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Bid-Writing Seminar Mena Gainpaulsingh International Fundraising Consultancy

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1 Bid-Writing Seminar Mena Gainpaulsingh International Fundraising Consultancy

2 The key to successful applications… Good project design that meets a real and defined need Ensuring all elements of your proposal link together Being SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Related) Using a Logical Framework Satisfying the funder’s needs

3 Delivering the Funder’s aims Outcomes funding Acting as the agent of the Funder to deliver their objectives for them, or as their partner Matching your objectives to theirs (do you know what your own objectives are?) Achieving real social change – your aim Having a clear project plan…

4 Identifying a need Identifying the problem Severe social problem with wider social implications Local context Lack of alternative services Identifying roots of a problem Handling preconceptions

5 Evidencing the need you have identified Evidence of the problem: local/national/international strategies; research Awareness of barriers to success that need to be overcome Meeting beneficiary, local, national & organisational need Evidence to show what interventions work (your own

6 Exercise – demonstrating the need (20 mins)  Beneficiary needs (who are they? What are their experiences? What support do they need? Barriers they face)  Local needs (lack of alternative services; do they reach the people they need to?)  National needs  International issues (political situation, demographics etc (STEP))  Organisational need (what you need to run your service) (SWOT)

7 Your project – Aims & Objectives Vision – your ultimate goal:  To achieve Equality for all; no one experiences discrimination or oppression Mission – What you will do to achieve your Vision  Legal Advice from specialists  Education  Information provision SMART objectives/outcomes

8 Activities, Outputs & Outcomes The Project:  Type of activity  Deliverables within this  Measurable Outcomes Proving that the project will meet the need identified

9 Exercise (20 mins)  Decide your Vision  Mission  Objectives/Outcomes Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Related  Indices of change (eg “more”, “increased”, “better” etc)

10 Monitoring your project Monitoring mechanisms  Registers, monitoring forms, feedback  Target related Measuring outputs  Measuring deliverables, beneficiary numbers, geographical spread Measuring outcomes  Measuring impact  Qualitative & Quantitative ; user satisfaction  Evidence of reduction in a problem Ultimately, how can you show you have made a real difference?

11 Exercise – Monitoring & Evaluating (15 mins)  Proving your outputs  Proving your outcomes  Over what time-frame  Are your Outcomes & Outputs SMART?

12 Your Costs (1) Direct project costs:  Revenue: Staff & Volunteer-related costs Venue hire (if appropriate) Publicity & Marketing Materials Professional fees Licences, registrations and permits Office costs; stationery Monitoring and evaluation Fundraising

13 Your Costs (2) Capital costs:  Equipment  Furniture  Vehicles  Premises  ITC equipment Overheads:  Appropriate percentage of organisational costs eg rent, heating, lighting etc  Salaries of core staff

14 Your Costs (3) Include taxes where appropriate Costs in line with inflation, or with increase in activity. Show where there is a shortfall.

15 Exercise – Working out your costs(15 mins)  Based upon the Outputs you will deliver  Ensuring you cover ALL the costs relating to it  Proving to the funder you have thought your project through  Being realistic, not optimistic  Getting 3 quotes for external services

16 Some things to remember… Your USP:  Doing something different or better  Reaching more people, reaching different people Having Impact:  Getting the most impactful info in early eg uniqueness, seriousness of the problem  Showing wider difference the organisation makes  Empowerment, not pity

17 Thanks for listening! Feel free to ask questions Mena Gainpaulsingh International Fundraising Consultancy

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