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Mrs. Boylan’s 4th Grade Class

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1 Mrs. Boylan’s 4th Grade Class
It's Our Earth Mrs. Boylan’s 4th Grade Class

2 The grass needs to be low, for children to play.
The Earth The grass needs to be low, for children to play. Flowers need to grow strong and tall for oxygen and food. Trees need to keep growing tall for homes that little animals need and for oxygen too. The garbage needs to stop ending up everywhere besides the garbage can. We need to recycle so everyone stays healthy and the air doesn’t get polluted. By Ashley

3 Each summer I help the earth grow.
A Seed By Rebecca Ba. Each summer I help the earth grow. With a shovel and a pack of seeds. I water the plants each and every day. One day I see what my work has done. I see a bunch of beautiful flowers. They shine and they shine till the sun goes down. But then winter comes and I say goodbye. Then next year I give it another try. I love to do this every year. So join me and grow a tree.

4 I could pick up the trash to help the environment
I COULD By Brandon D. I could separate the cans and paper. I could pick up the trash and compost it too. That is what I can do, to help the environment Yah.

5 Our Earth By Brian I can pick up the garbage on the highway to make the air cleaner and I am not going to burn the garbage because I will be putting poisons in the air.

6 EARTH Brandon V. The way you can help the earth is to water plants, you can plant seeds, or pick up litter. Without trees we would die. Trees give us oxygen so don’t cut down trees.

7 Shall be filled with guilt. Don’t burn garbage or cut down a tree.
Our Earth by Ciara Flowers to be tended to, Birdhouses to be built. All of those who don’t Shall be filled with guilt. Don’t burn garbage or cut down a tree. For we want our earth To be the best it can be!

8 *The Earth* By: Danielle
Flowers growing bigger Grass growing taller Picking up litter Taking out garbage Planting new flowers Making the world a better place!

9 I’ll take out the garbage
By Austin I’ll take out the garbage I’ll recycle And grow flowers Just to help the Earth each and every day And so the earth is clean I’ll make the earth a better place. Austin

10 Garbage, garbage on the ground,
Earth! By Josh Garbage, garbage on the ground, I’ll pick you up all around. Put you in the garbage can where you belong. So the earth is cleaner then it was before.

11 *Our Earth* By: Ebru To help the environment you should never litter. What I would do is make a compost. I would also try not to litter and so should you. You should also put bird feeders to help squirrels and birds. You should not cut down trees. You should water the plants so the bees can live and make honey and so we can eat it. This is why we should help the environment.

12 EARTH By Erol There are some things that I can do to help the earth. One thing is I can clean up my garbage and tell other people to pick up their garbage. I can plant flowers, water trees and flowers. That’s what I would do to help the earth!

13 ~* By Jessica *~ Flowers need to be planted Grass needs to be mowed
Birdhouses need to be built Everywhere I go Don’t cut down trees Keep them up This is why we want this environment to be clean So just pull out this weed so the earth is clean!

14 How To Save The Environment by Mandip
In the summer I help the environment. I help the environment by planting plants, planting a butterfly tree, setting up a birdfeeder, a squirrel feeder and cleaning my area. I also recycle to save the trees. If you need woodchips don’t ask Home Depot because they pay people to cut down trees and make woodchips. Instead call a company and asl them, “Do you have a dead tree that’s been dead for a long time. And could you please use that to make woodchips?” Here is some important information.      Please do not cut down the trees because we need oxygen and animals live in the tree. You really must plant trees and plants because that makes more oxygen. Use old wood and that means you can’t cut down trees. Always recycle! Drink a little bit of water to save the water. And always think smart about the environment.

15 But not a lot of people do it. they are not very good people.
~*The Earth*~ By Kerri You put a can in a bin and it isn’t very hard It’s really easy, But not a lot of people do it. They don’t because they are not very good people. Do you know how many animal you are killing? A lot. So please help the earth!

16 : ~*The Earth!* By Mary These are some ways I can help the earth and the environment Recycle, oh please Recycle Don’t litter, oh please don’t litter Cut the grass, oh please cut the grass Plant flowers, oh please plant flowers Take the weeds out, oh take out the weeds Don’t make toxic air, oh please don’t make toxic air Make some compost, oh please make compost Make some woodchips without cutting down the trees Put bird feeders up so birds can eat Put squirrel feeders up so the squirrels can eat That’s what we owe the animals These are my ways to help the Earth and the environment!

17 The Earth By Nancy I think I will not use that much paper so I can
save more trees and I water the grass in my backyard so it could be strong and healthy. Squirrels and birds were here before us so they deserve a home too! Don’t drive, walk, it will help the environment or ride a bike , And make more sidewalks!!! Don’t burn garbage, that is bad for our breathing!

18 What I Could Do To Help The Earth By Rebecca Bu
I could pick up trash. I could put up a bird/squirrel feeder. I could ask the tree companies to cut down old trees and make them into woodchips. I could recycle. That is what I could do to help the Earth.

19 ~*OUR EARTH*~ By Regina
If you’re sitting on the ground get up and go outside and look at the dirty ground! If you see leaves on the ground put on a smiley face so it will give the environment some taste. Give trees all they need and then they will grow. Take out dead weeds and grow some healthy seeds.

20 Some Things I Could Do By Dominique
Some things I could do to make the earth a cleaner place is recycle, plant flowers, and pick up trash all over the place.

21 Don’t Let This Happen

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