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Beowulf Vocab Part 1 Chapters 1-7.

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1 Beowulf Vocab Part 1 Chapters 1-7

2 Chapter 1 Sheaf “…prepare a bed that will burn. And in the heart of the bed let a sheaf of corn be planted.” Def: Cut grain in a bundle Stride “His stride was still enormous, but no longer did his feet strike thunder from the earth.” Def: Long step

3 Chapter 1 Tributes Litter
“…peace came because none of the neighbor countries dared to fight with such a giant. Instead, they brought him gifts and tributes.” Def: Money paid to show respect Litter “Scyld knew his end was near…Scyld lay on a silver litter at the water’s edge…” Def: A stretcher for carrying bodies

4 Chapter 2 Masons “Stone for the building of the hall…came from all over the world. The masons planned…” Def: People who use stone to build

5 Chapter 2 Fen “Out in the black fen something stirred.”
Def: Swampy land

6 Chapter 3 Avenged I will avenge my king’s death by killing the enemy!
“All were keen that so terrible a deed should be swiftly avenged.” Def: To get revenge for someone else

7 Chapter 4 Integrity Cultivating
“Beowulf had made the best of all he had, putting each imperfection to work in the service of his integrity.” Def: Having strong morals Cultivating “He did this by cultivating habits of quickness and concentration…” Def: To grow or improve

8 Chapter 4 Indomitable Shingle
“They were brave, indomitable fellows, well tested in battle…” Def: Not easily defeated, unbeatable Chapter 4 Shingle “His horse kicked up a stinging shower of shingle…” Def: large, rough gravel

9 Chapter 5 Uncouth Insinuated
“…wanting to apologize for his henchman’s uncouth behavior.” Def: clumsy, crude or uncivilized Insinuated “’Only someone wicked could eat witch’s apples and come to no harm,’ he insinuated darkly.” Def: Hinted or implied

10 Chapter 5 Sustenance “He handed the cup back to her and smiled as though he had taken sustenance from the deepest well in the world.” Def: Food

11 Chapter 6 Malignant Retched
“…the smell. It hit him like a great wave of rotting matter: rank, malignant, bringing tears to his eyes…” Def: evil Retched “He retched at the stink of the beast.” Def: to vomit or try to vomit

12 Chapter 6 Relinquish Mucid
“Beowulf, badly bruised, refused to relinquish his hold.” Def: To let go, surrender Mucid “Then Beowulf saw coil after coil of slimy skin, mucid, spongy, dripping with the filth of the swamps.” Def: Moldy, musty or slimy

13 Chapter 7 Timorous Askance
“He was small in stature, timorous and shy by nature.” Def: Timid or shy Askance “…peering askance at murky places…” Def: With a sideways glance

14 Chapter 7 Prosperity Impudent
“…it would bring prosperity to their land for years to come.” Def: Success or wealth Impudent “It turned its terrible fourth head to see and destroy whatever the impudent thing was that dared to tweak its tail.” Def: Rude or disrespectful

15 Beowulf Vocab Part 2 Chapters 8-12

16 Chapter 8 Loathsome: “The fen shook with unnatural storms as it witnessed their loathsome embracings.” (54) Imperishable: “He belonged out there in the night, the fatal darkness, the imperishable black.” (55) Definition: disgusting Definition: can’t be damaged

17 Chapter 8 ILLUMINATION: “Unferth slapped his side as a sudden illumination came into the dark chamber of his thought.” (56) Spoor: “There is the matter of spoor, you see.” (59) Definition: light or insight Definition: trail of a wild animal

18 Chapter 9 Desolate: “He had never been in so desolate a place.” (62)
Subtle: “…at his side the sword as sharp as a flame…He knew…more subtle and essential weapons were necessary.” (63) Definition: deserted, lifeless Definition: not obvious, clever, sly

19 Chapter 9 Incensed: “Hrothgar had wanted to come too, he was so incensed by the wanton slaying of Aeschere.” (63) Definition: very angry, infuriated

20 Chapter 10 succumbed: “…For a moment he succumbed...” (67)
obsequious: “…a part of the obsequious water.” (67) Definition: seeking favor Definition: gave in

21 Chapter 10 corroding: “…into the corroding sea of Her eyes.” (71)
fetid: “A fetid breath of air passed through the chamber.” (70) Definition: stinky Definition: deteriorating, wasting away

22 Chapter 10 incantation: “…he put an equal emphasis on each word, so that it sounded like an incantation.” (71) Definition: chant, spell

23 Chapter 10 clammy: “He let himself go dead in Her clammy grasp.” (69)
hilt: “Beowulf snatched at his sword…The hilt slipped in his hand.” (68) hilt hilt blade Definition: moist, sticky and cold Definition: handle of a sword

24 Chapter 11 subsided: “The waters of the lake subsided.” (74)
disconsolately: “Beowulf’s men ringed the pool disconsolately… One Geat said: “No one could live in that.” (68) Definition: sank to a lower level Definition: sad, dejected

25 Chapter 12 vigorously, bough: “It flapped its wings vigorously and hopped up and down on a withered bough.” (77) bough Definition: large tree branch Definition: energetically

26 pine: “The king saw by the tears in Beowulf’s eyes at the mere mention of the word “home” that he did indeed pine for his own country.” (78) Chapter 12 venture: “In such a vessel, coming back so happy from such a venture, they soon reached home.” (80) Definition: desire strongly, grieve for Definition: dangerous undertaking, adventure

27 Beowulf Vocab Part 3 Chapters 13-16

28 Chapter 13 tawny: “…most days would see him tending his tawny hives in the sun.” (84) tussle: “…when he’s not tall enough to win a tussle with a goat.” (82) Definition: light brown Definition: a fight

29 Chapter 13 virtue: “Pity,” said Hardred. “A wise virtue in a king,” said Beowulf. (86) faltering: “Hardred was still a baby, unable to take more than a few faltering steps.” (85) Definition: unsteady Definition: good quality

30 Chapter 13 asylum & feud: “They had quarreled with their father, and rebelled against their uncle Onela, king of Sweden. They wanted asylum. Hardred took pity on the two young men, doomed to wander the face of the earth because of a family feud.” (87) Definition: long, bitter argument Definition: a shelter

31 Chapter 13 pyre: “After the battle, before the smoke had died from Hardred’s funeral pyre, the Geats sent again to Beowulf...” (87) Definition: pile of sticks, etc., for burning a corpse

32 Chapter 14 strewn: “The place was wild. Huge blocks of stone lay everywhere, piled against the mountainside, threatening to fall, strewn about as though hurled by giants in some dreadful battle.” (90) Definition: scattered

33 Chapter 15 pestilence & strife: “Houses, churches, fields of grain, nothing was spared by the firedrake in its ruinous flight…It means the old days are back. War and strife and pestilence.” (93) Definition: disease, epidemic Definition: bitter conflict

34 Chapter 15 flabbergasted: Definition: surprised
“If swords are any use, then-” “They aren’t,” said Beowulf. “Oh.” The soldier was flabbergasted.” (95) Definition: surprised

35 Chapter 16 deftly: “Wiglaf moved on tiptoe, deftly. He was a small person, slim and agile...” (98) quench: “Halloo,” he cried. “Halloo, old fire-belcher! I am Beowulf, come to quench you!” (98) Definition: put an end to, destroy Definition: quickly and skillfully

36 Chapter 16 scythe: flog: “It’s tail began to flog the rock.” (99)
“For a terrible moment Wiglaf thought the glove had come out too—but, no, it was still there, caught on a tooth that looked like a scythe. (99) flog: “It’s tail began to flog the rock.” (99) Definition: beat severely Definition: long curved blade used for mowing

37 Chapter 16 essence: “This, whispered to Wiglaf on the way up the mountain was the essence of Beowulf’s plan.” (100) Definition: most important part

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