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1 Black Sea Basin ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 AER Training Academy 5 th AER Black Sea Regional Summit 2 nd of October, 2014, Bucharest.

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1 1 Black Sea Basin ENI CBC Programme AER Training Academy 5 th AER Black Sea Regional Summit 2 nd of October, 2014, Bucharest

2 2 From ENPI CBC to ENI CBC - Black Sea Basin Programme  Strong relevance of the programme and its current priorities for all participating countries;  Recognition of the programme as an instrument for facilitating cross-border cooperation;  Excellent cooperation among partner countries leading to stable partnerships; however, extensive partnerships proved difficult to manage.

3 3 Lessons learnt The common experience of the past years has to make the next ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme more efficient, with: a faster start; thematic concentration, with more focused objectives and indicators; an increased impact in the region; more concrete and visible results; more accent on sustainability; simplified procedures & more oriented towards beneficiaries.

4 4 Romania: South-East; Bulgaria : Severoiztochen, Yugoiztochen; Grecia: Kentriki Makedonia, Anatoliki Makedonia Thraki; Turcia : Istanbul, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Samsun, Trabzon; Rusia: Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai and Adygea republic; Ucraina*: Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporosh’ye and Donetsk Oblasts, Crimea Republic, Sevastopol; Rep. Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan: the whole country. * The general EU restrictions on cooperation in regions that are illegally occupied by Russia are also applicable to CBC. Therefore, the regions of Sevastopol and the Crimea Republic are not currently eligible. Eligible area

5 5 Buget ENPI Buget : 39 mil. Euro IPA Buget : 10 mil. Euro Total EU contribution (ENPI+IPA): 49 mil. Euro (40% increase compared with ) plus national co-financing (10%)

6 6 What changes? increased budget with 40%; common budget (ENI + IPA); Turkish entities may apply as (Lead) Beneficiaries; possible inclusion of major urban centres & adjoining region; more focused objectives and indicators; more concrete and visible results; more accent on sustainability; horizontal aspects: –people to people actions; –support to local & regional good governance; Joint Technical Secretariat (financed from TA budget).

7 7 Programmingprocess Programming process Joint Programming Committee - responsible body for preparing the future Programme, made up of representatives of all participating countries Managing Authority officially appointed – Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration; Audit Authority officially appointed – Romanian Court of Accounts; Joint Technical Secretariat nominated - Regional Development Agency South–East, Constanta, Romania; Programme strategy approved.

8 8 Past experience analysis Survey Mapping ROM & MTE Socio- economic analysis SWOT Strategic analysis Coherence /comple- mentarity Risk analysis & mitigating measures Stake- holder consul- tations Programme Strategy Objectives Priorities Results STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT


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12 12 Priority 1.1 – Jointly promote business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors Promote the development and joint marketing of cross-border tourism products and transnational thematic itineraries; Promote diversification and integration of coastal and inland tourism ; Promote historical heritage preservation through sustainable tourism development; Encourage synergies, networking and internet connectivity among tourism stakeholders and tour operators within the Black Sea Basin; Promote electronic marketing tools and cross-border logistics information for tourism ; Jointly promote cultural products and events ; Jointly enhance the openness of the Black Sea Region to international and non-European tourism ; Exchange best practices on the development of environmentally- friendly tourism strategies ; Improve tourism services and promote the upgrade of skills. INDICATIVE ACTIVITIES

13 13 Priority 1.2 – Strengthen cross-border trade opportunities and modernisation of the agricultural and connected sectors Promote international trade links, sectoral networks & partnerships within BSB; Strengthen internet connectivity, cross-border business information systems, market & logistics information with greater use of ICT ; Exchange best practices in modern and innovative marketing & develop joint marketing strategies ; Support innovation & cooperation in the agricultural industry ; Exchange experience and introduce innovative technologies for sectoral development (e.g. organic products, aquaculture), including small-scale investments in pilot projects; Joint actions to support productive use of migrant remittances in agriculture/aquaculture/food industry modernisation. INDICATIVE ACTIVITIES

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15 15 Priority 2.1 – Improve joint environmental monitoring Reinforce joint cross-border monitoring, evaluation and information systems to prevent and control trans-boundary pollution (including through small-scale investments); Improve long-term cross-border collaboration and research capacity in addressing ecosystem transformation and biodiversity monitoring ; Strengthen the collaboration between science, industry, relevant stakeholders and decision-makers to harmonise monitoring, marine environment assessment and data provision ; Improve the availability of online public access environmental data and data products (e.g. maps) for the Black Sea Basin; Promote cross-border cooperation among maritime authorities for e.g. safe navigation or fisheries; Exchange good practices on early warning systems to reduce environmental risks and prepare effective responses. INDICATIVE ACTIVITIES

16 16 Priority Promote common awareness-raising and joint actions against river and marine litter INDICATIVE ACTIVITIES Jointly raise public awareness and education regarding river and marine litter problems and the value of biodiversity and environmental protection; Share and promote good environmental management practices and technologies (including through small-scale investments) related to the treatment and disposal of waste; Promote cross-border BSB coastal and river clean-up campaigns (e.g. involving students) and share good experiences in this field; Encourage involvement of civil society, private sector, local/regional authorities and waste services to combat river and marine litter pollution; Share experience to improve port reception facilities and services for garbage collection from vessels.

17 17 Indicative timetable Finalization of the JOP – S1 2015; Submission of JOP to EC – S1 2015; Negotiations and approval by EC - max. 6 months since JOP submission; Signature of Financing Agreements between EC & Partner Countries - max. 1 year from JOP adoption; 1 st call for proposals – earliest Q1/Q

18 18 Thank you for your attention! Laura BOBARNAC, Programme manager, Joint Managing Authority

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