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Tips for Creating Good Presentations Mrs. Cornett Newark Charter School May 2012.

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1 Tips for Creating Good Presentations Mrs. Cornett Newark Charter School May 2012

2 First Step: Choose Your Goal What’s the point? What should audience do?

3 Second Step: Research Information Find your information Cite sources as you go

4 Third Step: Plan your presentation Create outline of your main points Add sub-points to outline

5 Fourth Step: Create your presentation Convert outline to slides No more than one main point per slide Some point may need 2 slides.

6 Fifth Step: Rehearse Your Presentation Know Your Stuff Make Eye Contact Interact with audience, like a conversation

7 The title slide should always include the: Title of your presentation Your name(s) Date (May be just month and year)

8 Your title slide may also include: Teacher Name Class Name Anything the teacher requests

9 Text  Follow the 7x7 Guide:  Use no more than 7 lines per slide  Use no more than 7 words per line  Be phrases, not full sentences  Be checked for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar Text should:

10 Sample of too much text People do not want to read a lot of text on the screen. It can be hard to read and so overwhelming that they don’t even bother trying to read it. They will just tune you out and start thinking about other things. If you have lost your audience you won’t reach your goal. Even if you use bullets, it is too much to read!

11 Notes Section  Can write reminders for yourself  Don’t appear on the slide for your audience to see  Contains more information for your presentation.  May be printed out to help you when presenting


13 Fonts The font you choose should: Be a “sans serif” typeface

14 Serifs Sans Serifs “Sans” means “without” Serifs: small lines or embellishments

15 Fonts The font you choose should: Be a “sans serif” typeface Easy to read Have upper and lower case letters Reflect the mood of the topic Be large, such as 20 point or larger

16 Sample Sizes This is Arial size 12 This is Arial size 18 This is Arial size 24 This is Arial size 32 This is Arial size 40 This is Arial size 48 This is Arial size 60

17 Font Mistakes Fancy fonts are hard to read Small fonts are hard to read, too. A font maybe fun, but not right for a serious presentation

18 Backgrounds The background should: Be simple Not distract the audience Be the same (or similar) throughout the presentation

19 Background Problems! Busy backgrounds: Are hard to read Distract the audience


21 Transitions Transitions should be: The same throughout presentation Set to medium or fast speed

22 Colors Choose a color scheme that is: The same throughout the presentation Easy to read Attractive Fitting with the mood of the presentation

23 Ouch! Red and blue often go well together but: –Hard on the eyes! –Will give audience a headache!

24 Bullets & Numbers On a slide of bulleted or numbered items: Include at least two items Use only one or two levels of bullets Use numbers only when order is important

25 Charts & Graphs Use only 1 per slide, except for comparisons Keep them simple Should help audience understand your point

26  Generally use only 1 per slide  Select art that supports the content  Avoid distractions Graphics: Clip Art & Photos

27 Graphics with Text Generally people: Look at picture first Don't look left to read text

28 When Placing Graphics  Generally best at top or left  Should lead viewers eye towards the text

29 People, Face, and Eyes  Faces or eyes should look towards text  May need to flip the picture  Watch for words when you flip graphic

30 Closing Never close by saying “The End” To close your presentation you may: Encourage audience to take action Make a recommendation End with a question

31 Citations Walker, TJ. How to Create More Effective PowerPoint Presentations. New York: Media Training Worldwide, 2006. POWERPOINT DOS AND DON’TS

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