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Butt, Seriously… AASU Cigarette Butt Clean-Up: twelve students, one hour.

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1 Butt, Seriously… AASU Cigarette Butt Clean-Up: twelve students, one hour.

2 Cigarette butts are the most frequently littered item…  They comprise 38% of all US roadway litter & 30% of litter at “transition points” (where smokers must discontinue smoking before proceeding)  College campus landscape departments can spend up to $165,000 in cigarette clean-up & litter control (clean-up of discarded cigarettes, emptying ashtrays, etc.)

3 Cigarettes are NOT biodegradable & will persist in the environment  Cigarette filters are made of a non-biodegradable plastic, cellulose acetate, which may take decades to break down into smaller components  They also contain hazardous chemicals and toxins which can leach into the environment, cause bioaccumulation up the food chain and damage commercial fisheries and water supplies

4 Cigarettes can be mistaken as food by animals, fish & small children…  A comprehensive study conducted by the Clean Virginia Waterways Coalition found cigarette filters in the stomachs of bird fish & other marine creatures  Playgrounds & beaches are common areas for incidents of small children ingesting cigarette butts

5 AASU Cigarette Butt Clean-Up Areas – 8 Sections  1) The Sports Complex - including the Sports Center, Tennis Courts/Athletic/Intramural Fields and the P5 Parking Lot  2) The one side of Library Drive between the Greenhouse and the P1 Parking Lot  3 & 4) 2 halves of the main academic buildings quad  5) Compass Point (Housing)  6) Fine Arts/Ashmore/University Halls  7) The Armstrong Center  8) University Crossings & Terrace

6 In ONE HOUR, we collected 4,003 cigarettes!!! Section 1 - 489 Section 5 - 948 Section 7 - 489 Section 6 - 619 Section 2 - 383 Section 3 - 228 Section 4 - 132 Section 8 - 715

7 Campus Cigarette Butt Litter “Hot Spots”  Vicinities around benches, sometimes just outside entrances  The Compass Point Gazebo between the 4000 & 8000 Buildings  Very surprisingly, next to ashtrays  Plant beds around the Sports Complex  Near bike racks  Curbs

8 What can you do to help?  If you are a smoker, please deposit your cigarette butts in a public/personal ashtray  Avoid smoking on campus or better yet…  QUIT SMOKING There are free on-campus smoking cessation classes available to you & if you are uninsured and ready to quit, you may be eligible for FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (in the patch or gum form) through the GA Tobacco Quit Line: 1.877.270.STOP  Advocate for a smoke-free campus

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