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Finding Grants David W. Dillard, Arcadia Valley R-II & Melanie Dillard, Central R-III.

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1 Finding Grants David W. Dillard, Arcadia Valley R-II & Melanie Dillard, Central R-III

2 Objectives 1.How to match your needs to funding Know what you wantKnow what you want Know what you will or can do, produce, make, support and have time forKnow what you will or can do, produce, make, support and have time for 2.Where to find grants State & FederalState & Federal Grant SitesGrant Sites Internet SearchingInternet Searching 3.How to select a grant Fit your needs, capabilitiesFit your needs, capabilities Budget & matchBudget & match Deliverables and timelineDeliverables and timeline

3 Write out the following: A brief idea or concept of the project: formalize your thoughts and purpose for doing this (the project) A list of items needed: supplies, equipment, software and their costs Your objectives: what is the project going to accomplish (this may be behavioral or just “I want a SmartBoard” Your timeline: how soon?, do I have time?, can I wait?

4 Timeline Make a timeline Determine the final date for submission and work back List everything that must be completed and when Add who will help or where to find information Define Tasks

5 Your Need, Want, and/or Desire How large or small is the project Individual, group, building, district Dollar amount you need List what you want: Material: supplies, software, equipment Is there need for salary/stipend Outcomes: raise MAP scores, improve health/fitness, hands- on-learning, community service Deliverables: What will or can you produce? What are the deadlines & application timeframe

6 Where to find a funder Determine your need, want, desire Missouri State & Federal sites DESE website MOREnet website Federal Grants Grant and Foundation Sites Google search

7 Types of Funding Determine whether you are looking for public or private funding Public: usually a governmental agency, more paperwork, more accountability, more scrutiny Private: deal with targeted proposals, easier to write, often less required paperwork and fewer rules, may want to call and inquire about the program

8 Know Your Funding Source Learn the funder’s perspective – including governmental agencies Learn about biases Learn about the review process Contact them before you submit – do not ask about what is on the website – you should be able to read Search private funder’s website – Know who they are and what they do

9 Contacting Funders Web page Letter of inquiry PhoneVisit

10 What you need to look for from a potential funder Web page Guidelines Grant priorities Rules and procedures Request for Proposal (RFP) Application packets Scoring Guide Past projects funded/sample grants

11 Evaluating Funders You need to develop a system to evaluate potential grants Need to go beyond the common to narrow the choices to find the best grant for you Goal/Purpose Amount of funding Deadlines/Timeframe

12 Grant Evaluation Again, know what you want! Develop a grant evaluation form Sample provided Develop a system for scoring, rating, ranking potential grants Complete the grant evaluation form

13 Grant Evaluation

14 Next Our next step is to choose a grant and: Complete the application for practice Complete the application and submit it Work on an application to get a “feel” for the process Review a couple grants to “see what they really look like”

15 Next The third session: will continue the process of grant management Answer questions Work through the “sample” grants



18 Starting your search The best place to find a grant is through an internet search Try various combinations of the key words Search for the specific topic or area that you want to fund Art, technology, computers, mathematics, science, sports, recreation, physical education, calculators, afterschool Combine keywords and specific topic Key Words Grant(s)Education(al)TechnologyFoundationK-12Teacher Secondary terms Funding For, and, Schools


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31 grants.html


33 alendar08_09.pdf



36 _main.html

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40 Lowes/Community





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