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Sources for Finding Funding UMBC Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

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1 Sources for Finding Funding UMBC Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

2 Getting To Know… Foundation Directory Online (FDO) Professional Subscription Dr. Michael Walsh Grants and Contracts Manager Office of Sponsored Programs

3 Main Questions What is FDO? How do I access FDO? What do I search? How do I search in FDO?

4 What is FDO? Foundation Directory Online is an organization that allows subscribers to access comprehensive information on grant makers and their grants. FDO cites innumerable foundations across the United States-as well as other nations- that have and will provide grants for research organizations.

5 FDO: Stats and Details –FDO contains information on 108,000 foundations, corporate giving programs, and grant making public charities in the U.S. –The database consists of over 4,000 sponsoring companies, offering a quick pathway to corporate funders; –The database contains over 3 million recently awarded grants; –FDO offers a keyword-searchable database of over 1 million recently filed IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF (filed by exempt organizations -- i.e., private foundations and private charities).

6 How to Access FDO Log into myUMBC Click on Topics Tab Click on Human Resources and Finance Scroll to the bottom of the page to the heading Financial Application-- click on link “Foundation Directory Online”. Note: You can ONLY access FDO while on UMBC’s Campus

7 Additional FDO Access Point

8 FDO Free is a new, improved way to quickly look up basic information about foundations by name, EIN, or location. FDO Free CAN be accessed off-campus through the web. No log-in or subscription needed. NEW FOR 2013: FDO FREE Click Here for FDO Free Search!

9 Foundation Directory Manual Funding Searches Power Search (9 databases at once) Update Central Cross-Border Giving (U.S. Grant-makers to non-U.S. recipients) Posted RFPs Newsletter (Sign up for funding watch, job bulletins, RFP bulletins, etc.) Archived Webinars & Blogs Chat Now Training Online Tutorials (Highly Recommended)

10 Advantages In Using Foundation Directory Online? Search across a funder's grants (using search criteria and indexes) Map a funder's grants for any given year by recipient type or primary subject/the ability to view disbursements by county, city, ZIP code, or congressional district Chart a funder's grants for any given year by recipient type or primary subject. Receive funder-specific e-mail alerts Ability to search across all four Foundation Directory Online databases as well as the Foundation Center's philanthropy news, nonprofit jobs, RFPs, foundation publications, and nonprofit literature databases simultaneously User-friendly interface IPhone & Android Compatibility Constant and consistent updating of database (weekly updates)

11 What to Search Searching by grantmaker –Will list all foundations who have distributed grants in the past Search Types: Grantmaker name, field of interest/geographic focus, grantmaker state and total giving, grantmaker city, establishment year, trustees/officers/donors, and keyword or a combination thereof. A Company search –Will list all companies who distribute grants. Search Types: Company name, state and business type, subsidiary state/country, subsidiary city, total sales, directors/officers congressional district, and keyword.

12 What to Search A grant search –Will list all organizations who have received foundation grants and from who. Search Types: Grantmaker name & state, recipient type and types of support, recipient state and grant amount, and/or recipient city, congressional district, types of support, year authorized, and keyword A 990s search –Will list all organizations who have filled a 990 within the criteria selected. Search Types: Grantmaker name, fiscal year and grantmaker zip and/or grantmaker state, EIN (tax ID), and keyword

13 How to Search Select what you want to search –Grantmakers –Companies –Grants –990s The Grantmaker-Specific Search Grants Screen is used to search for records of recently awarded grants specific to a particular grantmaker while the main Search Grants Screen is used to search for records of recently awarded grants across our entire database. Enter any and/or all information –The more fields entered the more narrower the search

14 How to Search Additional search option –Clicking on the link “view index” under each search criteria. –Select field you want to search Indexes included on the Grantmaker- Specific Search Grants Screen contain fewer entries than the indexes on the main Search Grants Screen because these indexes are specific to the grantmaker whose grants you are searching.

15 Results A sample search by City, County, State Sample search results on UMBC as Recipient

16 Results Grant Details: Recipient Grant Grantmaker Contact/Email Grantmaker Profile includes: Background Fields of Interest Donor Contact Financial Data Types of Support Map & Chart

17 Mapping & Charting Grants

18 Links to Social Media

19 The Power Search One-Stop Search: Grantmakers Companies Grants 990s News Jobs RFPs IssueLab Reports Nonprofit Literature

20 Your Turn To Practice A Search! Log-in to myUMBC Access Foundation Directory Let’s Try a Search: Power Search & Using one of the four search databases

21 FDO Support For questions about Foundation Directory Online, including questions about search strategies, e-mail or call (800) For general questions about foundations, philanthropy, and fundraising research, please refer to the Foundation Center's Online Librarian page ( The Online Librarian page has search tutorials and search examples accessible and available to the grant seeker for their perusal.Online Librarian

22 OSP Contact Information For FDO Office of Sponsored Programs 410-455-3140 ------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Michael T. Walsh 410-455-3037 **Please feel free to contact your college’s specific Grants and Contracts Manager and Specialist**

23 An Introduction to Mr. Cameron McAdams Grants & Contracts Specialist Office of Sponsored Programs

24 Concept originated in the Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act of 1999. E-Grants Initiative; Established as a Governmental Resource –Part of President George W. Bush's FY 2002 Management Agenda to Improve Government Services to the Public Origins Congress enacted legislation to provide an online connection between grant seekers and federal grant makers. It has been specifically and purposefully designed to make grant research, application, processing and management more efficient.

25 Simplifies the grants application, management and awarding processes by reducing paperwork through downloadable and fillable forms, auto-populated data, error checks, email notifications and online support. –Creates a centralized, online process to find and apply for over 1,000 grant programs from the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. Designed to be the one-source access to standardized grant information, application packages and processes. –Over $500 billion in annual funds to state and local governments, academia, not-for-profits and other organizations. –Saves time and expense that is associated with traditional paper-based grant applications Objective

26 Functionality For Grantors –Post Grant Opportunities –Post Related Application Packages –Retrieve Application Packages –Assign Tracking Numbers For Grantees –Search for Grant Opportunities –Download Application Packages –Complete Application Packages Offline –Check Application Errors –Submit Completed Application Packages –Track the Status of Submitted Applications

27 Accessing Visit Note: Accessing is permitted off-campus.

28 Registration The exploration of and subsequent downloading of grant applications is allowed without PI registration; institutional registration has been completed for UMBC. OSP personnel are the Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs) that will submit the applications to the federal agencies.

29 Finding Opportunities Use the search options available on the Find Grants Opportunities page. –Email notification service is also available. Perform a basic search, browse by category, browse by agency, or conduct an advanced search. Sign up for emails as well. Complete search and click submit. The results will display all applicable grants. As soon as grant programs are announced by the agencies, they are posted on and available for review. After you receive your results, you can link to the synopses of the grant opportunities that provide important information about each grant and links to the full announcements and application packages.

30 Search Options –Basic search allows search by Keywords, Funding Opportunity # or CFDA # –Allows sorting by Status of opportunity (Open, Closed or Archived) –Enables editing which instrument type desired (Grant, Cooperative Agreement, Contract, Other) –Sorts by who is eligible for the award (e.g. Public and State controlled institutes of higher education) –Sort by category (arts, education, health etc.) –Allows selection of specific government agencies

31 Grant Synopsis Details Shows a quick glimpse of grant details: –Funding Opportunity # –CFDA # –Posted and Closing Date –Program funding –Award Ceiling and Floor –Cost share requirement –Eligibility –Brief Description of the program

32 Getting the Application Package Click the download button on the right to get the package. You will be asked to optionally give your email address so that may email you any updates to the package.

33 Application Package –All required documents are already attached –To add optional forms click the checkboxes –Clicking on the name of the document will jump you to that page –All the yellow boxes are required OSP is available to help you fill in any information you may not be sure about.

34 Help Desk is available 24/7, except federal holidays. Email: Phone: 1-800-518-4726 (local toll-free) Please also see Help page for general inquiries

35 OSP Contact Information For Grants.Gov Office of Sponsored Programs 410-455-3140 ---------------------------------------------- Mr. Cameron McAdams 410-455-3187 **Please feel free to contact your college’s specific Grants and Contracts Manager and Specialist**

36 An Introduction to Grant Forward Mr. Chad League, J.D. Grants & Contracts Specialist Office of Sponsored Programs

37 This pre-award funding search database includes a diverse inventory of more than 8,000 federal funding opportunities and more than 6,000 Foundation opportunities, spanning diverse academic fields including the arts, medical sciences, education, humanities, social sciences, business, engineering and technology, physical sciences, law, and many more. Over 39 subject fields including: Agriculture Area Studies Arts Behavioral Sciences Biotechnology Business Administration Communication Computer Science Earth Sciences Education Over 2,009 categories Grant Forward also offers several assistance aids on their website: 1.Grant Forward Home Page: 2.Educational materials: 3.Overview Video: 4.Knowledge base: What Is Grant Forward? Institutions Opportunity Restricted to Women Opportunity for Junior Faculty Physical Sciences Plant Sciences Population Studies Rural Studies Science Social Sciences Space Sciences Technology Transportation Urbanism Energy Engineering Environmental Sciences Ethnic and Racial Group Studies Foods and Food Science Gender Studies Geographic Locations Home Economics Humanities Information Science International Studies Law Leisure Studies Library Science Life Sciences Mathematics Medical Sciences Military Sciences Museology Natural Sciences Nuclear Sciences Opportunity Restricted to Minorities

38 Accessing Grant Forward Grant Forward can be accessed directly from a campus computer, or from an off-campus computer by setting up an account using your UMBC e-mail address. Grant Forward can be accessed DIRECTLY at OSP Website Access: oposals/funding_opportunities.html oposals/funding_opportunities.html Also Note the Link to “How To Use Grant Forward” published by Cazoodle

39 Grant Forward: FAQs & Web Demos

40 Grant Forward Registration Go to Click on Sign Up on the Home Enter your UMBC E-mail Address Enter your Password and confirm your Password Click on “Institution Member” in the “Select Account Type” Field. UMBC should populate in the “Institution” Field.

41 Finding Grant Forward Opportunities Basic Search Can conduct a basic broad search using ‘keywords’ or ‘categories’ If you are unsure of a specific category to use, click on ‘select from list’ and Grant Forward will provide a list of available categories from which to choose. If you have a more specific topic of research in mind, click “Advanced Search” to bring up more detailed query fields.

42 Finding Grant Forward Opportunities Advanced Search Advanced searches are helpful when trying to narrow down your research topic. You can search funding opportunities by sponsor, deadline, sponsor type, grant/award type, status, etc. You can select multiple sponsors and options in the various fields so that you do not have to do separate searches for each sponsor, sponsor type, etc.

43 Grant Forward Search Results The search results provides the following information: Submission Deadline Funding Amount Eligibility Submission Info The yellow star gives you the option to mark certain opportunities as ‘favorites’ so you can come back to them later. You can also choose to further narrow your search using the fields to the left of your search results.

44 Grant Forward Search Results This page provides you with the following: General overview of the opportunity Ability to ‘Annotate’ the opportunity with notes and reminders. Ability to ‘Star’ as a ‘Favorite’ Ability to Export overview to PDF Format

45 Office of Sponsored Programs 410-455-3140 ------------------------------------------------------- Chad League, J.D. 410-455-3255 **Please feel free to contact your college’s specific Grants and Contracts Manager and Specialist** OSP Contact Information For Grant Forward

46 OSP Responsibilities Chart

47 Final Questions/Comments References/Citations: Facts, figures, and other pertinent information regarding these databases were gathered from the following websites: » » »www.grantforwardwww.grantforward

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