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The Great Lakes H. Huron O. Ontario M. Michigan E. Erie S. Superior.

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3 The Great Lakes H. Huron O. Ontario M. Michigan E. Erie S. Superior

4 Lake Michigan Shoreline AWisconsin Jewel Lake Michigan has a surface area of over 22,000 square miles – ranking it as the 5th largest lake in the world (Superior is 2nd, Huron is 4th). Over 10,000,000 people live within it’s watershed. You are here!

5 Who Uses the Water and the Watershed?

6 Residential – 39% Recreation – 24%

7 Commercial uses – 12% Agriculture – 20%

8 In Wisconsin steps are underway to improve our shorelines – one beach at a time.

9 How you can get involved A year round program September Adopt-a-Beach is part of an international event Data collection Pollution prevention and education

10  Make an immediate impact with every visit  3-5 visits per year  Identify trends in litter type or quantities  Provide “hard data” to leaders in community  Raise public awareness of issues along your beach

11 The first Adopt-a-Beach groups in Wisconsin formed in 2004 In 2007, adopters have adopted beaches all along both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior

12 How does Adopt-a-Beach work? Adopters, using Alliance for the Great Lakes data forms: –Make a visual assessment of the beach and it’s facilities –Collect and record trash items from the beach –Conduct a water quality text for presence of E. coli bacteria –Enter data into the Alliance for the Great Lakes database

13 The Beach Assessment Form

14 The Litter Monitoring Form

15 The Litter Tally Sheet

16 McKinley Beach Trash Profile 2004-2006 Tobacco products make up 29% of all collected material Food related items make up 22% of all collected material

17 The Water Monitoring Form

18 In 2006 Adopters from around the Great Lakes documented nearly 10 tons of trash. 154,000 cigarette butts 109,000 food related items 7,600 balloons

19 Taking Action Write a letter to your representatives to share you data and experience Invite others to join you on your beach visits Display results for public viewing

20 How else can you help? It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 1. Become A Member 2. Become A Volunteer 3. Tell Your Friends & Family About Us Visit us at: Visit us at: http://www.greatlakes.org or Write us at:

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