is a prosperous and inclusive society that supports individuals, families and communities. The mission of CSC is to encourage citizen engagement, to promote the integration of social and economic development and to provide leadership in shaping public policies. We do this through:  Advancing the voluntary, community-based sector  Conducting leading-edge research  Advocating policy positions  Pioneering innovative programs and services  Building bridges and cultivating collaboration  Harnessing the power of technology These activities nurture social inclusion, build social capital and improve community capacity. CSC2003

5 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador - identify unmet community needs; -stimulate interaction amongst voluntary organizations; -enhance the voluntary sector’s capacity to work effectively with the public and private sectors -provide a forum for citizen participation in social policy development; -support volunteerism; and, -conduct independent social research. CSC aims to: CSC2003

6 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador CSC acts as a social entrepreneur, evolving with the province’s needs and bringing a dynamic, creative approach to the issues of the day. At any given time, we work on dozens of different projects to support volunteerism and citizen engagement, to promote the integration of social and economic development, and to provide leadership in shaping public policy and building stronger communities. CSC2003

7 SWASP Fran Locke  9 th year in partnership with federal and provincial governments  593 students placed  486 organizations in 214 communities  feedback from 98% of placements (students and/or sponsors)  98% rated placements excellent or good  97% of students developed transferable skills or career goals Funders: HRDC and Youth Services and Post Secondary Education CSC2003

8 Pam Corrigan  Launched in Feb 2002  Sessions – 750 per day  Members - 935  1 – 800 technical support line – 235 calls  Orientations: 288 people, 206 VCBO’s in 32 communities  Training for voluntary organizations West St. Modeste, Harbour Breton, Lewisporte, Gander, St. John’s  5 students placements  Regional marketers (contracts) Clarenville, St. Anthony, Baie Verte  Web sites hosted – 35 live, 62 others in process  Evaluation commissioned CSC2003

9 PUBLIC ACCESS Ron Day  Helps clients of income support and other government personal support programs get accurate information about programs and eligible benefits.  Helps interpret various government manuals  Where necessary helps individuals launch appeals  250 requests over last year dealing with: income support, rental assistance, health related services eg dental fillings  30 advocacy cases CSC2003

10 VOLUNTEER CENTRE Peggy Matchim  Focus on building provincial relationships, networks 5 field workers: St. John’s, Happy Valley, Goose Bay, Corner Brook, Gander, Marystown  Linking with national initiatives to promote volunteerism CSC is Host Organization for Canada Volunteerism Initiative IMPACS – Charities and democracy  Training: Making the Most of Volunteer Resources New Strategies for Involving Youth  Promoting Volunteerism Presentations Poster Campaign - From Classroom to Community Telegram Volunteer profiles Volunteer Opportunities  Volunteer Week CSC2003

11 VOLUNTEER CENTRE - Youth Initiatives Kimberley Greening  Youth Mobilizing Youth Avalon (East and West School Boards) Torbay, Ferryland, Mount Pearl, Mobile, Goulds Labrador School Board Happy Valley, Goose Bay Teams take on many projects Crime preventions committees, Red Cross, Homework Havens  Youth Volunteer Corps Summer Program 46 volunteens – 1135 hours Kimberley Greening – Role Model of the Year Megan Hollett Queens’ Golden Jubilee Medal  Global Youth Service Day Youth Volunteer Fair – 250 participants Funder: HRDC CSC2003

12 Research and Policy Development  Voluntary Sector Task Force  Pan provincial SWASP  8 interviewers in central in 2002: Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, Lewisporte, Twillingate, Peterview, Glovertown, Springdale  10 interviewers currently in: Trepassey, St. Albans, Sops Arm, Labrador West, St. John’s, Marystown, Stephenville Funder: Youth Services and Post Secondary Education  National Survey of Voluntary Organizations  Consortium led by Canadian Centre of Philanthropy University of Victoria, Manitoba, Quebec at Montreal, Queen’s Canada West Foundation, CSC, Statistics Canada  Welfare to Work: the Next Generation  National Symposium - St. John’s late 2003  CSC lead agency with planning committee University of Manitoba, King’s College, Western University, UQAM, Memorial University, HRE Funding: HRDC (Literacy Secretariat, Social Partnerships) HRE CSC2003

13 COMMUNITY UNIVERSITY RESEARCH ALLIANCE Carla Wheaton  In partnership with Memorial University faculty members  Research activities: Retrospective analysis Review of VCBO’s awareness of SSP Leadership Gap Youth understanding and interpretation of policy (Sullivan and Zamparo)  Provincial Planning event for key stakeholders, Dec 2002  Symposium being planned for later this year  Conference presentations Arnova international conference Canadian Evaluation Society Canadian Associations of Schools of Social Work Funder: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council CSC2003

14 Expanding Their Universe: Reshaping The Future Charmaine Davidge  Research component Research underway with Avalon East School District  Leadership Development Underway through MacMorran Community Centre  Access Fund Procedure being developed Funder: Clarica Inc CSC2003

15 LEADERSHIP IN PROGRESS Deanne Engram  Program for emerging leaders  Pilot project launched - February 28 6 month program  16 candidates 3 from private sector 6 from governments 4 from community groups 3 from professional associations Primary Funder: McConnell Foundation Supplementary funders: Petro Canada, New World Fitness, Terra Nova Golf Resort, Winchesters Restaurant, Clarenville. CSC2003

16 Highlights: Other Events National Child Day Event Nov. 2002 Workshop on social inclusion 50 participants from government and voluntary organizations Early Childhood Education and Care Forums In partnership with Campaign 2000  First Forum – November 2002  Second Forum – May 2003 CSC2003

17 Contributors, Funders and Donors ACOA Canadian Rural Partnerships Clarica Inc Community Youth Network (CYN) Great West Life HRDC – Youth Services IMPACS Health and Community Services HRDC - LMDA Human Resources and Employment McConnell Foundation NL Liquor Commission Office of Learning Technology Memorial University of Newfoundland Petro Canada Scotiabank Strategic Social Plan Summer Career Placement SSHRC United Way VOCM Cares Foundation Volunteer Canada – CVI Voluntary Sector Initiative Youth Services and Post Secondary Education We appreciate financial support from: CSC2003

18 National Linkages and Connections  National Survey of Non-profit and Voluntary Organizations  Voluntary Sector Initiative  Voluntary Sector Assembly  Voluntary Sector Forum  Canadian Health Network  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council  IMPAC’s Charities and Democracy Project  Carleton University – Arthur Kroeger Leadership Forum CSC2003

19 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador Penelope M. Rowe, CEO Carol Brice Bennett Lori Johnson Louise Woodfine Michael Devine SWASP Fran Locke Jodi Mahon Darren Murphy CURA Carla Wheaton Mark Coaker Pam Corrigan Curtis Delaney Neil Head Linda Parsons Carol Anne Ryan Trina Appleby Dave Maunder Regional Field Workers Serena Payne, St. John’s Stephen Kennedy, Marystown Lori Oram, Gander Erica Humber, Corner Brook Erika Stockley, Happy Valley-Goose Bay Leadership In Progress Deanne Engram Expanding Their Universe: Reshaping the Future Charmaine Davidge Chris Pickard Youth Mobilizing Youth Kimberley Greening Participants Charlotte Cook Jennifer Rotchford Luke Dalley Janice Sheppard Katie Glynn Jeff Smart Scott Howell David Stone Joshua Mansfield Michael Veitch Jolene Pittman Volunteer Centre Peggy Matchim Kim Randell-Power Charmaine Ford Melanie Thomas Public Access Ron Day Youth Mobilizing Youth Labrador Adrienne Edmunds Shelly Broomfield Participants Travis Budgell Kimberley Davis Joyce McGrath Katherine Mutrey Rhonda Roberts David Tuglavina Bonnie Wall Kristen Williams Paula Williams Pan Provincial SWASP Chris Coombs Tara Drew Lilly Hodge Roni Kean Andrew Laite Jeremy Pittman Jill Power Chris Shortall Joanne Turner Sarah MacDonald-Anderson

20 Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador Executive: Kevin Breen, PresidentSheree Snow, Treasurer Ray Hawco, Vice PresidentGlenda Janes, Secretary Directors: Barbara BarryRichard Beaton Don HutchensKathleen Kufeldt Simone KielleyEdwina Kirkland Luanne LeamonFay Matthews Dave PowerJudy Powell (Retiring) Melba RabinowitzJamie Smith Christine Snow Mike Wadden CSC2003

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