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Critical Thinking & Writing Early Release/Late Start February 5, 2015.

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1 Critical Thinking & Writing Early Release/Late Start February 5, 2015

2 o Participants will increase their knowledge of instructional methods associated with improving evidence and elaboration in student writing. o Participants will analyze student writing samples to determine instructional implications.






8 In order to earn a top score of “4” for Evidence and Elaboration, a student must be able to: Integrate appropriate text evidence supporting the task THIS REQUIRES CRITICAL THINKING! Explain how the text evidence supports the task. THIS REQUIRES CRITICAL THINKING!

9 So, What Is Elaboration Anyway? “The Iditarod is a race like no other. It is more than 1,000 miles long, and it is run across ice and snow. It takes at least nine days and dogs are its stars” The Iditarod has no race like it. It is longer than one thousand miles and is ran on frozen ice and snow. The iditarod takes nine or more days to complete. What about NOW? Is THIS elaboration? The Iditarod is a very unusual race becase it is so long and the racers are actually dogs rather than people and cars. Instead of racing on a track like many races do, the Iditarod takes place in Alaska over 1,000 miles of ice and snow, which make the conditions different from most races we may think about. This statement IS elaboration because: It shows critical thinking It is explaining why the evidence is important enough to be written in the essay

10 Each row represents a paragraph of writing. By completing each section, both student and teacher can identify potentially missing components and strengthen the writing.

11 Thesis: Technology has too many risks for the human race to remain on its course, and will only instill a lack of focus and thinking skills, distract us from proper learning techniques, and thus pull us away from important opportunities and relationships. Fractured thinking skills and a lack of focus, which has become characteristic of the Earth’s multitaskers. 1. (Attached to Technology and Paying a Price) “…juggling e-mail, phone calls, and other incoming information can change how people think and behave…[our] ability to focus is being undermined” 2. (Paragraph 26) “even after the multitasking ends, fractured thinking and lack of focus persist” 1. The influx of so much information is modifying our ability to focus on certain tasks and times. 2. An exposure to the types of technology changes the way in which people think and process non-technological information for the worse because we allow technology to consume our future actions and thoughts, as if it were an addiction.





16 Crawford, M. & Zwiers, J. (2011). Academic conversations: classroom talk that fosters critical thinking and content understandings. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishing. Gallagher, K. (2004). Deeper reading comprehending challenging texts, 4-12. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishing.

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