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Everybody Needs a Clean Environment Written by Dallas , Emad

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1 Everybody Needs a Clean Environment Written by Dallas , Emad

2 I’m sorry for the kids who don’t have a clean environment.
I’m sorry for kids that have Smog around their cities, Pollution in their rivers and streams, Hazardous wastes in the soil and everywhere, Shrinking forests, Endangered animals, Oil spills, Loud, deafening noises, And other thing like that If they don’t have a clean environment! That’s why I’m giving them my 10 rules for having a clean environment. Not just any environment, one that they can keep maybe forever!

3 Step 1 Use recyclable water bottles. 2.If you use plastic water bottle’s they will take 100 year’s to break down.

4 Step 2 Don’t litter in ponds or anywhere 2. If you litter in pond’s , lake’s because if you do we are polluting the earth.

5 STEP 3 Riding your bicycle more for less air pollution.
2.don’t use motorbikes because it makes air pollution.

6 STEP 4 Everyone needs a clean environment to survive.
2. if you don’t you will not live because of air pollution.

7 Step 5 You could reuse your water bottles so you could save less garbage. 2. You could buy more bulk and it will have less rappers.

8 Step 6 You can make less pollution by riding your skateboard for less air pollution. if you don’t ride your bikes, scooters , skateboard you are putting gas in the air and you are polluting the air.

9 Step 7 1. Always make sure your garbage go’s to the dumpster .
2.if you do then you are polluting the air and effecting wild life.

If you do you are polluting the ground.

11 Step 9 1.Treat your earth how you want to be treated by picking up litter 2. If you don’t pick up litter you not being nice to the earth.

12 Step 10 All right ,that’s ten rules . If you can think of any more write them down. I think we can all help to preserve our earth.

13 Glossary 1.REUSE Means you can use something over and over again.
2. RECYCLE Means you put stuff where it is supposed to go.

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