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Welcome to the SALIKANA-BAYAN Youth Empowerment for Service – Leadership Seminar Workshop.

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1 Welcome to the SALIKANA-BAYAN Youth Empowerment for Service – Leadership Seminar Workshop

2 Welcome to your home for the next six (6) days – Tahanang Nazaret Retreat Center Why is this place called TNRC?

3 When we are at home, we maintain certain order in order to have a harmonious relationship.

4 So in order to have order it is important for us to follow/observe certain rules. SSSS mile ilence

5 RRRR espect elate

6 Respect for what??? Persons

7 Respect for what??? Place

8 Respect for what??? Time

9 Respect for time means… 1. Removing all that would distract us from the process…

10 Respect for time means… 2. Concentrating and focusing on what is being asked to do or accomplished.

11 To help us respect time, we shall use an age-old tradition which has been used by religious communities that indicates that God is calling them to action and to follow schedules promptly. The Bell

12 Things to be temporarily surrendered: 1.Watches 2.MP3s 3.Cellphones / Laptops 4.Books / Magazines/ Reading Materials 5.Game consoles/equipments / materials 6.Food (to be placed in the refectory 7.Liquor/Cigarettes 8.Deadly Weapons 9.Fax machines/ Refrigerator / Washing machines, etc.

13 Direction Taking: “Not knowing where to go is not knowing what to do.” “Every path-walk is an indicator of a direction. Every journey is intended to head somewhere.”

14 You have to be aware that you were called to attend a Christian Leadership Seminar Workshop… to become a leader. We have to know the Process and Adventure

15 1. God Invites and Provides God calls you so that later you will be sent back to be a leader. “I am a Leader!”

16 2. Investment/ Resources: in order to reap a fruitful harvest— something needs to be planted: Self Time Treasure Talent Faith

17 Keys for Success Openness Honesty Kindness Dynamics

18 Listening – it is the capacity not just to hear but to understand what is being taught. Silence and Active Listening Living – putting into practice what was taught. Application. Learning Tools

19 Youth Empowerment for Service – Leadership Seminar Workshop Every LSW follows a particular school of thought Christian Leadership

20 Big Changes were mostly effected by small group of young people. Jesus- 12 Disciples Mao Tse Tung – “Give me ten (10) young men and I will convert the whole China”

21 Leaders are not born They are formed Leadership is a choice made by those people who are willing to stand and make a difference.

22 To help you out in the process, we shall be giving you kits, materials and IDs.

23 You shall be given time to bring your things to the dormitories Please take care of your valuables. If needed, you could temporarily surrender them for safekeeping.

24 When you hear the bell, you shall return promptly to the session hall

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