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Dr Julie Hulme Teaching small groups in Psychology.

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1 Dr Julie Hulme Teaching small groups in Psychology

2 Student-tutor interaction; Three to twenty-five students; May meet once or many times through a term; Tends to focus on discussion of pre-defined subject- specific material. Approaches to small group learning and teaching: 2 What is small group teaching?

3 1.What methods do you use? 2.What difficulties have you experienced? And why? 3.What goes well? And why? 3 What experience have you gained?

4 Split into four groups. You will each be given a card with a word or phrase written on it. Spend no more than five minutes deciding on a group definition of the phrase, and identify one suggestion to help overcome it. You may use your mobile device to help find information if you wish. Jigsaw groups! 4 Common problems

5 Friendship groups are more likely to go off task, distract each other, and fall out. Cooper, J. (n.d.). Sabotaging Cooperative Learning: Or, Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory. Retrieved from: Find ways to form groups: Differentiate on method of approaching task; Differentiate on method of feeding back; Random allocation; Your own agenda. 5 Forming groups

6 Clear purpose and expectations; Structure and organisation; Effective working atmosphere; Welcoming and safe; Get started quickly with a task; Consider group contracts; Facilitate – don’t teach; Don’t be afraid of silence; Encourage preparation. 6 Getting started

7 Which of these approaches have you tried? Did they work? Which ones are new? Which ones appeal? 7 What might you do differently?

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