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North Bay Green Agenda 2014 Nipissing Environmental Watch.

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1 North Bay Green Agenda 2014 Nipissing Environmental Watch

2 Past Green Agenda Items Adopted by the City Improved recycling in the ICI sector – e.g. improved programs in multi-residential buildings Improvements to recycling centre – the new sorting systems Expanded collection of plastic recyclables Support for community gardens Initiatives to reduce public transit fuel consumption Gains in active transportation – more bike racks, bike repair station and improvements to bike routes

3 Waste -improve participation rate (70%) in blue box program -increase recycling by institutional, industrial & commercial sectors -Actively enforce litter by-law & influence better public behavior -Establish free cycling of construction materials -have a large item collection day yearly to discourage dumping

4 Climate Change What is the City’s plan for the effects of climate change? Tree cutting by-law More active transportation routes Air quality alerts Explore ways to improve air quality

5 Water -Public education on how runoff affects lakes -Address the issue of how connecting eavestroughs & sump pumps to sanitary sewers overloads the treatment plant & results in sewage going directly into Lake Nipissing -Install more water bottle filling stations to encourage reusable water containers -Do more to protect the city water intake in Delaney Bay from risks such as pipeline spills, truck and train accidents.

6 NEW Vision for North Bay In an information-based economy, North Bay’s success depends on our ability to attract and retain creative people from all walks of life. Preserving wilderness, having healthy, beautiful surroundings and easy access to outdoor recreation are crucial tools in any 21 st Century city’s toolbox of economic development.

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