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Absences: If your child will be absent from school due to illness, an appointment or any other reason, please use the Canyon Heights callback line- 604-903-3292.

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2 Absences: If your child will be absent from school due to illness, an appointment or any other reason, please use the Canyon Heights callback line- 604-903-3292 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to report your child's absence. This lets us know that your child is safe and not expected at school for that day. If your child is not at school and we have not received a call from a parent/guardian reporting the expected absence follow-up calls are made in order to locate your child. ​ Allergies: If you have not done so already, please inform the school of any allergies your child may have. Arrival/Dismissal: 8:40 AM - first bell, doors open 8:45 AM - second bell - students in classrooms ready for instruction 12:05 - 1:05 PM – lunch *Canyon Heights follows the "play first" program. Students are dismissed at 12:05 for outside play and come in at 12:35 to eat lunch. 3:00 PM - students are dismissed for the day It is important that the children arrive at school on time. Students arriving late often miss information about the shape of the day and may also distract other students. Please try to be prompt in picking up children at dismissal time. I often have pre-arranged meetings after school and it is not possible for me to provide supervision while waiting for pick up. Remember that late pick-ups may often create feelings of uncertainty and anxiety in children. I understand that there may be occasions when late arrivals/pick-ups are unavoidable.

3 Backpacks: We recommend your child bring a backpack to school every day. The pack will help your child in taking papers/notes/projects home. *Please make sure the backpack is labeled with your child’s name, not too big, not too small. Birthdays are acknowledged in the classroom. If you wish to provide a special snack for the children you are welcome to do so. Please avoid nut content due to allergies. Some ideas are cookies or small cupcakes with limited amount of icing. (Birthday party invitations should be distributed to guests privately, outside of school) Book orders: We will occasionally send home book order forms. You are never obligated to purchase books.

4 Centres: Kindergarten students will participate in “centres” throughout the school day. Sometimes centres are “free” or “play” wherein the child chooses where he/she would like to work.. “Learning centres” will be more structured and determined by the teacher, and often occur during literacy or math time. Reading, writing, and math skills are addressed in these centers. Computers: Students will have computer instruction once a week. We also have a set of iPads available for use in our classroom and may be used for group instruction or by students during centre times. Conferences: You will have the opportunity to participate in two “formal” parent/teacher conferences during the school year. However, feel free to contact the teacher at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

5 Discipline: We expect our students to make good choices, to treat others the way they want to be treated and to do their best. We model attentive listening, mutual respect, no put downs, and showing appreciation. As positive behaviour is identified and recognized, students work hard to mirror that same behaviour. Should a child make a poor choice, we visit with him/her privately about his/her choice, discuss the natural consequence of that choice and help determine a better plan for the future. Our goal in discipline is not to punish but to help your child develop SELF-discipline. We will contact you if your child frequently has difficulty making good choices. We believe that working as a team (parent, teacher and student) is the best way to help children develop the ability to make good behaviour choices. Dismissal: Dismissal is 3:00 PM. The students will be dismissed through the outside door.

6 E-mail: E-mail is probably the most efficient way to reach a staff member. Email addresses are on the Canyon Heights Staff List on the main webpage. Early Dismissal: We have one early dismissal day per month. Students will be dismissed at 2:00pm. Early dismissal days allow the staff to participate in professional development activities and team collaboration. Please check the school calendar on the main webpage for early dismissal dates.

7 Field trips: Your child will have the opportunity to participate in some field trips this year. Information concerning this year’s trips will be sent soon. Each trip will require a permission form signed by a parent/guardian and possibly a small fee. Occasionally, parent volunteers are needed to assist with field trips. Please refer to the specifics for each trip when they are published.

8 Get Involved: Your interest and involvement in your child’s school keeps you “plugged in” to what is happening and shows your child that you value their education. Attend PAC meetings on a regular basis and if you are able to help with any PAC initiatives, it is a wonderful way to connect with other parents and make a positive contribution to your child’s education.

9 Home Reading: The students will have the opportunity to participate in our home reading programme, which will begin after Spring Break. However, it is still important to read to your child every day. Ten or fifteen minutes at bedtime is a wonderful time to share and discuss books.

10 Illness: Please report your child’s absence to the attendance line (604- 903-3292) In an effort to keep our children as healthy as possible, we ask that you keep your child home until he/she has been symptom-free for 24 hours (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or frequent visits to the kleenex box). THANK YOU for your cooperation! Please don’t worry about any work your child missed while absent. We will go over any missed skills when they return. Independence: Kindergarten is a big transition for children (and parents)! We gently encourage the children to be as independent as possible. We ask that parents assist us by giving children many opportunities to practice being independent and responsible.

11 Journals: The students will have many opportunities to write throughout the day. One way in which they’ll do this is by writing in their journals. They are encouraged to write whatever they wish. They may begin the school year able only to draw pictures, but you will see much growth throughout the year.

12 Keep Your Child On A Schedule- Kindergarten children thrive on routine. A consistent bedtime and consistent opportunities for exercise will aid in your child’s physical and cognitive development. Kindness- Students in our classrooms are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class, as well as others in society, with kindness and respect. Bothering others, bullying, and interrupting learning will not be permitted.

13 Label all of your child’s items: You wouldn’t believe how many coats and jackets end up in “lost and found!” Library: Your child will go to the Library twice a week for 30 minutes. Mr. Cunliffe will share a story and lesson with the children and then allow them to choose books for check-out. Books may be kept for one week but they may renew a book if they wish to keep it longer! Helping them to remember to return their library books is a great way to foster responsibility! Lunch: The children are welcome to remain at school for lunch and they will be supervised during and after outside playtime. Many early primary children benefit enormously from a break from school during the day. Often a visit home for lunch and then returning for the afternoon can make a difference in their school day. Please consider this option if at all possible.

14 Music: Kindergarten teachers sing A LOT (some better than others… luckily the kids don’t mind)! We’ve found it’s easier and more positive to get the kids’ attention with a simple song than by talking (try this at home)! The students will also have music instruction once a week. Ms. Fraine is our music teacher.. Mystery Helper: We will not have a formal special helper calendar until at least Spring Break. Each day we will play a “guess who” game to identify the special helper for that day.

15 Newsletter: The school will publish a newsletter online once a month.

16 Open Communication: We like to keep our lines of communication open for you. Please contact us if you have any questions about your child. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to answer your questions. Outdoors: We play outside during recess and lunch. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for weather conditions. We will also play outside at various times during the school day if weather permits and venture into the green space around the neighbourhood. Please make sure your child has solid footwear available for these excursions.

17 P.E.: The children will participate in P.E. class two or three times a week.. Please send a pair of inside athletic shoes that your child can leave at school so that he/she will always be prepared. Play: “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” -Mr. Rogers “The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery.” - Erik H. Erikson “Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori “Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

18 Questions: Please don’t hesitate to come to us with any questions or concerns! Quiet Time: The children will have “Quiet Time” for about 20 minutes a day. The lights are dimmed and the children spread out for quiet, independent booktime.

19 Recess: Rest assured that your child will be well supervised during outside recess playtime. The Kindergarten children wear bright pinnies while playing outside so that our supervision staff will be able to identify the younger students quickly. Once the children are comfortable on the playground and the staff are comfortable with identifying the Kindergarten children, the pinnies will no longer be required. This usually happens around Spring Break.

20 Snacks: Recess snacks should be nutritious and easy to eat. In order to minimize garbage footprints and necessity to recycle, all wrappers, peelings, etc. are to be taken home. Yoghurt tubes, pre-packaged yoghurts and fruit cups are difficult for children to open and often result in sticky spills. Some suggestions are: send yoghurt in a reusable container; fruit can be precut and sent in a reusable container. Send a reusable water bottle rather than individual juice boxes. A reminder that due to nut allergies in the school, we ask that you avoid snacks containing nuts. Granola bars that may contain traces of nuts are usually fine. We will have a snack time in the morning and afternoon as well as a full lunch hour.

21 Toys: Toys from home should not be brought to school. We have had many issues in the past with lost/broken toys or trinkets.

22 Unique: Each of our Kindergarten students is unique. We recognize that each child has different strengths and weaknesses. We will work to highlight and build on your child’s strengths and to encourage growth in the areas in which he/she struggles.

23 Vacations: If your child will be missing school because of a family trip, please inform his/her teacher and the office. Visitors: When visiting the school, please sign in at the office and you’ll receive a “visitor” tag. When leaving, please remember to sign out! Volunteers: There will be many opportunities for parent assistance this year. We rely on parent help tremendously. Your teacher will let you know how to volunteer. Even if you can’t make it into the classroom, there is often a need for things to be done at home. If you are able to help with field trip transportation, please ensure that you have completed the Volunteer Driver forms in the office and provided an ICBC Driver Report. Thank you for considering these opportunities!

24 Welcome: Kindergarten is an exciting year and we are looking forward to sharing this year with the children. The beginning of any school year brings a variety of feelings to the forefront, particularly for young children who may be experiencing a school-type setting for the first time. Some children may experience some anxiety and uncertainty and your normally cheerful and energetic child may suddenly behave differently. This is not unusual and in some instances, adjustment to an all day schedule may take until after Christmas. Lots of unstructured play time, family routine, and early bedtimes help enormously to alleviate some of this. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. While it is not necessary for us to have private or personal information about your family, it is important for us to be aware of any events at home that may affect your child’s behaviour (separation/divorce, serious illness/death in family etc). Any information shared will be held in strict confidence Web Page: Our class has its own webpage. Please check it regularly for important information but I will send an email to everyone to let you know if I have posted any updated information. Our webpage can be accessed by going to the Canyon Heights main webpage and choosing our class page from the Staff List. I will also post the direct link to the site when I send emails. Wish List: Occasionally teachers will send out emails requesting supplies/donations for special classroom projects. Thank you in advance for your help with our projects!

25 “EXtra ” clothes: Please send a large Ziploc bag (labeled) with an extra change of clothing for your child to keep at school. Occasionally accidents happen as well as wet weather conditions that may require a quick change in order to be comfortable for the remainder of the day. Students should also have pair of inside shoes to be kept at school. Running shoes that your child can manage to put on and take off independently are best as they may be used for gym times as well.

26 YOU You can help to make your child feel successful this year by doing some of the following: READ: Reading to your child is the single most important thing you can do. It encourages him/her to become a good reader. ASK QUESTIONS: Discuss your child’s day at school with him/her. Ask your child about centres, reading, or math work. Ask questions like, “What did you learn today?”, “What books did you read?”, or “What was your favorite part of the day and why?”. These questions cause children to reflect on their learning which in turn helps them remember new information.

27 Z-z-z-z’ s: Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has a good breakfast before coming to school! It makes an enormous difference to their day!

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