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QALANDIA… “Pre-final look” (The text font & order may differ according to the PPT version you have)

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1 QALANDIA… “Pre-final look” (The text font & order may differ according to the PPT version you have)

2 This is a simple plan of how Qalandia checkpoint looks like today … The blue squares are the built-up “checkpoints” Red lines are the apartheid wall path Ramallah Jerusalem People ‘s check point Car’s check point Qalandia old airport To Atarot Transportation to other places Bus station -to Jerusalem-

3 This is where cars no go, passing two check points And, people pass from here to their newest station… This is the future direction for cars heading to Jerusalem, which is on its final level… This is where public transportation from Ramallah end in… This is going to be the path of “West Bank” cars to Al-Ram and other cities classified in this category U start from here:

4 This is where people get in and out to others territories. Coming from Ramallah, this is how it looks like: As you get there, u have … Entrance form Jerusalem Exit from Ramallah Check the “resting area” !

5 For those entering, they just need to pass two pivoted doors without being checked, Following the light traffic above of course.. But those who are about to leave Ramallah……

6 They have to cross 4 gates before getting to the other side of the station: (1) Entrance to the station: The left gate is for women, children, students, and men over 60 only. Other are not allowed to pass there during jam, as the red light will be turned on then. There is a room for the soldiers to monitor this process and give their orders through internal intercom for the whole station, or small ones hang at each gate. Not to forget –ofcourse- the welcome sign !

7 (2) Entrance to the checking area, where you have 5 gates to wait in line for your turn. Four of them are for men While ALL women, children, students, and men over 60 have the fifth… Supplied with cameras –every where- and internal loudspeakers ofcourse

8 (3) Exit of the checking area through controlled pivoting doors –again-, but after … 1. Checking the handbags and sacks using a conveyor belt 2. Checking the people by letting them pass through an electrical gate 3. Checking the ID, where you have to show to the soldiers, as they sit in their protected rooms. They don’t have to get out of them as they have monitors and everything there.

9 (4) Exit of the station Which will be through the last pivoting door, decorated by their latest announcement :

10 Or Qalandia Old Airport, that became more obvious with the Aparthied wall in the background Now you are here… You can enjoy the views of the future car checking points with the traffic lights at the new round-about Or the new main road to Atarot Or the Arathied wall on the other side, separating between the roads, either to Jerusalem or “West Bank”

11 A new electrical station is built next to the checking point While digging action are still processing ofcourse

12 People today, heading to Al-Ram or other cities in the West Bank, have to walk this road to get to the taxies. Not to forget the psychological destruction of the people who have to get through this everyday…

13 The problem is that some people, when they saw these new stations for the first time, they actually liked it ! That Israelis have made every possible effort to beautify their check points in order to distract people’s attention from their true horrible purpose of existence as the “determinants of a frontier line”. People do not see the larger picture of this whole situation..

14 So please, when you pass from this check- point –sooner or later- Don’t forget that Israel is progressing very fast in its plan for control on our land, as expected. That further actions to achieve this goal will take place, if no action is done from our side. Not by force, but wise and well-foreseen plans.

15 May GOD bless the people of Palestine, and stand by their side to get to what we all want…

16 The Independent State of PALESTINE

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