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Community Safety Working and Learning together to create safer communities Thursday 22 January 2015.

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1 Community Safety Working and Learning together to create safer communities Thursday 22 January 2015

2 Conference Chair Cllr Paul Bayliss Derby City Council

3 Community Safety and Policing issues in 2015 Mark Norris, Senior Adviser, Local Government Association 22/01/2015

4 What this presentation will cover Provide an overview of community safety and policing issues in 2015 including: –Police governance –Community Safety Partnerships –Counter-extremism –Violence against women and girls –Emerging issues

5 Police governance and CSP funding PCCs?Or Police Boards?

6 Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill Places 2 new statutory duties on councils: –Duty to prevent people being drawn into terrorism (Prevent); –Duty to assist people assessed as being vulnerable of being drawn into terrorism (Channel). Draft statutory guidance already out for consultation. Will we develop counter-narratives to extremist ideology?

7 Serious and organised crime

8 Violence Against Women and Girls

9 Emerging issues

10 Anti-Social Behaviour From Theory Into Practice 22 nd January 2015

11 Background Multiple pieces of legislation with 19 different tools and powers 2010 ‘Moving Beyond The ASBO” speech Review of all tools and powers White Paper – Putting Victims First

12 Tackling Problem Individuals Anti-Social Behaviour Order ASBO on Conviction Drinking Banning Order DBO on Conviction Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Individual Support Order Intervention Order Civil injunction Criminal Behaviour Order The new Civil Injunction will be available in the County Court for adults and the Youth Court for under 18s. The Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) is available to deal with the most seriously anti-social individuals on conviction for any criminal offence. As well as prohibitions, both the injunction and CBO will be able to include positive requirements that can address the underlying causes of the behaviour and prevent future recurrences (for instance, alcohol or drugs misuse).

13 Criminal Behaviour Order On conviction Two conditions must be met - harassment, alarm or distress proved beyond reasonable doubt and - must be helpful in preventing further anti-social behaviour Minimum 12 months and maximum 3 years for under 18s Minimum 2 years and no maximum for adults Breach is a criminal offence Joint protocol agreed in Greater Manchester

14 In practice…. Graham Fox - prolific offender - serious acquisitive crime 2 year order Prohibitions; Being in possession of any power tools, gardening equipment, games console or games, without a valid receipt or where he can prove that he has the permission of the owner to use the item Being in possession of a pedal cycle unless previously registered with an Oldham Intelligence Officer Associating with a number of named individuals in any place to which the public has access Entering the garden, yard or driveway of any private dwelling without the express permission of the owner/occupier of the premises

15 Tackling environmental ASB Litter Clearing Notice Street Litter Clearing Notice Graffiti/Defacement Removal Notice Designated Public Place Order Gating Order Dog Control Order ASB Premises Closure Order Crack House Closure Order Noisy Premises Closure Order Section 161 Closure Order Community Protection Notice Public Spaces Protection Order New Closure Power The Community Protection Notice (CPN) can be issued to deal with a particular problem negatively affecting the community (e.g. litter or graffiti) The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) provides councils with a flexible power to put in place local restrictions to address a range of ASB in public places The new Closure Power provides the police or council with new, single Closure Powers, consolidating four of the powers already available to them.

16 Public Space Protection Order Local Authorities make the Order Parks and open spaces, alleyways and communal areas Gating, alcohol consumption, dog control, noise 3 year review period Breach can be dealt with by FPN or prosecution Transitional arrangements for existing orders 20+ orders being put together in Oldham

17 Closure Power Single power for all premise types Introduction of temporary 24 hour closure Closure Notice must be served Magistrates’ Court application for Closure Order within 48 hours of Notice being served Closure for up to 3 months – can be extended for further 3 months. Breach is a criminal offence

18 In practice…. Residential property Tenant of social landlord Prolific drug users of heroin Drug dealing by visitors to the address Vulnerable adult - 90 year old male with dementia living next door 3 month order – evidence met all three limbs of the test

19 Empowering Communities The ASB Case Review gives victims of ASB the opportunity to force a case review where their report meets a locally determined threshold. Oldham Threshold: 3 calls from one household or same locality about the same problem The Community Remedy gives victims of low-level crime and ASB a say in the punishment of offenders out of court. Behaviour must be pass the threshold for criminal prosecution or civil injunction application. ABC’s, paying compensation to the victim*, or doing local unpaid work in the community, or for the victim, such as repairing damage or scrubbing graffiti off a wall.

20 Police Powers to Disperse Section 30 Dispersal Order Section 27 Direction to Leave Dispersal Powers The police Dispersal Power enables officers to require a person whose behaviour has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to leave a specified area and not return for a specified period of up to 48 hours.

21 Absolute Ground for Possession Conviction for serious criminal offence Proven breach of a Civil Injunction Conviction for breach of Criminal Behaviour Order Conviction for breach of Noise Abatement Notice Closure Order granted by the Magistrates’ Court As long as correct procedure followed Court must order possession. Proportionality and Human Rights Act consideration

22 Thank you for listening Contact details: Lorraine Kenny Community Safety Manager 0161 770 1582 or 07739 548899

23 Community Safety in Derby

24 Where we were Extensive central Government grants A range of statutory requirements under the 1998 CAD and 2004 PCA Performance framework a wide range of indicators Central Government Guidance and Policy Significant new legislation (20 Acts)

25 Where are we now No central Government grant except for Prevent programme, which is ring-fenced Last funding in 2012-13 for gangs and youth violence Pressures of Local Authority and partner budgets Partners retracting, partnership working and collaboration more difficult How do Councils prioritise community safety? Role of OPPC, governance and funding

26 Current Situation Community safety vastly reduced, less resource and staff Core funding from Council, BCU and OPPC More focussed on risk and threat Strong political support Community safety delivered through neighbourhood agenda and core team of 2 staff Local freedom and flexibility v’s lack of funding

27 2014-15 Priorities Statutory requirement for SIA to identify and set priorities Domestic and Sexual Violence Youth Crime Prevention Asb Drug and Alcohol related crime Gangs and OCGs Cyber Crime Violent Crime/City Centre Persistent Offenders (IOM)

28 Panel Questions and Answers

29 Refreshment Break

30 Community Safety Working and Learning Together to Create Safer Environments Identifying Risk Detective Superintendent Terry Branson

31 Our Commitment Providing a high quality policing service to the communities of Derbyshire. We work in partnership to address crime and community safety, adhering to five guiding principles: Protecting the vulnerable Attacking criminality Providing reassurance Preventing and reducing crime Delivering value for money

32 Background – Strategic Risk Process Partnership Working - Since 2009, Derbyshire Constabulary, Safer Derbyshire and Derby Community Safety Partnership have been pooling knowledge to produce a joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment. Purpose – to identify the significant risks posed to Derbyshire in relation to crime and community safety. Risk & Threat Matrix – Findings from the Intelligence Assessment used to inform the matrix. Priority risk areas identified. 32

33 Current Process Bi-annual Strategic Risk seminar - key staff and partners in attendance. Priorities agreed. Force Leads and Control Strategies in place. Priorities focused on at all levels. Re-assessed through the matrix process 6 monthly by the Strategic Tasking & Coordination Group. 33

34 Current Priorities Safeguarding Children Drugs Alcohol-related Harm Safeguarding Adults Domestic Abuse Acquisitive Crime & Offender Management Rape Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) Organised Immigration Crime, Human Trafficking & Exploitation (OICHTE)

35 OICHTE What is Human Trafficking? Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons defines Trafficking in Persons as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. 35

36 Operation Vera OPERATION VERA Investigation in to Human Trafficking, Rape and Serious Sexual Offences. Premier Inn, Ripley on Saturday 8th October 2011 SIO - DCI Mick Cooper (PPU) Deputy SIO - DI John Roddis (AV CID)

37 Operation Atwood Traffickers bedroomVictims bedroom 37

38 Exploitation types reported for all potential victims of trafficking identified in 2013 – National Data Source: NCA Strategic Assessment – The Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2013

39 Subtypes of labour exploitation reported for all potential victims in 2013 – National Data Source: NCA Strategic Assessment – The Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2013

40 Table to show the number of potential victims encountered by exploitation type and the area where exploitation is reported to have taken place Source: NCA Strategic Assessment – The Nature and Scale of Human Trafficking in 2013

41 Derbyshire Car Washes 41

42 History F.N.O. Op ATWOOD Op BRUNO Op BARMOUTH O.I.C.H.T.E. Derby ATP 42

43 Legislation Sexual Offences Act Asylum & Immigration Coroner & Justice Act 2009 Human Rights Act UK Borders Act 2007 Modern Day Slavery Bill 43

44 Strategic Plan PREVENT –Develop infrastructure to support the strategy. –Enhance service offering in communities. –Produce training and awareness plan. –Improve engagement upstream. PROTECT –Develop target hardening. –Embed multi-agency safeguarding processes. –Strengthen support to victims and witnesses. –Improve victim confidence in reporting. 44

45 Strategic Plan cont’d PREPARE –Develop partnership arrangements. –Enhance intelligence and data collection. –Utilise communications plan to support strategy. –Instigate performance measures. PURSUE –Develop specialist support in Force. –Develop investigative and disruption activity. –Improve criminal justice processes. –Target asset recovery. 45

46 Cllr Peter Robinson Lincolnshire County Council

47 Ed Hammond Centre for Public Scrutiny

48 Panel Questions and Answers

49 Event Summary and Close

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