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Social TV and Webisodes What are webisodes? What is social TV?

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1 Social TV and Webisodes What are webisodes? What is social TV?

2 Hierarchy of Social TV – Webisodes More involved, include B-roll and pictures, cut-aways and edits. Higher production value. Business/Promotional Social TVWebisodesVlogs – Vlogs Point-and-shoot category. Most basic. Can be boring. Personal

3 Social TV-defined 1 st - Technology that supports communication and social interaction in the context of watching television, or related to TV content. 2 nd - It also includes the study of television-related social behavior, devices and networks. Technologies include – voice communication – text chat presence – context awareness – TV recommendations – ratings – video-conferencing with the TV content either on screen or by using ancillary devices 2010- Social TV named one of the 10 most important emerging technologies by the MIT Technology Review on Social TV. January 2011- Ynon Kreiz, CEO of the Endemol Group told a packed crowd at the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference: "Everyone says that social television will be big. I think it’s not going to be big — it’s going to be huge.” 2011- David Rowan, the Editor of Wired magazine named Social TV at number three of six in his peek into 2011 and what tech trends to expect to get traction. 1 1-

4 Social TV- business aspect Motorola Medios Xperience Are there missed opportunities? – Not yet; this is a fledgling medium. Customer service/Complaints – Yes, but that is mostly falling under social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  Consumers desired:  find and better organize content  greater flexibility for when, how and where TV is consumed  such as the ability to stream live shows to any device in the home  access news and gossip about their favorite shows and actors.  Consumers want to simultaneously engage with additional content and social networking sites while they watch TV. 1 1- 2- (2:30) 2

5  Hashtag placement is subtle enough to neither distract nor annoy viewers.  An official hashtag makes monitoring conversations easier.  Attaching all conversation to a dedicated hashtag increases its chance of trending (one hashtag vs. countless hashtags created by fans). Seeing a TV show in the trending topics may compel others to tune in.  Seeing hashtags on their recorded shows may remind DVR users they’re missing out by not watching in real time.  Curious fans who are not on Twitter are compelled to look up what the hashtag means and may then join the conversation. 1 1- Social TV-example


7 Webisodes-defined Found on internet, not television – Youtube, Vimeo, and network television sites for ABC, NBC, CBS Can be used as a preview, a promotion, as part of a collection of shorts, or a commercial. – Scrubs, Straight No Chaser, Miranda Sings A webisode is a web episode – collectively part of a web series, a form of new media called web television. A short episode (3-7 minutes) though some go longer (rarely). Can be part of an already established drama or series or it may consist of entirely original material.

8 Webisodes-examples Scrubs Network sponsored 1- Scrubs: 2- Straight No Chaser: 3- Miranda: Miranda Sings Self sponsored Straight No Chaser Record label sponsored

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