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Litter By: Ulises Rodriguez, David Coreas, Andrew Morales.

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1 Litter By: Ulises Rodriguez, David Coreas, Andrew Morales

2 How Does Litter Effect Ocean Life? Many marine animals eat trash thinking it is food 100,000 sea mammals are killed by plastic litter every year Six million tons of litter enters the world's oceans every year Plastics and cigarettes make 80 percent of trash in the oceans

3 Litter Is No Friend To Humans Litter can carry many diseases It can be transported by bugs and rodents It can also harm the water that we drink from Litter is the one major cause for fires

4 Stats About Litter Most of the litter is cigarette butts Most people who litter are motorists 81% of littering is intentional 15% of litter is based on laziness and, fewer trash cans

5 Abandoned Vehicles No national estimates of numbers of abandoned vehicles in the united states Abandoned vehicles can cause eyesores and health hazards to people Eyesores proliferate through neighborhoods

6 How Much Litter Is In America Litter in America has decreased by 61% in the last 40 years, but litter remains a costly problem At least 51.2 billion pieces of litter are left on roadways in the United States An average of 6,729 pieces of litter per mile Only 12 percent of public spaces surveyed had recycling receptacles

7 Litter Around The World Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world, with 4.5 trillion discarded annually Britain, France, Italy and Ireland are among Europe's "dirtiest" countries In Singapore the sale of chewing gum was banned in 1991 Litter is one reason why there is so many environmental issues

8 Litter Wastes Money Fines can be up to $ 5,000 if it actually hurts somebody The state of California spends $62,000,000 per year to pickup litter And $375,200,000 per year on prevention, cleanup, and disposal of litter overall

9 Organizations That Help Prevent Litter Pick Up America picks up trash across the U.S.A., teaches, and encourages a transition toward a zero waste XStream Cleanup Helps pick up trash that would otherwise flow into our local rivers, creeks, and lakes which will then end up in the ocean Pick Up 3 unlock people’s potential to create a combined, successful change for tomorrow’s world. With the help of everyone this action will make a greener earth

10 How People Can Help Carry your garbage with you until you find a receptacle If you spot litter, take the few seconds to pick it up Teach children not to litter by setting a good example

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