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Melissa Hollis Basis of Estimates Coordinator Engineering Systems Support Section State Specifications and Estimates Office October 2014 1.

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1 Melissa Hollis Basis of Estimates Coordinator Engineering Systems Support Section State Specifications and Estimates Office October 2014 1

2  Part 1: Introduction to the Basis of Estimates Chapters 1-10  Part 2: Selecting Pay Items Chapters 11-20 For FDOT and Consultant designers Update training for bulletins, as needed  Part 3: Estimating and Review Recent changes Pricing details for FDOT Estimators 2

3  BOE Online Chapter 11: 100s  MOB, MOT, Erosion, Clearing & Grubbing Chapter 12: 200s  Earthwork, Base Chapter 13: 300s  Asphalt, Friction Course  Concrete Pavement Chapter14: 400s  Structures, Drainage Chapter 15: 500s  Curb, Sidewalk, Guardrail, Fence 3

4  BOE Online Chapter 16: 600s  Signals, Conduit, Pull Boxes Chapter 17: 700s  Signing, Pavement Marking, Lighting Chapter 18: 800s  Mass Transit- Railroad Chapter 19: 900s  Special, Developmental Chapter 20: 1000s  Utilities 4

5  Example Pay Item Groups 334- 1- AASuperpave Asphaltic Concrete, TN 700- 1- ABSingle Post Sign, AS 5

6 Every Pay item group: Details Structure Active items 6

7  102-1 Maintenance of Traffic, LS NO Erosion Control Devices- use 104 items NO Temp Fencing- use Ped LCDs or 550 items NO Temp Drainage quantities NO Temp Asphalt- use Special Detour NOT a “catch all” for other work NO contingency quantities NO weather quantities 7

8  102-2 Special Detour, LS Temporary Asphalt Show the location and a typical section with minimum design DO NOT show base quantities DO NOT show asphalt quantities Why? The contractor is responsible for “installing and maintaining the detour”. If we provide quantities, then we have the possibility of claims when the detour requires additional materials. Bulletin Pending 8

9  102-3 Commercial Material for Driveway Maintenance, CY Through 2014: may use estimated quantity based on xxx cy per mile Effective 2015: Identify locations and quantity on summary box 9

10  Vehicular  Pedestrian  Read Index 600, including recent changes for Ped LCDs  Orange “Construction Fence” is not an acceptable channelization device. 10

11  102-104 Temp Signalization, ED Includes maintenance of the signals throughout the duration of the project. Includes moving signal heads Includes “temporary heads” or poles, as needed  102-107 Temp Detection, ED Includes maintenance of the detection throughout the duration of the project Includes temporary detector What types are acceptable? A: Provide temporary traffic detection equipment listed on the APL. 11

12  104- xx Erosion Control DO NOT include quantities “based on replacement every xx months” Why? maintenance and replacement of items is included in the item. Products are selected from the Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook. DO NOT call for hay or straw bales, or any specific product. 104-10-3 Sediment Barrier, LF 104-18 Inlet Protection, EA (per each inlet) 12

13  107: Litter Removal and Mowing Identify locations in the plans Yes- this may require several plans sheets for urban areas, but it is still an overall reduction in pages from the comp book. 13

14  285-7xx- Optional Base, SY  286-Turnout Construction 14

15  327-70 Milling, SY  334-1-AA Superpave, TN AA options set by State Materials Office to coordinate with current specs & binders NOT for temporary locations  337-7-AA Friction Course, TN AA options set by State Materials Office  339-1 Misc Asphalt, TN Used for under guardrail, bicycle paths, etc. NO TESTING 15

16  350s Concrete Pavement NOT FOR BRIDGES 350-5: Joints (new and existing pavement) are paid separately for the sealing/resealing) 350-6: Sealing Cracks See 458 for bridge joints 353 Concrete Pavement Slab Replacement NOT FOR BRIDGES, SLOPE PAVEMENT, ETC. 16

17  400- Concrete, CY Concrete by class For culverts, endwalls, superstructure, substructure, etc. READ THE IDS (Instructions for Design Standards) for the intended application NOT for incidental concrete, such as lighting or signals poles, pull boxes, or cabinet foundations/bases. Incidental concrete is included in work/materials for these items.  415- Reinf Steel, LB READ THE IDS; some steel is incidental 17

18  425 Inlets  430 Drainage Pipe NOT for utility use/JPA projects Read the Standard/IDS for drainage structures  430-18- Jack & Bore drainage pipe only  Special: Minor changes to standard: note changes in the plans; payment under standard pay item No applicable standard: call for assistance with pay item. “Special” pay items are blocked. 18

19  450 Beams  455 Drilled Shafts Call for other sizes/shapes  455 Protection of Existing Structures PENDING for July 2015 Spec & Pay Item move to 108 New plan requirements New guidance in 2015 PPM- locations (buildings) to be protected must be identified in the plans  458 Bridge Joints 19

20  515 Railings  521 Traffic Barrier/Railings Read the IDS Guide rail, handrails, Ped/Bike with Infil  520 Curb Elements “Curb” Curb Curb & Gutter Traffic Separator  522 Sidewalk (4” & 6”)  527 Detectable Warnings 20

21  524 Slope and Ditch Pavement New/replacement Cleaning & Sealing Joints 21

22  Guardrail End to End measurement End Anchorage- per ea  one for each end, type as applicable 22

23  Guardrail End to End measurement  Paid as type outside of transition End Anchorage- per ea  Bridge anchorage  Other end, type as applicable 23

24  546 Rumble Strips Sets- approach to intersection, across roadway Shoulder PENDING: Center line and Edge Line (Rumble Stripe) Spec and pay item will change unit of measurement from “Per mile” to “net mile”- end to end minus bridges, vs. stripe measure  550 Fence Temp Fence, only as identified in spec Does NOT include “orange construction fence” 24

25  590 Irrigation System, LS  591 Landscape Sleeve, LF Developmental Standard Index 591 Project-by-project approvals for standard Pay items assigned to approved projects Cost effective vs. Jack & Bore later Design effective, if coordinated with landscape plans o Not for “possible” future system, where locations cannot be coordinated 25

26  COPS: Coordination of Products and Specifications QPL merge with APL, effective with Jan 2015 lettings Web links for both with provide redirect to new application Specifications and Pay items: most changes have been completed Minor changes pending 639- Power/Electrical Service 740 series- Traffic Monitoring (Transp Statistics) 26

27  630 Conduit  635 Pull, Splice, and Junction Boxes  670 Traffic Controller Assembly 671 Controller “electronics” 676 Cabinet “shell, with or without wiring”  Removal Items- No Section 690 Remove pole and “all attachments”  Span wire or arm  Signal assembly  Pedestrian Detector  Pedestrian Signal  Ask about other items; ongoing changes 27

28  700- Signs If it looks like a sign, acts like a sign… From PPM Vol 2, 23.6.2:  Any signs to be mounted on signal span wires should be shown and listed on the signalization plan for illustration and placement purposes. Sign details should be included on the signing plans. (Per Chester Henson, State Roadway Design- signing expert, signs mounted on mast arms should be addressed the same way.) PPM Vol 2, 24.6.2:  Any span wire or mast arm mounted signs shall be coordinated with the appropriate signing and pavement marking plans to avoid duplication.  The sign details for traffic signal signs must be included on the signalization plans, if signing and pavement markings are not included in the plans package. 28

29  700-6 Highlighted sign LED Border  700-7 Embedded DMS  700-8 Front Access DMS  700-9 Walk-in DMS Static sign paid separately  700-10 DMS Structure 29

30  701- Audible & Vibratory  709- Two Reactive Components  711- Thermoplastic Hot Applied “Standard” Rumble Stripe “with 546” Preformed  713- Permanent Tape  Pending: Guidance/Bulletin for July 2015 Contrast for light asphalt and concrete Locations for Rumble Stripe vs 701 30

31  750, 751 series- Buildings  751 “Other Architectural” Bus Shelter Bicycle Rack Trash Receptacle Bench Pedestrian Plaza  780 ITS Road Weather Info System(RWIS)  785 ITS items moved to 600 series for cabinet, poles, etc. 31

32  Rail pay item structure was created 5+ years ago.  Call if you have a project with rail or other mass transit needs.  New pay items will be made available as needed. 32

33  Developmental Developmental Specifications Developmental Standards  Other Special Use pay items  Follow rules for requesting developmental secifications or standards  Pay Items will be made available for approved projects. 33

34  Standard Items No cost history Project Specific Tech Specs Do Not “borrow” pay items from drainage, signals, or signing  Generic Pay Items Refer to Chapter 6 for the rules “Wide open” for utility applications  No need to track cost history  No FDOT standards or specifications Monitored for non-utility applications 34

35  If you don’t see a pay item that you need, please ask. Existing/available Item groups Request that an item be opened/activated, if needed Request that we restore an old item/structure, if needed  Verify that old specs/standards are applicable Request that we create a new item group Consider requesting a Developmental Specification and Pay Item Consider a Generic Pay Item 35

36 Melissa Hollis Basis of Estimates Coordinator Estimating Systems Support Section State Specifications and Estimates Office 36

37 37

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