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2 What are they? Millipedes are myriapods. The word myriapods means “many legs”.

3 What do they look like? Millipedes have long, segmented bodies. Each of their segments have a pair of tiny legs. They can be black, brown or red. Millipedes also have small antennae on their heads and a hard shell called an exoskeleton.

4 What does they eat? Millipedes eat rotting plants, including fruit and vegetables.

5 Where do they live? Millipedes live in all parts of the world, especially in moist places such as in leaf litter and under wood and bark.

6 How does it move? Millipedes glide smoothly and slowly on their many legs.

7 What are their enemies?

8 How does it protect itself?
Millipedes protect themselves by rolling up into a spiral shape. Some millipedes can release a yuck smelling chemical to warn their predators.

9 What is its life cycle?

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