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1 РУП «Национальный центр электронных услуг». - 2 - Client Cert Server Cert certificate Directory Server PKI Server Server-side software Client-side software.

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1 1 РУП «Национальный центр электронных услуг»

2 - 2 - Client Cert Server Cert certificate Directory Server PKI Server Server-side software Client-side software A public-key infrastructure(PKI) is a system for the creation, storage, and distribution of digital certificates which is used in digital signature to verify that a particular public key belongs to a certain entity. Certificate Authority Registration Authority (PC/Phone/PDA) PKI Client Digital Signature PKI Structure Requests Service Provides service share key info. reposit Share Cert. informatio n

3 - 3 - N ational PKI G overnment PKI CTL (List : GCC) (Singer : KISA) CTL (List : KISA) (Singer : GCC) KISA Directory (Root CA) GCC Directory (Root CA) Issues a CTL Obtains a CTL KISA(Root CA) Accredited CA Subscriber Sub CA GCC(Root CA) Issues a CTL B CTL Model in Korea Interaction between NPKI and GPKI CTL : Certificate Trust List

4 - 4 - The year-end tax adjustment service Tax service Online tax civil petition service Cash receipt service Electronic tax payment $ Enable tax affairs of Fairness, Clearness Best Practice : National tax service

5 - 5 - Online Printing About to 150 Services ONLINE Are Available On ONLINE Online Verification Online Claim Best Practice : Online civil petition service No more need to WAIT!

6 - 6 - Student Parents Service National Education Information System (NEIS) NEIS HELP System (HELPSYS) Education Information Service (EDUNET) Education civil service School Education affairs Management System (SEMS) All Education affairs are managed on Internet Best Practice : Education Service

7 Banks and Post Office provide internet banking service based on accredited certificate Internet banking users must use the accredited certificate for secure online transaction ('02. 9) Best Practice : Internet Banking

8 - 8 - Credit card should be used with accredited certificate to enhance the security of electronic payment process Regarding the transaction of over 300,000 won in Internet shopping, purchasers are required to use accredited certificate ('05. 11) Best Practice : Internet Shopping

9 - 9 - Mobile banking service with certificate ('07~) Transferring a certificate from PC to mobile phone Generating electronic signature in mobile phone Certificate Management S/W in Mobile Phone Best Practice : Mobile Banking

10 Number of Digital Certificates  5 Accredited CAs issued accredited certificates to subscriber around 28 million in total.  Major PKI Applications *Internet Banking, Online Stock, Internet Shopping, Procurement, e-Government Services Numbers of annual issuance of certificates ( , published by KISA)

11 1999Стандарты на функцию хэширования, электронную цифровую подпись 2000Закон «Об электронном документе» 2009Закон «Об электронном документе и электронной цифровой подписи» 2009Стандарт на синтаксис обмена персональной информацией 2011Новая функция хэширования, ЭЦП на эллиптических кривых 2012Формат сертификатов и списка отозванных сертификатов, синтаксис запроса ИСТОРИЯ (законодательство, стандартизация)

12 СТБ «Информационная технология. Защита информации. Процедура хэширования» Стандарт разработан белорусскими криптографами

13 СТБ «Информационная технология. Защита информации. Процедуры выработки и проверки электронной цифровой подписи» 1.Стандарт разработан белорусскими криптографами с использованием схемы Шнора (Schnorr C. P. Efficient Signature Generation by Smart Cards, J. Cryptology, 4(3): 161–174, 1991) 2.Безопасность основана на практической неразрешимости задачи дискретного логарифмирования в конечных полях. Позволяет быстро вырабатывать и проверять подпись. Значение подписи – короткое (посравнению с другими алгоритмами). 3.Включает алгоритм генерации простых чисел как параметров


15 the main steps of the algorithm signature verification

16 LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS The Electronic Document January 10, 2000 Electronic document is equivalent to document on paper and have the same legal him force

17 UNITED NATIONS UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Model Law on Electronic Signatures with Guide to Enactment

18 18 NOW 2013

19 19 Means of digital signature - software, software and hardware, or technical means by which implements one or more of the following functions: generation of digital signature, digital signature verification, development of the private key and the public key. Means of electronic digital signatures must be certified in the national system of certification

20 PKI Belarus Banking Belarus Bank Certificate Authority BelSwiss Bank Certificate Authority Belinvest Bank Certificate Authority

21 PKI Belarus State Mailgov Certificate Authority Custom Certificate Authority Tax Certificate Authority Social Protection Found Certificate Authority

22 LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS The electronic document and electronic digital signature December 28, 2009

23 PKI Belarus Root CA Banking Certificate Authority State Certificate Authority Other Certificate Authority Belarus Bank Registration Authority BelSwiss Bank Registration Authority

24 ARTICLE 17. THE STRUCTURE OF AN ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT Electronic document consists of two integral parts - general and special. The general part of the electronic document consists of information that forms the content of the document. The special part of the electronic document consists of one or more digital signatures, and may also contain additional data needed to verify digital signatures (digital signatures) and identification of an electronic document, which establishes the technical regulations

25 ARTICLE 19. ORIGINAL ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT Original electronic document exists only in electronic form. All identical copies of electronic documents are originals and have the same legal effect.

26 ARTICLE 22. LEGAL VALIDITY OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS Original electronic document equivalent to a paper document, signed by his own hand, and with it has the same legal effect. Electronic document, signed after the revocation public key, is not legally binding. Original electronic document and its copy, corresponding to the requirements specified in Article 20 of this Act, have the same legal force. If, in accordance with the legislation requires that the document be made ​​in writing, the electronic document and its copy are considered relevant to this requirement.

27 ARTICLE 29. THE STATE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC KEY MANAGEMENT State public-key management system is designed to provide opportunities for all interested organizations and individuals information about the public key and their owners in the Republic of Belarus, is a system of interconnected and accredited in its service providers. The main functions of the State public-key management system are:  registration owners of private keys;  publication, distribution and storage of public key certificates and certificate revocation lists of public keys;  creation and maintenance of databases of current and revocation of public keys;  introduction of public key certificates to the database of existing public key certificates;  accessibility database of current and revoked public key certificates;  a review of public key certificates;  reliable confirmation accessories public key specific organization or individual.

28 PRESIDENTIAL DECREE OF NOVEMBER 8, 2011 № 515 "ON SOME ISSUES OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS“ To establish that Operatively Analytical Center under the President shall regulate in the area:  operation of the State public keys management systems of verify digital signatures, the Republic of Belarus;  cryptographic protection of information that does not contain information classified as state secrets

29 PRESIDENTIAL DECREE OF NOVEMBER 8, 2011 № 515 "ON SOME ISSUES OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS“ To establish that the National Center Electronics Services has operated a root certification authorities and other State system of management of public keys

30 STB P Information technology and security. Digital signature and key transport algorithms based on elliptic curves

31 31 Standard of the Republic of BelarusInternational standardThe object 1. GOST «Information processing system. Cryptographic Security. Cryptographic transformation algorithm» nationalencryption 2. STB «Information technology. Data security. Procedure and check procedures of electronic digital signature» nationaldigital signature 3. STB « Information technology. Data security. Hashing function» nationalhashing function 4. STB «Information technology and security. Security requirements for software cryptographic modules» national software cryptographic modules 5. STB P «Information technology and security. Digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curves» nationaldigital signature 6. STB «Information technology and security. Cryptographic algorithms of pseudorandom number generation» nationalnumber generation 7.STB «Information technology and security. Public key card format» nationalpublic key card

32 32 Standard of the Republic of BelarusInternational standardThe object 1.1. STB «Information technology and security. Certification request syntax» PKCS #10: Certification request syntax standard. Version 1.7. RSA Laboratories, 2000 certification request 2.2. STB «Information technology. Personal information exchange syntax» PKCS #12 v1.0:1999 Personal information exchange syntax personal information exchange 3. STB «Information technology and security. Public key infrastructure certificate and certificate revocation list profile» RFC 5280:2008 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile certificate and certificate revocation list 4. STB – 2009 «Information technology. Cryptographic Token Interface» PKCS #11 v2.20:2004 Cryptographic Token Interface Standard cryptographic token interface 5. STB «Information technology and security. Cryptographic message syntax» PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard cryptographic message syntax 6.STB «Information technology and security. Online certificate status protocol (OCSP)» X.509 Internet Public Key Infrastructure Online Certificate Status Protocol - OCSP online certificate status protocol

33 33 MEANS 1.Cryptographic software cryptographic software must meet the requirements specified in the standards 2.Hardware secure module The goals of an HSM are:  onboard secure generation  onboard secure storage  use of cryptographic and sensitive data material  offloading application servers for complete cryptography operations. HSMs provide both logical and physical protection of these materials from non-authorized use and potential adversaries.

34 TRUSTED THIRD PARTY Achievement of adequate levels of business confidence in the operation of IT systems is underpinned by the provision of practical and appropriate legal and technical controls. Business must have confidence that IT systems will offer positive advantages and that such systems can be relied upon to sustain business obligations and create business opportunities. An exchange of information between two entities implies an element of trust, e.g. with the recipient assuming that the identity of the sender is in fact the sender, and in turn, the sender assuming that the identity of the recipient is in fact the recipient for whom the information is intended. This "implied element of trust" may not be enough and may require the use of a Trusted Third Party (TTP) to facilitate the trusted exchange of information.

35 SERVICES PROVIDED BY TTPS: 1.key management, 2.certificate management, 3.identification and authentication support, 4.privilege attribute service, non-repudiation, 5.time stamping services, 6.electronic public notary services


37 Trusted third party (electronic public notary services) Russia TTPs Russia Kazakhstan TTPs Kazakhstan Belarus TTPs Belarus

38 RFC 3029 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Data Validation and Certification Server Protocols 4 types of validation and certification services: - Certification of Possession of Data (cpd), - Certification of Claim of Possession of Data (ccpd), - Validation of Digitally Signed Document (vsd), - Validation of Public Key Certificates (vpkc).

39 RFC 3161 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP) The TSA is a TTP that creates time-stamp tokens in order to indicate that a datum existed at a particular point in time.

40 COMMISSION DECISION of 25 February 2011 establishing minimum requirements for the cross-border processing of documents signed electronically by competent authorities under Directive 2006/123/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on services in the internal market (notified under document C(2011) 1081) (Text with EEA relevance) (2011/130/EU) Specifications for an XML, CMS or PDF advanced electronic signature to be technically supported by the receiving Member State

41 41 Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation Part 1: Introduction and general model Part 2: Security functional requirements Part 3: Security assurance requirements

42 42

43 43 РУП «Национальный центр электронных услуг»

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