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Grant Writing Essentials

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1 Grant Writing Essentials
Welcome Grant Writing Essentials Octavia Kuransky, MS Psychology Psychology for the Real World

2 Let’s Begin at the Beginning
Why are there non-profits?

3 Funding is a 2-way street
The Funder has Goals & Objectives The Agency has Goals and Objectives

4 The goal of a proposal is to get agency & funder moving in the same direction

5 3 Steps to a Successful Proposal
1.Understand Your Program 2.Understand Funder’s Program 3.Understand How 1 & 2 Fit Together F Fundability

6 Learning Objectives for Today
Components of a Successful Grant Proposal Fundability of the Project Research Methods to Locate Grants 5 Most Common Mistakes 5 Things Pro’s Do Resources

7 Components of a Proposal
Background on the Program Establishing the Need The Solution Benefit of the Solution (Outcomes and Objectives) Budget List of Board of Directors Attachments

8 Grant Guidelines provide the specific details for a specific funder
Information in grant guidelines include where the funder funds, what the funder funds, what the funder does not fund, eligibility requirements, important dates, priority funding areas and more Grant guidelines change regularly

9 Grant Vocabulary (these are also elements of a proposal)
Grant Guidelines – instructions from funders Mission – purpose of the agency Program – the overarching operation Project- more specific activity of the program Goals – general drive of the program (or project) Objective- specifics of the goals Outcome – measurement of the results Collaboration – inter-agency work

10 Background of the program (suggested info for inclusion)
How long has the program been in existence? What successes has the program had? What other agencies does the program work with? (collaborations)

11 Do You Know the Background of Your Agency?
Write some background for your agency here: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12 Establish the Need (suggested info for inclusion)
What is the problem the program or the project addresses? How does the problem affect the community? How many people are affected?

13 What is the Need for Your Community?
Describe the need for your community here. __________________________________

14 The Solution (suggested info for inclusion)
How does your program or project address the solution? (This could be the same as the goal of the agency) What is the long term projected affect of your project?

15 The Central Alabama Women’s Business Center seeks to increase the financial stability of women by increasing the number of successful business start-ups in Jefferson and Walker counties. Example

16 How does your solution address the need in your community?

17 A necessary part of the solution are measurable objectives and outcomes.

18 WBOP Objectives Educate 10 women in Jefferson County in business start up Launch 6 women owned businesses in Jefferson County Educate 10 women in Walker County in business start up example

19 What are the agency Objectives?
Write your agency objectives here: __________________________________

20 Two (2) WBOP Outcomes example
Six women participating in WBOP will learn business fundamentals including money management Six women participating in WBOP will earn a minimum of $600 from their business as a result of their business in one year example

21 What are the agency Outcomes?
Document your agency outcomes here: __________________________________

22 The Budget Needs to reflect reasonable expenditures for the project
Some funders may have limits on % of project to program Needs to respect funder’s history with regard to funding Request needs to be sufficient to address the need

23 Attachments Funder grant guidelines will list required
documents. Generally they are: The IRS determination letter The program budget Most recent tax return List of BOD with affiliations Most recent Audit

24 How To Find Funders Google (example)
Alabama Association of Non-Profits Foundation Center Look at the funders of similar agencies (example) (cost $$$)

25 5 Most Common Mistakes New Grantseekers Make
Mismatch on funding priorities Lack of clarity on request Lack of clarity on benefit Unsubstantiated budget Allow funding to drive program development

26 5 Things Pro Grant Seekers Do
Read the grant guidelines Interview with the Funder Research the Funder Confirm the clarity of purpose for the request Include all requested materials

27 Additionally… The Board of Directors Start Ups Fiscal Agents

28 Q and A ______________________
Thank you for your attendance and participation.

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