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Task / Effort Tracking solution PRA-VI INFOSOLUTIONS.

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1 Task / Effort Tracking solution PRA-VI INFOSOLUTIONS

2 Today’s scenario –Rapidly changing economic environment –Blistering pace at which business models change –Less “spare capacity” available for managers –Operations geographically spread out –Customers demanding ‘more for less’ –Shortened business cycles less time to execute Business Context

3 Business needs and pain areas –Managerial span across geographical boundaries –Need to work on multiple activities in parallel –Due to competitive pressure ‘everything’ is urgent! –‘Productive’ time wasted on non-value-adding tasks –Risk of losing focus on business critical activities, causing delays or cost escalations

4 is a multi-user, web-based system that enables everybody in your organization to plan & track all tasks, across all departments, types, projects, locations,...

5 Capabilities of Base Version.

6 TaskTrack allows you to :- – Plan projects as they evolve, – Auto-route workflows, – Trigger tasks conditionally, – Plan tasks across team, – Selectively share your tasks, – View status & reports as you wish.

7 Reality – I need all details of a task at one place. allows you to – attach multiple files to a task – trace who added file & who took it for editing. Some typical examples – Formats, checklists, Minutes of meeting, Periodic reports, etc. How helps

8 Reality – Some times, the result of step 1 decides whether to take step 2 or not. allows you to – trigger the next task “conditionally”. A typical example – Trigger the task “Send revised quotation” only if your meeting with customer for “Rate revision” is successful. How helps

9 Reality – “You are doing it, but how do I know?” allows you to – give interim feedback on progress. Typical examples- I have completed first step of the task that will require four visits to complete. How helps

10 allows you to – personalize the intimations & reports. -Choice of intimations -SMS, Email or both. Reality – Everybody has a different style of working. How helps - Create your own customized reports.

11 A typical job involves all 3 types of tasks – every day. enables you to – -- Plan, assign, update & track the tasks -- Get reminders – the way you want -- Review the progress & performance – objectively. How helps

12 enables you to – –Store the workflow definitions, in terms of the tasks, their routes (& branching, if needed), people & their roles –Trigger the workflows & then have route them to their logical conclusion –Track the status of each task on route & identify where the flow is stopped How helps

13 Some typical applications –General workflows like Capital Expenditures, Reimbursements, etc. –Time-bound workflows like Month-closing, Reporting, etc. –Quality related workflows like Customer Complaint, New product release, etc. –Support workflows like Bug tickets, IT & Infrastructure support requests, etc. –Workflows enforcing ISO, SOPs & policies.

14 enables you to – –Store the recurring tasks, with their due dates, people & their roles, etc. –Auto-Trigger the task in next period, on completion of current task –Dynamically reassign the tasks when the persons move or their roles change –View the detailed status of each group of tasks. How helps

15 Some typical applications –Monthly/ Quarterly/ Annual statutory compliances –Periodic Reporting/ Updates/ Feedback –Stock taking/ cycle counts, etc. –One-off tasks like evaluation of new software, minor product changes, Communication of new policies, etc. How helps

16 enables you to –Plan the project – as it evolves. –Trigger the next steps “Conditionally” –Plan & track in a team (If project is a team-effort, then why should tracking be onus of project manager only?) –Review all projects at a time, by filtering only relevant data. How helps

17 Some typical applications -- –New product launches –Internal initiatives like New systems –Marketing initiatives like brand re-launch –Design changes –Setting up / Modernization of plants How helps

18 Some features not seen on screen – has an in-built intimation module. –Intimations about events like “Task Completed by …”, “Task … assigned to you”, etc. –Intimations with timed escalation. –Choice of intimation parameters, like –Send it 2 days before due date –Send it by SMS/email/ both How helps

19 Statutory Compliances Tracking -- helps you track the entire calendar of statutory compliances across all the locations of your organisation,...... so that you can focus on your business. Special Applications using

20 Allows you to set the compliance calendar. Enables you to attach the standard templates, so that your team will always use the correct formats. Reminds your team & you, about next due date. Shows you the latest picture of all the compliances Asks your team to attach the “Proof of Compliance” Lets you view the “Proof of Compliance” Facilitates gathering of “related data”. for Statutory Compliance

21 Who can benefit – Multi-location companies, with diverse activites. Key Benefit – “Don't let a thank-less job distract you from focus area.” Other uses – Avoid penalty, Collect related data, Retrieve proof easily. for Statutory Compliance

22 Document Management Sales Force Automation Questionnaire/Feedback Special Applications In pipeline

23 Don’t Forget. Don’t Remember. Just –

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