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The art or process of printing with type Typography.

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1 The art or process of printing with type Typography

2 Categories of typefaces Serif: has tiny brackets at the end of a letter stroke. This type is a serif font. Sans Serif: No serif. Letter strokes are all the same thickness. They appear streamlined and modern. This is a sans serif font. Script: looks like handwriting or cursive. This is a script font. Decorative: like artwork. They are often called novelty or display type. This is a decorative font.

3 Typeface families Each type family has a name and a personality. Each member of a “type family” may vary in size, proportion, thickness, and slant. Ex: Arial Arial Black Arial Narrow Arial rounded bold Arial unicode

4 Typeface terms ASCENDERS: letter strokes that rise above the x-height (b, d, f, h…) X-HEIGHT: the height of the body of a lowercase letter (such as x) w/o ascenders or descenders DESCENDERS: strokes that dip below the x-height (g, j, p, q…) LEADING: also called spacing, it is the space between the lines of type and it’s measured in points

5 Type is measured in points Point size refers to the measurement between ascenders and the bottom of descenders. 72 points in an inch. 36 pt. font is ½ inch tall. 72 point font 36 point font 10 point font 8 point font

6 Readability We want our type to be readable, serif or sans serif. It shouldn’t distract reader from content. It need not be extra bold or extra light. Alignment Left: Most readable and natural; type set flush to the left Right: distinctive, but less naturally readable; type set flush to the right Justified: structured and blocky, uneven word and letter spacing Center: symmetrical, balanced, formal, and potentially boring

7 Typography in design Create contrast Size difference Typefaces Letter shapes (caps/lowercase, roman/italics) Color Horizontal/vertical

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