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Dr. Jennifer Teitle The University of Iowa Graduate College.

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1 Dr. Jennifer Teitle The University of Iowa Graduate College

2 Learn Learn about funding opportunities Think broadly about your work Plan Develop a timeline and plan What must happen, in what order Search Communicate and use local networks Search with large-scale databases

3 Awards: Funding in recognition of scholarly or creative excellence Awards Fellowships: For graduate and post- graduate research and/or education Fellowships Grants: Support for research, travel, projects Grants Internships: Paid or unpaid work experience Internships Residencies: Room and board within an artist/ scholar community Residencies: Scholarships: Funding for education Scholarships


5 Define Your Academic Goals  what you want to do  where you want to be  what you need to get there Create Your Search Timeline  what has to happen, in what order  timing is everything, think at least one year in advance  Make a calendar with deadlines (letters, writing, revision)

6 Communicate your plans and use the available social networks Other students Advisor/mentors Online networks Conferences Professional associations

7 The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) Homepage: SPIN Searches

8 GRANTS 4 HAWKS University Database Searches

9 Crowdfunding Rally Kickstarter Indiegogo More ideas from Imagining America and Animating Democracy…Imagining America Animating Democracy

10  Schedule blocks of time for your funding searches (30-45 minutes)  Search regularly  Keep records  Set goals

11 A good match between a funder and applicant is essential. When you find an opportunity ask:  Am I eligible?eligible  What is the funder’s mission and does my work fit into it? mission  Who else has this funder supported? Who

12 Remember—there are many opportunities out there!

13 Contact Jennifer at Individual interviews/search strategies Hands-on training to use the databases Proposal Review


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