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1 Web site redesign

2 LingsCars site-how it looks like now
Link for the website:

3 Strengths & weaknesses of the current site
Very disorganized layout Distracting flashing graphics Website sections are unclear A lot of unnecessay information Big bright text, and tiny text are hard to read Games and quizzes that distract the user Looks 'amateur' Heavily customer service focused Direct link to entire list of prices Listing of the 30 cheapest deals Jump right to featured listings from homepage Jump to specific make models from side navigation Customer testimonial letters Informal, friendly tone

4 Interview of a user

5 Target audience of the site
-The target audience of our site ranges from year old males and females. -The target audience will mostly be: *recent graduates *first-jobbers *newlyweds

6 Sites used for competitive analysis
Competitor Name / URL: -”Nationwide Vehicle Contracts” Strengths Heavily image/graphic based Very intuitive homepage layout Secondary information is kept into organized sections Important links are big buttons, easy to find and navigate Good use of grid and hierachy Compare multiple car models Search by vehicle type List of FAQs Weaknesses Use of orange is unsettling and hard to read Welcoming, but formal tone. No customer testimonials Seems distant and impersonal, lacks a company 'mascot'

7 Summary of objectives for the redesign
Improve composition website and create proper hierachy (eye-path) Create a logic for links, supporting and body text treatment Remove cluttler and distracting graphics Distill information and keep only the necessary Stay true to Ling's Car's charming and wacky nature Ability to 'visit the old site'

8 home page wireframes

9 wireframes

10 wireframes

11 wireframes

12 wireframes

13 wireframes

14 wireframes

15 wireframes

16 wireframes

17 wireframes

18 Design comps

19 Design comps

20 redesigned
homepage: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/index.html about page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/about.html how it works page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/howitworks.html get started page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/getstarted.html brand page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/brandpage.html frequently asked questions page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/faq.html car quote page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/car_quote_detail.html contact us page: file:///Users/ermionigiakou/Downloads/LingsCars-3/contact.html

21 Logo for the site

22 Logo for the name of the site

23 Ryan Duenas Seung Won Hur Ermioni Giakou

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