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Green School’s Programme 2007/2008 Tubber N.S.. Environmental Review Three areas were identified for attention:  Energy Awareness/Conservation  Waste.

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1 Green School’s Programme 2007/2008 Tubber N.S.

2 Environmental Review Three areas were identified for attention:  Energy Awareness/Conservation  Waste Management/Litter Management  School Landscape

3 Green Code (Energy) Energy Wardens ensure that energy is not being wasted. At school we focus on three sources of energy: heat, water and electricity and are working to develop good practices around energy conservation. We accept support and expertise from outside sources towards educating ourselves on environmental issues.

4 Energy Saving Tips (1) Use Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) instead of traditional bulbs- they use 20% of the energy and can last up to 15 times longer. Wait until you have a full load before using your dish washer, washing machines or dryer- it will help save energy. Using low temperature “jet spray” or “economy” wash cycles also helps to save energy. Don’t leave your fridge or freezer door open for too long. For every minute the door is left open, it takes a further 3 minutes to go back to its original temperature.

5 Energy Saving Tips (2) Check your tyre pressure- a car with correctly inflated tyres is more fuel efficient and you’ll notice a difference. Some kitchen appliances, such as fridges, freezers and dishwashers have energy ratings from A to G. Appliances with an “A” rating are the most energy efficient and a “G” rating the least energy efficient. An “A” appliance can use up to 50% less energy than a “G” rated one. TV uses electricity while on standby i.e. where you see the red light. It’s better to turn off the TV fully when finished viewing.

6 Energy Saving Tips (3) Always try to put a lid on a saucepan when cooking. Also, try to use the oven for more than one dish at a time. A standard 5 minute shower uses less energy than half the hot water required from a bath. Turn your heating down to a comfortable 20ºC. Lowering your thermostat by 1ºC will knock 10% off your heating bill.

7 Energy Saving Posters Install double glazed windows. Be Energy Smart Be Energy Aware.

8 Energy Saving Posters Fit a Lagging Jacket Be Energy Smart Be Energy Aware.


10 What is Energy? Energy is the smell of a cottage pie, Sizzling in the oven. It is the colour of The glorious red sunset. Energy is my hair, When I’ve curled it with a curler. It is the sweet sound of music Blaring out of the earphones. Energy’s the feel of the shower, When it gushes down my body. It is the bubbling of bubbles As I wait for my warm, comforting bath. Energy is the smell of the lighted rose scented candle, As it flickers on the kitchen table. It is the magical things, Coming out of the magician’s hat.

11 Energy List Poem Litter litter litter, Apalling, disgusting, terrible litter, Tiny, medium, huge litter. Polluting, killing, hurting litter, Annoying, dirty, stinky litter. Litter litter litter.

12 Renewal of Green Flag James O’Grady, Ita O’Connor and Miss Lee travelled to Galway to accept our 2 nd green Flag. Also included in the picture is a representative from Repak and our own Joan Tarmey from Clare County Council.

13 Energy Acrostic E nvironmental awareness N ever waste energy E co friendly R educe energy consumption G lobal warming must end Y es to A rated appliances.

14 Hallowe’en Recycling Competition Here we are showing off some of the costumes that we designed ourselves from recyclable materials. Are we scary?

15 Working in our Garden We all enjoy working in the garden. We plant bulbs in autumn for spring flowering. We plant window boxes in spring. We take care of our flowers by weeding and keeping the garden neat and tidy.

16 Renewable Energy in our School In our garden we have solar lights which light up the rockery at night. They store energy from the sun during the day and release it at night. This energy is called renewable energy.

17 Litter Policy Separate your waste. Use the correct bin. Reuse drink containers. Stop and think before you buy over packaged food. Watch out for re-cycling symbols. Wash plastic containers before recycling. Use lunch boxes instead of plastic bags for lunch. Litter monitors remind the younger children about litter disposal. Photocopy on both sides of the paper where possible. Even if the litter is not yours, please pick it up.

18 Green Slogans Be energy aware, so there’s a future to share. Switch to solar save the Polar. By doing your part be energy smart. Be energy aware save the air. Change your heart to be energy smart. Our world is a piece of art, play your part, and be energy smart.

19 Our Green slogan is: “Litterbugs need not apply Change your act and then retry” “Be energy smart, Be energy aware, Let’s all work together For a future to share”.

20 Thank you all for coming tonight to support our success in the renewal of our Green Flag. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the activities we have been involved in and that our green message can be brought to the wider community. Slán Abhaile.

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