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1 August 28, 2013 Laura Hall, MSW Assistive Technology Information Coordinator Devices to Help Care For Your Pet.

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1 1 August 28, 2013 Laura Hall, MSW Assistive Technology Information Coordinator Devices to Help Care For Your Pet

2 2  A disability justice movement working to transform communities.  Home of Michigan’s Assistive Technology Program  MDRC’s Web Page: MDRC’s Web Page:  Contact Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC)

3 3  Physical Health Benefits  Lower risk of cardiovascular disease/cholesterol/ BP levels  Better survival rates after a heart attack  Lower rates of hospitalization and general practitioner visits  Weight loss  Decreased pain Benefits of Pet Ownership

4 4  Mental Health  Reduced feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety  Reduced tension and stress  Increased feeling of social support and care  Better self-esteem/self confidence  Better self/care Benefits of Pet Ownership 2

5 5  Socially  Less isolation  More opportunities for social interaction  The “approachability” factor  Benefits for people with Autism and ADHD Benefits of Pet Ownership 3

6 6  Location of a tank, cage, and equipment needed to care for the animal can be modified to meet the needs of the person.  Equipment needed to care for the pet can be placed strategically for the ease of the owner. General Notes about Adaptations

7 7  Consider options for mounting AT or equipment (i.e. onto a wheelchair, hooks near the door/cage)  Simple foam tubing can be used to build up handles and grips (fish net, brushes, cat toys, etc.) General Notes about Adaptations 2

8  Bump dots and puffy craft paint can help people who are blind or have low vision identify objects, distinguish between items (i.e. cat food vs. dog food).  Pen Friend – Uses RFID, allows you record a message that corresponds to the RFID tag.  Reminder clocks and apps can be used as an alert to feed your pet, go for a walk, etc. General Notes about Adaptations 3 8

9 9  Accessing Food/Food Storage  Airtight containers that can sit on a table (Vittle Vaults)  Cereal containers with handle for smaller food  Food storage on wheels  Automatic feeders with storage (available for fish too!)  One Touch Can Opener Assistive Technology for Feeding

10 10  Measuring and Scooping  Angled measuring cup  Talking measuring cup  Large print measuring cup  Long handled food scoop  Built up scoops Assistive Technology for Feeding 2

11 11  Feasting and Dining  Raised food bowls  Long attached handles for pick up (K9 Kaddy/Kitty Kaddy)  Automatic watering bowls and water fountains (Drinkwell, Petmate, etc.)  For small animals (hamsters, mice, rats) lab blocks can be used.  Food delivery services Assistive Technology for Feeding 3

12 12  Dogs  First consider the approach (front, side, etc)  Long handled rake and bin  Spring loaded scoops (often requires hand strength)  Low dexterity scoopers  Waste catcher (Intercept) Assistive Technology for Waste Management

13 13  Cats  Litter box with handle and long handed scoop  Self-cleaning litter boxes  Rolling litter boxes  Self-Cleaning AND litter washing (Cat Genie)  Clumping litter for better vision and scooping  Waste container (Litter Locker for multiple uses) Assistive Technology for Waste Management 2

14 14  Consider grooming by having the animal stand on a couch, bed, table, etc. with a sheet or towel down for fur protection.  Many types of brushes and combs available  Furminator  Love Glove  Zoom Groom  Bristle brush with hand strap  Self groomers (cats only)  Waterless shampoos, ear/eye wipes, cleansing wipes AT for Grooming

15 15  Nail clippers with safety blades/electronic quick sensors  Grooming tether  Pet stairs for easier access  Commercial services  Professional groomers  Pet bathing stations (do it yourself)  Mobile groomers AT For Grooming 2

16 16  Dental Care  Finger toothbrush vs. regular animal toothbrush  Enzymatic pet toothpaste  Dental chews and toys  Water supplements  Specially-formulated food for oral care AT for Grooming 3

17 17  Chew or tug toys with handles or large grips  Technology assisted fetch  Chuck It  Frisbees with attachments  Go Dog Go Remote Tennis Ball Launcher  Interactive toys/puzzles may enable a dog to be independently entertained if the owner is not able to engage in manual play. AT for Play - Dogs

18 18  Nylabones are stronger and often safer for dogs. They do not break or splinter could be ideal for owner not able to provide close supervision.  Owners who are blind or have low vision may prefer high contrast toys, auditory feedback AT for Play – Dogs 2

19 19  Cat dancers/fishers (mountable, adaptable, unpredictable)  Automated cat toys  Play/chase circuits  Automatic cat dancers  Laser Toys (handheld and tabletop)  Wobble/Zig Zag Balls AT for Play - Cats

20 20  Spring bobble toys can be mounted to a wall, table, etc. using command strips.  Nylon tunnels and paper bags lend themselves to alternative means of scratching for play. AT For Play – Cats 2

21  Less monitoring for pets with mobility issues  Commercially available or homemade  Pet Ramps for Car  Stairs and ramps inside the home 21 AT for Lifting

22 22  Four Paws Quick and Easy Pill Dispenser  Pet specific pill box  Pet specific medication reminder  Pill Pockets AT for Pet Health

23 23  Can make house calls for dogs, cats and other small animals  Typically charge a home visit fee (gas)  Generally can provide the following services:  Physical/Wellness Exams  Vaccines  Minor surgery  Diagnostic testing  Spay/neuter  Dental services Mobile Veterinary Clinics

24 24  United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan  Low-interest loans available for purchase of assistive technology  Available to individuals with disabilities/their families that reside within Michigan  Application process  Maximum loan amount is $30,000, no minimum Financial Assistance for AT

25 25  Discounted/sliding scale services from vets, groomers, etc.  Low cost spay/neuter clinics  Emergency funds, pet pantries, medical expense assistance  Pet diagnosis-specific funds (cancer, diabetes)  Pet Food Stamp Program Financial Assistance for Pet Care

26 26  U.S. Humane Society – Michigan Resources  Michigan Humane Society – Help for Struggling Owners  Pet Assistance Network  Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary Resource List Financial Assistance for Pet Care Web Resources

27 27 Questions?

28 28 " All Of The Animals Except For Man Know That The Principle Business Of Life Is To Enjoy It." ~ Samuel Butler Final Thought

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