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Aspire 3 Entrepreneurial Educational Experiences Presentation Tips: Diagrams, Models, Charts & Images.

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1 Aspire 3 Entrepreneurial Educational Experiences Presentation Tips: Diagrams, Models, Charts & Images

2 We’ve heard…  A picture is worth a thousand words  Show, don’t tell  Visuals give your audience something to focus on while they listen to you

3 Good Visuals Can  Let your audience focus on something while they listen to you  Build your credibility  Make it easier to understand something for your audience  Add details that you cannot cover in your speech

4 Market Research, Size, and Target Examples

5 Showing Market Size/Growth (2009-2010) 14.7 Billion Worldwide Software Security Revenue CAGR: 12% $16.5 Trillion New Pieces of Mobile Malware 2,400 CAGR: 46% 3,400 2.5 Billion Number of Application Downloads CAGR: 226% 8.2 Billion *CAGR is compounded annual growth rate.

6  Target Market  The details (below) are just spoken and not put on the slide  Musicians  Artists on the go  Producers  Sound Engineers  The list goes on… Images to Illustrate Target Market

7 Little bits of great research can be used as footnotes… Only 23% of IT Professionals agreed that IT Risk management is very well integrated with the overall enterprise approach -2011 ISACA Study Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times as often as traditional coupons. Average cost of a data breach: $214 per compromised record - Ponemon Institute “I recommend looking at … applications out there that can address security across multiple platforms. It's the only way you're going to gain any semblance of control.” - Kevin Beaver, Principal Information Security Consultant at Principle Logic

8 Competitive Analysis Examples

9 Mapping Competitors (Instructions)  If you know you have a lot of competitors but know that your idea is better in two major ways  Choose two characteristics that are on a scale  The positive ones go on the top and the right  Then map your competitors to their respective areas  Always make sure your company is in the top right as the ideal solution! High Quality Low Quality Customized Mass Produced Your Product HERE!

10 Mapping Competitors (Example) Mobile Platforms PC Computing Data Protection Device Management Our Company

11 Competitive Comparison Security and Data Protection Virus/Malware Protection 44 Spyware Detection 424 Data Encryption 234 Data Backup 24 Mobile Firewall 4 Enterprise Readiness Centralized Administration 33334 Secure Login to Enterprise Apps 33334 Forensic and Auditing 114 Reporting 224

12 Competitors by Category Data LayerApplication Layer Network LayerService Layer Limitations: Designed as extension of PC products Focus on only one or two layers Reactive security – not future-proof Requires role-based administration

13 A Shortened/Sharper SWOT can also help

14 Product/Service Explanations Examples

15 A connective diagram Threat Layers to Mobile Security Wireless/LAN Enterprise Data/ Server/ CRM/ Email Servers Telephony/Mobile/ Data Networks PC Synchronization Peer-to-peer Physical Storage

16 A process or timeline with callouts to key details Means: SQL Injection Cost: $171 Billion and counting (direct costs only) Stock Price Jan: $36 Stock Price Aug: $21 Who: 100 Million Accounts Insurer Denies Liability Costs 41% Decline

17 Good mix of images and data  Charges 360 times faster than regular Lithium-ion batteries  Approximately $4800/per car  Potentially increase driving range by 140% Product Benefits In 5 seconds!

18 Charts are great if you have the data Supercapacitor vs. Battery 12,500,000 times lighter than car battery Regular battery life is 500 cycles Supercapacitor life is 1,000,000 cycles

19 A 3D Model (Built using Sketchup)

20 Business Model & Investment

21 ‘Smart art’ of all kinds can create great visuals OEM Licensing to: – Corporate Entities – Service Carriers – Mobile Application Developers Banking/Finance Sector with high needs for technical mobile security Enterprise Securing to high importance government networks Security Agencies, DoD, and Civilian Agencies Government More efficient and secure application creation Securely utilize emerging technologies and trends in mobile commerce (e.g. NFC) Developers Ensure security of smartphone and personal information from malware and applications Efficient use of system resources Consumers

22 $120,000 initial investment. Amazing potential for growth and capital return. We have all the experience and talent needed to launch this app. Investment plan and why should you invest in us? Pie charts are great for investment numbers and asks

23 Final Tips  Think about what visuals can represent the words or ideas in the easiest way  Experiment! It might take a few tries to find the right image or diagram. You might have better ideas than the examples presented  Remember – you’re the star of the show. The presentation should add to what you are saying, not distract focus from you.

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