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PRESENTATION BASICS Images speak louder than words.

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3 Images speak louder than words

4 Guitars can be constructed to meet the demands of both left and right-handed players. Traditionally the dominant hand is assigned the task of plucking or strumming the strings. For the majority of people this entails using the right hand. This is because musical expression (dynamics, tonal expression, color, etc.) is largely determined by the plucking hand, while the fretting hand is assigned the lesser mechanical task of depressing and gripping the strings.


6 How to Get a Good Nights Sleep Exercise Read a book before bedtime Pray/Meditate Drink a warm glass of milk Common Tips

7 Lance Armstrong challenged the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to name names and show what it had on him. Today, it did. The anti-doping group released a report on its case against Armstrong — a point-by-point roadmap of the lengths it says Armstrong went to in winning seven Tour de France titles USADA has ordered taken away. In more than 150 pages filled with allegations, USADA names 11 former teammates — George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis among them — as key witnesses. It details the way those men and others say drugs were delivered and administered to Armstrong's teams. It discusses Armstrong's continuing relationship with and payments to a doctor, Michele Ferrari, years after Ferrari was sanctioned in Italy and Armstrong claimed as the primary sponsor. The report also uses Armstrong's own words against him. "We had one goal and one ambition and that was to win the greatest bike race in the world and not just to win it once, but to keep winning it," the report reads, quoting from testimony Armstrong gave in an earlier legal proceeding. His attorney, Tim Herman, called the report "a one-sided hatchet job — a taxpayer funded tabloid piece rehashing old, disproved, unreliable allegations based largely on axe-grinders, serial perjurers, coerced testimony, sweetheart deals and threat-induced stories." Aware of the criticism his agency has faced from Armstrong and his legion of followers, USADA Chief Executive Travis Tygart insisted his group handled this case under the same rules as any other. He pointed out that Armstrong was given the chance to take his case to arbitration and he declined, choosing in August to accept the sanctions instead. "We focused solely on finding the truth without being influenced by celebrity or non-celebrity, threats, personal attacks or political pressure because that is what clean athletes deserve and demand," Tygart said. Some of the newest information — never spelled out in detail before today — includes USADA's depiction of Armstrong's continuing relationship with Ferrari. Like Armstrong, he has received a lifetime ban from USADA. 11 teammates testified in case against Armstrong By Eddie Pells AP National Writer

8 The Color Wheel

9 UNIT 2 String Notes Objective of Lesson Learn to identify the 6 string notes of the Guitar in 3 minutes or less.

10 EMPHASIS Where’s the bone? Important Unimportant

11 EMPHASIS Look over there! Use images & shapes to direct the readers attention

12 BALANCE The weight of this design is balanced

13 BALANCE & UNITY Repeating elements give uniformity

14 COLOR Use color to attract Not to distract Avoid more than 5 colors per page

15 CONTRAST Avoid red and green for the colorblind Black & White are Neutral Colors

16 White or Yellow On a Blue Background Black or Red VOID

17 Bullets Add a space between bullets Avoid abrupt lines Add a space between bullets Avoid abrupt lines VOID

18 BULLET POINTS 1 bullet per concept Use to build ideas Use dim/dissolve effect to redirect attention Avoid more than 6 bullet points

19 Fonts T Serif T Sans-serif Serif fonts have heads & feet Sans-serif fonts have NO heads or feet

20 Serif Palatino Courier Times Georgia San-serif Geneva Arial Helvetica Calibri

21 Font Size 96 Font Size 72 Font Size 60 Font Size 48 Font Size 36 Font Size 24 Font Size 18 Font Size 12

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