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2 Lecture 1  Syllabus Highlights  Course Policies  Motivation  A bit about databases  A bit about SQLITE3

3 Syllabus Highlights  Instructor:  Dr. Adam Anthony  (preferred way to reach me)  440 826 2059 (less reliable)  Guaranteed Office hours:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:15 – 2:05  Thursday 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM, 1:15 – 3:00  Any time M-F 8:00AM – 4:00 PM by appointment  You can stop by my office (check my posted semi-open door policy before coming in), but I may not be there, or I may ask you to come back later

4 Textbook and Grading  Required Text:  Silberschatz, Abraham, Henry F. Korth, S. Sudarshan. Database System Concepts, 6e. McGraw Hill, New York. ISBN: 978-0-07-352332-3.  Grading:  8 Homeworks ~ 15%  8 In-Class Activities ~ 15%  2 Query Quizzes: ~ 10% each (20% total)  Midterm Exam ~ 15%  Final Exam ~ 15%  Project ~ 20%  Read syllabus to see letter grade scale

5 Collaboration Policy  Students may solve problems informally in groups, but they must complete the written solutions individually.  Furthermore, to prevent any "accidental" cheating, each student must provide a citation at the top of each written solution, that has the form:  I worked with _________________________ on this assignment.  If you forget:  1 st time = Warning  Every other time = 20% reduction of assignment grade  If collaboration is evident, you may be punishable under the college’s Academic Honesty Policy (see syllabus)

6 Technology Policy Technology is great, especially for us! Using it to enhance your learning is fully permitted Technology is a tempting distraction Facebook does not care if you fail It is impossible to browse the internet and learn at a high level at the same time Abuse of technology in the classroom will be penalized if you: Distract classmates Distract the professor Exhibit pattern behavior Not paying attention for > ½ class period Minor infractions occurring in multiple class periods Penalties: 1 st offense: you will be asked to immediately shut down the equipment Subsequent offenses: dismissal from class and/or a 5% reduction in final grade

7 What to do before next class  Read the syllabus (In BB, click ‘course main page’ link, then click syllabus in menu)  Grading criteria  ADA Compliance  Excused Absence/Missed Exam Policy Must be notified 7 days prior if you will miss an exam. VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS  Skim course schedule, note exam dates!  DO NOT PRINT!!!  Assigned Reading

8 A Personal Challenge  Why are you in college?  What do you hope to gain by going to college?  What are your goals?  Raise your expectations. You can:  Work harder than you ever have  Learn something that you couldn’t before  Build endurance and fortitude  Practice better discipline  You are past the intro-level courses. Time to pick up the pace!

9 What is a Database?  First In-Class Exercise (Groups of 3)  On a sheet of paper with your names, list: 10 different things that you know about databases right now. Thoughts: Where are they used? When do you decide to use one? How do they work? What databases have you heard of?

10 A Relational Database  In Class exercise #2:  In same Groups:  You are in charge of a departmental library with 100 books that only CSC majors can check out.  Come up with a pencil and paper scheme for keeping track of who has borrowed which book. Need to be able to send email, phone and post notices for overdue books

11 What is a relational database?  It is a particularly efficient approach for storing and analyzing data  Space requirements can be minimized  Prevents inconsistencies and redundancy  Divided data to control access  Query Languages let us retrieve data and analyze it intelligently

12 Exercise #3  Hypothetically Convert the library system to an excel file. What should happen when:  Two people want to read the file at the same time?  A student’s info changes?  Two people make changes to the file at the same time?  A new book is added?

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