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Research into International Trusts and Foundations (in 20 minutes)

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1 Research into International Trusts and Foundations (in 20 minutes)
Finbar Cullen ResearchPlus

2 International? England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland Isle of Man Jersey Guernsey

3 Rummaging in Registers
Regional Charity Registers and Company House Registers - PowerPoint

4 Republic of Ireland Isle of Man Jersey Guernsey

5 Republic of Ireland Irish Funding Handbook, 5th edition €20, Café Publications Trusts & Foundations International Opportunities

6 Republic of Ireland Citizens Information Board
“database of funding sources for the voluntary sector in Ireland” ( Replacing

7 Republic of Ireland The Wheel
“support and representative body connecting Community and Voluntary organisations across Ireland” Funder-Finder, supported by Vodafone Ireland Foundation Source of information on funding

8 Activelink “works with non-profit organisations to develop online communications” Resources section has no information at the moment, but has a link to a publications page See events, campaigns, news link

9 Republic of Ireland Philanthropy Ireland
The association of grant-making trusts, foundations and corporations in Ireland Directory of 17 full members and 4 associate members. Contact details, Unsolicited applications accepted: Yes/No Section “For Grantseekers”

10 Republic of Ireland Fundraising UK Section on Ireland
Funders, deadlines, etc

11 Europe NB Some English language sources, some websites only provide very limited information in English

12 European Foundation Centre
“gathering point for independent funders active in and with Europe”

13 European Foundation Centre
Search current membership Alphabetically by Country (NB not all European) Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kosovo/UNMIK, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

14 European Foundation Centre
Links (21) National Associations of Donors Names with hyperlinks for most of them

15 National associations of donors in Europe
Austria - Verband Österreichische Privatstiftungen Belgium - Belgian Network of Foundations Bulgaria - Bulgarian Donors Forum Donors Forum in Bulgaria Czech Republic - Czech Donors Forum Finland - Council of Finnish Foundations France - Centre Français des Fondations Germany - Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen Ireland - Philanthropy Ireland Italy - Associazione fra le Casse di Risparmio Italiane

16 National associations of donors in Europe
The Netherlands - Vereniging van Fondsen in Nederland Poland - Polish Donors Forum Portugal - Portuguese Foundation Centre Romania - Romanian Donors Forum Russia - The Russia Donors Forum Slovak Republic - Slovak Donors Forum Spain - Asociación Española de Fundaciones Coordinadora Catalana de Fundacions Switzerland - SwissFoundations United Kingdom - Association of Charitable Foundations Scottish Grant Making Trust Group Global - WINGS

17 Europe Funders Online – an initiative of the European Foundation Centre Search Europe’s online philanthropic community Search for independent funder websites by Name Country e.g. France = 84, Japan (!) = 6 hyperlinks “Funder website feature” (e.g. financial information)

18 Europe Funders Online Information for Grant-Seekers
Introduction to Funding Research Prospect Funder Checklist Project Proposal Basics Directory of Social Change Foundation Center Publications Newsletter, directories, statistics, etc

19 Some EFC Books, etc A Directory of (158) Foundation and Corporate Members of the EFC, 2006 edition €65 Mediterranean Funding, directory of 126 profiles of foundations and corporate funders €10 Youth Funding in Europe detailed profiles of 145 independent funders €25 Europe in the World “News Digest” - free monthly service

20 Books - Europe Directory of European Grantmakers 2006/2007, Chapel & York nearly 1,000 European Grantmakers £15.50 Fundraising from Europe (Individuals, Companies, Foundations) facts and figures and resources £15.50

21 Books - Europe The Europa International Foundation Directory
2,500 foundations, trusts, charitable and grant-making NGOs world-wide £230.00 Philanthropy in Europe Individuals, Companies, Foundations by annual subscription - Monthly magazine £160/€240

22 USA

23 Foundation Center Excellent, comprehensive resource

24 Foundation Center 71,000 grantmaking foundations Foundation Finder
Search grantmaker name geography EIN number (Employer Identification Number - nine digit number that the United States Internal Revenue Service assigns) An EIN number helps when you don't know the precise name of a foundation and distinguishes it from other foundations with similar names.

25 Foundation Center The Foundation Directory Online
Up to 88,000 U.S. foundations and corporate donors, 900,000 recent grants, and more than 400,000 key decision-makers. $19.95 a month +

26 Foundation Center Books (and CDs The Foundation Directory 2007
key facts on the top 20,000 U.S. foundations, 50,000 sample grants $215.00 Guide to Funding for International and Foreign Programs 2006 1,500+ entries, 8,700+ sample grants $125.00 Philanthropy News Digest - free newsletter

27 US Foundations - books Directory of American Grantmakers 2005/2006
“400 largest US private & company foundations that fund outside the USA” £45/£ Sold Out, 2007/2008 Coming Soon Chapel & York

28 US Foundations - books US Trust and Foundation Directory 2005/06 pdf document listing 57/58 US trusts and foundations that fund international development work and organisations outside of the US, updated annually.

29 Guidestar searchable database of more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations Grant Explorer Single User $49.00 monthly ($499 pa) information on 3.05 million grants made by more than 52,200 of the largest foundations in the USA Demo available

30 USA NOZA “the world's largest searchable database of charitable gifts”, with over 21,000,000 records Search by “Foreign Affairs”

31 USA Waltman Associates
The Donor Series online – 4,800,000 gifts (individual, corporate, and foundation) Pay per search or subscribe for unlimited searching

32 CharityChannel nonprofit sector professionals from around the world volunteering time, advice, information, tips and articles … Grants and Foundations Review newsletter CharityChannel USA, Canada, UK, international

33 Global Philanthropy Forum
The Global Philanthropy Forum matches grantmakers to vehicles for overseas giving International philanthropy resources Search by continent and issue Gives (US) Foundation name and contact details

34 Further afield

35 Europe in the World a programme of the European Foundation Centre
Support the development of Foundations worldwide. Partners include Foundations

36 Council on Foundations
“more than 2,000 grantmaking foundations and giving programmes worldwide” Looking for Grants? The Council does not provide services to grantseekers, but check out the links etc

37 FoundationSearch Metasoft Systems Inc
Search over 4 million documents about over 122,000 funders in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia free, 'no obligation' site-seeing tour available

38 Canada CharityVillage Resources and Library Funding Sources

39 Asia and the Pacific Philanthropy & the Third Sector in Asia and the Pacific Information on countries Information on grantmaking foundations – international and local

40 The Japan Foundation Center
Information on 86 grant-making foundations and their grant programmes hyperlinks

41 Australia Centre of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane The majority of Australian Foundations do not fund outside Australia. In many cases they legally cannot do so. Links Publications top 25 private Australian Foundations, etc

42 New Zealand Funding Information Service Fundview
over 600 funding schemes

43 New Zealand The Charities Commission register of charitable organisations in New Zealand Charities Register Search by charitable sector - “international activities” and area of operation “overseas” Some results are “grantmakers” Makes grants or loans to individuals Makes grants to organisations

44 Links via efc

45 Latin American Funders Network
… foundations, corporate donors and other organisations concerned with the development of philanthropy

46 Grantmakers East Group
supports the development of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States

47 Sub-Saharan African Funders Network
foundations and corporate funders working in Sub-Saharan Africa

48 Thank you Finbar Cullen ResearchPlus

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