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Grant Writing 101 What to Say and How to Say It… Quickly and Effectively.

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1 Grant Writing 101 What to Say and How to Say It… Quickly and Effectively

2 The Process of Development 1. Find the Nexus Between: Your Core Competencies And A Funder’s Priorities

3 The Process of Development 2. Spell Out the Problem & Explain the Solution: What problem are you addressing? What impact is the problem having? What needs to be done? How Do You Know This Will Work?

4 The Process of Development 3. Why Should They Trust & Fund YOU To Do This? Demonstrate your capacity. Explain your history and successes. Differentiate yourself.

5 Keep Your Funders Informed 4. Prove That You Did What You Said You Would Prove you completed the ACTIONS. Prove that the ACTIONS had the desired RESULT

6 Grant Writing 101 1. Find the Nexus Between: Your Core Competencies And A Funder’s Priorities

7 Resource Development Strategies Intended BeneficiariesIntended Impact Youth, Adults, Seniors, Etc.Intro to Tennis Geographic RegionRecreational Tennis Specific Skill LevelsInstructional Tennis Underserved CommunitiesCompetitive/High Performance SchoolsLeague Play Parks & Recreation…Healthy Living… Diversify Funding StreamsSeek Funding for Your Intended Impact Corporate FundersPhysical Activity Community FoundationsSocial & Emotional Development Partnerships that PayAcademic Improvement Creating Successful EventsOST Soliciting Major DonorsHealth Kick-Starting your BoardTennis

8 Grant Writing 101 Locating Funders Corporate Websites Foundation Lists Grants Management Organizations

9 List of companies based in the Philadelphia area A.C. MooreBerlin, NJretail - AirgasRadnor Township, PAgases AlliedBartonKing of Prussia, PAsecurity - Alpha VideoWest Conshohocken, PAentertainment American WaterVoorhees, NJutility AmeriGasKing of Prussa, PAgas AmerisourceBergenChesterbrook, PAdrug wholesale AmetekPaoli, PAelectronics Amoroso's Baking Company Philadelphiafood AppLabsPhiladelphiasoftware Aqua AmericaBryn Mawr, PAutilities AramarkPhiladelphiahospitality AUS, Inc. Mount Laurel, New Jersey consulting, research Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll Philadelphialaw BDP InternationalPhiladelphiaglobal logistics Beneficial BankPhiladelphiafinancialOldest and largest bank with HQ in Phila. [1][1]

10 Mission Statement Beneficial takes tremendous pride in making a difference in the lives of local residents and the neighborhoods we serve. Accordingly, below are just some of the ways Beneficial is making a difference in the community. Beneficial Bank has a rich history of community involvement in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities including Southern New Jersey. This commitment was recently strengthened with the establishment of the Beneficial Foundation. The Beneficial Foundation is keenly interested in funding community development programs that support children and families in crisis. Additionally, the Foundation believes that the education of our youth is our future and special emphasis will be given to educational, after school and early childhood development programs. Highlights: The Beneficial Foundation was established in 2007, and to date the Foundation has awarded 465 grants totally $1.6 million to non-profit community organizations throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Beneficial

11 Grant Writing 101 Development is Like a Courtship Try to get a face to face meeting Use a good cover letter

12 Grant Writing 101 Prepare for On-Line Grants Articulate Key Answers in 100, 200, 500 words Mission Statement Population Served Programs/Accomplishments Goals/Objectives

13 Grant Writing 101 Create a Series of Boilerplates General Operating Support Facilities Academic/Social Tennis: Instructional/Recreational/Competitive Capacity Building

14 Elements of A Successful Grant (Follow the Funder’s Directions) Explain the Problem and Why They Should Care

15 Explain the problem Inactive Youth/Adults Lack of Tennis/Recreation

16 Why Should They Care? Don’t Assume the Funder Will Know! Physically active youth perform better in school; Obesity is on the rise; Obesity leads to other chronic illnesses; Healthy employees are better employees; Tennis is a lifelong sport…so…

17 THEORY OF CHANGE If you start with “A” and you add “B” your result will be “C” “C” is the ‘societal impact’ you and your stakeholders want to have.

18 Exactly What Will You Do “We will run a clinic…” “We will provide 24 youths residing within the xx zip code with two sixty minute instructional tennis clinics every week for 6 weeks.”

19 Exactly What Will you Do Who are your intended beneficiaries? What impact will you have on those beneficiaries?

20 What Impact Will This Have Research the proven impacts of the program you want to implement. Play 60 Let’s Move! Benefits of Tennis

21 Know How Much to Request Pay close attention to funder guidelines Don’t be afraid to ask:  What is the typical award for a first-time grantee?  What is your average grant size?

22 Develop a Practical Budget There are good books on grant writing and budgets Use the USTA template  Review actual expenditures for the prior year/season

23 Summary & Thanks Tell them what you’re going to say Say it Tell them what you said Say thanks

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