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Euro-NGI – General Presentation 09 June 2004 Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet Towards convergent multi-service networks.

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1 Euro-NGI – General Presentation 09 June 2004 Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet Towards convergent multi-service networks

2 Content 4 Euro-NGI domain 4 Main addressed topics 4 Quality of the consortium 4 Summary of main assets

3 Main targets 4 Network of Excellence (IST FP6 NoE program) q General NoE targets: integrate the European research effort, build a virtual center of excellence, disseminate 4 Euro-NGI main target q The main objective of the Euro NGI network is to create and maintain the most prominent European centre of excellence for Next Generation Internet design and engineering, q acting as a “Collective Intelligence Think Tank”, representing a major support for the European Information Society industry and leading towards a European leadership in this domain.

4 General Profile 4 57 institutions, 173 researchers, more than 300 PhD students, 18 countries ( for the list) 4 Leader: GET(Groupe des Ecoles de Télécommunications)-France 4 5 000 000 Euros – 3 years 4 Starting Date: December 1st, 2003

5 Domain: Next Generation Internet (NGI) 4 What is NGI? q The NGI will view multi-service/multimedia, mobility, convergence (services and fixed-mobile), Quality-of-Service and variable connectivity as the norm. 4 From technology to network architectures and services q The recent technological advances will lead to exploitable innovative services once the integration of these technologies through innovative architectures is achieved.

6 Domain: Next Generation Internet (NGI) 4 Technology diversity explodes q Requirement to deal with the corresponding complexity 4 Instant high bandwidth connectivity q Future high-speed wire-line and wireless access technologies q Makes difficult to forecast traffic and thus to apply existing traffic engineering methods. 4 Investigation is required in new multi-technology architectures. q It is understood today that new design, planning, dimensioning and management principles are needed.

7 Domain: Next Generation Internet (NGI) 4 The design of those architectures is a multidisciplinary problem requiring a variety of competences. q These competences exist today in Europe but require to be integrated. q This integration will allow Europe to become a leader in the NGI and to absorb the existing gap in Internet technologies and usages between Europe and North America.

8 Main addressed topics 4 In this context, the main topics addressed by the NoE are: q Mastering the technology diversity (vertical and horizontal integration) for the design of efficient and flexible NGI architectures. q Providing required innovative traffic engineering architectures adapted to the new requirements and developing the corresponding appropriate quantitative methods.

9 Organization of Research Activities 4 Joint Research Activities: 6 JRA and 25 WPs for which q Integration and rationalization of research efforts q Large working groups have been created q Workshops have been scheduled q The field for cross fertilization between activities and workpackages has been prepared  Specific workshops  Advanced tools for communication and sharing of information  Management Committees in charge of controlling that integration is achieved

10 Q uality of the consortium 4 Integration of research efforts of two research communities q Network & services architectures - Traffic engineering & quantitative methods q Both from the academia and the industry

11 Quality of the consortium 4 Consortium q 51 Research Centres/Universities q 4 Telecom Operators (France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Telenor and Telefónica) q 1 major Manufacturer (Alcatel) q 1 Institution with an important experience in technology transfer (Coritel, a partnership between Ericsson Lab Italy and three Universities) q 1 SMEs involved with the take-up of new technologies (Infosim). q 1 Institution with a very important experience in organisation and management (CDC).

12 Very strong relationship with industry 4 Alcatel 4 Cisco 4 Ericsson 4 HP 4 IBM-NY 4 Intel 4 Italtel 4 Juniper 4 Lucent 4 Marconi 4 Motorola 4 NEC Europe 4 Nokia 4 Philips 4 Quallcomm 4 Siemens 4 Solinet 4 ST Microelectronics 4 Teletel 4 Thales 4 Thomson 4 4Plus Technologies 4 Algonet 4 AT&T, AT&T Labs 4 Bouygues Telecom 4 British Telecom 4 Deutsche Telecom 4 France Telecom 4 Netway 4 OTE 4 Portugal Telecom 4 Sonera 4 Sprint 4 Telefonica 4 Telia 4 TNO telecom 4 Vodafone 4 Through YRP: NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, etc.

13 Experience in European Projects, examples 4 ACTS: AROMA, BBL, BIDS, BTI, COBNET, DIANA, EXPERT, LEVERAGE, OLYMPIC, PANEL, PETERPAN, REFORM, 4 IST: @DAN, AQUILA, BISANTE, CANDLE, CODIS, DAVID, DBGLOBE, EUNICE, EVOLUTE, FABRIC, HARMONICS, HELINET, IASON, LION, MOICANE, MOEBIUS, MOBY DICK, MMAPPS, OBANET, PACWOMAN, RECSYS, REPOSIT, SCAMPI, TELEREGIONS, TEQUILA, TONIC, TORRENT, UNIVERSAL, WINE 4 COST projects: COST 214, COST239, COST224, COST242, COST257, COST 263, COST266, COST 279 4 Esprit: ALCOM, ALCOM II, ALCOM-IT, BISANTE, CATSERVER, CIME, CNMA, DAMS, EMMUS, LCOM-FT, QMIPS 4 Eurescom projects: P615, P709, P901, P1014, P918, P1006, P1112 4 RACe projects: 1022, 2001, 2024 4 Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) projects: Ambience 4 Copernicus projects: MOCOMTEL, KNIXMAS, ATMIN, IDEMCOP 4 Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) projects: ALAPEDES 4 European Space Agency (ESA): TPSAT

14 Quality of the consortium 4 Example of member’s excellence q Prof. Augusto Casaca is Chairman of the IFIP-TC6 (Communication Systems). q Dr Jim Roberts is one of the two co-chairs of Infocom 2003 l probably the most important conference in the networking area; q Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. mult. Paul J. Kuehn is the President of the ITC International Advisory Council (IAC) l the most important conference in the traffic engineering domain; q Prof. Phuoc Tran-Gia is one of the co-chairs of ITC18 (2003); q Infocom best paper award in 1999, 2001 and 2003 q Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec is an associate editor for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, q Prof François Baccelli was awarded the 2002 France Telecom prize of the French Academy of Sciences; q Mr Manuel Villén Altamirano has chaired the ITU-T Working Party of Traffic Engineering (Working Party 3/2) from April 1999 to December 2002.

15 Integration 4 Situation before and after the first two years of the integration process, examples: q Establishment of a Knowledge Roadmap q Interconnection and sharing of platforms/tools/facilities and coordination of software development q Building collective intelligence through Advanced Communication Tools q Collaboration with cognitive and social behavior experts for the implementation and evaluation of the collective intelligence q Increase of the mobility for researchers and PhD students q Creation of European graduated courses program for PhD students and of Summer Schools Euro NGI VCE should become a main actor in its domain by the first two years

16 Summary: main assets 4 Strategic Domain: Next Generation Internet q Social and economic impact 4 Deals with the design of the required NGI innovative architectures q Complex problem of integrating the various heterogeneous technologies into end-to-end architectures that supports existing and future services in an efficient and reliable way q Do not concentrate in one specific technology

17 Summary: main assets 4 Integrates renowned researchers of 2 scientific communities: q "network architecture" and "traffic engineering and related quantitative methods” l Key element of several successful stories in the US west coast 4 Strong relationship with industry 4 Strong Joint Program of Activities q Impact on research, technology transfer and knowledge dissemination, post-graduate studies, etc. q More than 50 workpackages q A strong organization

18 Contacts 4 4 (Project leader) 4 (Network Evolution workpackage leader.

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