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09.30 - 10.00 Research Grants & Contracts Team 10.00 - 10.20 Peer Review with Prof Stephen Wilkinson 10.20 - 10.35 Break 10.35 - 12.30 Grant Crafting with.

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1 09.30 - 10.00 Research Grants & Contracts Team 10.00 - 10.20 Peer Review with Prof Stephen Wilkinson 10.20 - 10.35 Break 10.35 - 12.30 Grant Crafting with Dr Martin Pickard Telephone: 01782 733443 I Email: I

2 Research Grants & Contracts Officers - Donna Sumner Tel: 33443 - Ann Diskin Tel: 34463 Research Grants & Contracts Administrator - Caroline Pugh Tel: 34493 Introduction – Who we are

3 What we do / why we have research administration Fully support and advise the Academic community in applying for Research Grants, Contracts and Tenders Final checks & sign off - central point for Institution authorisation Contract negotiation and sign off Work closely with Research Institute Managers Data requests

4 Support the academic community in the development and delivery of research grants Initial Advice Costing & Pricing Final Check & Institutional Approval Electronic Submission Budget Reconciliation Internal peer review Provide accurate and timely data regarding research applications & awa rds

5 Facts and Figures 513 Applications 2010/11 Value £44.9m 2010/11 Success Rate ~1:4 Research Grant Income 2010/11 £11.9m QR Income £6.7m

6 Research Grant Income 10/11 £11.9m by Sponsor Type

7 Making an Application Must be a full member of a Research Institute. Initial contact point - your Research Institute Manager. ALL applications to be authorised by your Research Institute Director. ALL projects must be costed under fEC.

8 Research Institute Contacts ISTM - Mark Smith Tel: 555234 IPCHS - Claire Ashmore Tel: 34722 SSRI & IHUMS - Clare Wydell Tel: 34580 - Nat Golden Tel: 33888 - Sheena Bateman Tel: 34589 IEPSAM - Pauline Weston Tel: 34339

9 Funding Opportunities “Research Professional” online licence all Keele users can register for an account. Research-L mail list - Internal mail list. Research & Enterprise Services website. EU Framework 7 - Dedicated page with full support packs (Dr Martin Pickard). UKRO (United Kingdom Research Organisation).

10 On Line Submission All Research Councils, now use the online submission system Je-S. You must have a registered user account to use this system. Other sponsors now use their own online systems e.g. Royal Society, Wellcome Trust, Leverhulme Trust and EU. - Always be aware that submissions are multi-stage and you pressing “submit” does NOT complete the process.

11 Find the Right Funder Print off guidance notes. Do both you and your proposed project meet the eligibility? Is the sponsor likely to offer funding at a sufficient level, and for long enough? If not, can you find the balance from elsewhere? Can you meet the application deadlines and are you certain of the application procedures? What is the likelihood of success - is it worth the effort of making the application?

12 Find the Right Funder (Continued) Will you have the freedom to publish, or are there likely to be confidentiality restrictions? Who will have the ownership of the results? How far are you prepared to tailor your research to a sponsors requirements? Is the sponsor compatible with your own conscience and the mission of your institution? Are the sponsor’s interests likely to conflict with any other work that you or your immediate colleagues are undertaking?

13 Peer Review Research Institutes - various types of peer review. Always ask someone else to review your application.

14 Costing a Project TRAC demonstrated that Research was under-funded. fEC (Full Economic Costing) launched March 2004 to address this under funding. Aim to make Research sustainable. All projects have to be costed under fEC regardless of what the sponsor pays. Diary Exercise - participation crucial to this process.

15 Directly Incurred costs Staff Costs - Research Assistants, Technicians, Fellows, Visiting Researchers Travel and Subsistence Equipment Consumables Books Survey Fees

16 Directly Incurred costs (continued) Publication costs Licences Recruitment and Advertising These are all costs only incurred as a direct result of undertaking the project.

17 Directly Allocated costs Principal Investigator’s time Co-Investigators’ time Pooled staff (e.g. lab technicians) Estates Costs These are costs incurred irrespective of a research project.

18 Indirect costs General office and laboratory consumables Secretarial Central and distributed services Cost of Capital employed These are costs that cannot be attributed to a particular project.

19 Exceptional Costs Project studentships.

20 Current TRAC rates for Keele Estates - Non-Lab based Research £4,490 - Lab based Research £11,453 Indirect £38,588 Rates are applied per 1.0 fTE (Full Time Equivalent) Based on 44 working weeks, 220 days, 1,650 hours per year

21 How the fTE is calculated Total number of hours to be worked over the lifetime of the project for the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Research Assistant, Studentships (not for RCs) divided by 1,650 hours in a year. For example: - RA (1 year fulltime) =1,650 hrs - PI (20% for 1 year) = 330 hrs - Total = 1,980 hrs - 1,980 / 1,650 = 1.20 FTE to apply the rate

22 How the fTE is calculated 1.20 x Non Lab Estates £4,490 = £5,388 1.20 x Lab Based Estates £11,453 = £13,743 1.20 x Indirects £38,588 = £46,306 So… - lab based project total associated costs = £60,049 - non-lab based project total associated costs = £51,649

23 pFACT Costing Tool pFACT is a software package most UK Universities have subscribed to. Currently used by the Research Institute Managers to prepare costings. System support provided by fEC Accountant Tim Statham and Research & Enterprise Services.



26 Sign off All these procedures are in place to maximise your chances of success and reduce the potential for risk. All projects to be seen by your RI Manager for costing. Signed off by your RI Director. Institutionally approved by RES.

27 Useful Links Martin Pickard email:

28 Useful Links

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