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STAYING SAFE IN BUENOS AIRES Emily Mollohan. BASIC TIPS  Don’t be paranoid, just be aware of your surroundings.  If you do find yourself the victim.

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2 BASIC TIPS  Don’t be paranoid, just be aware of your surroundings.  If you do find yourself the victim of robbery or an attack, DO NOT FIGHT BACK! Give them what they want. If you don’t, you could be seriously injured.  If they ask you for your purse, money, backpack, or wallet, the safest thing to do is just hand it over to them  Carry some US Dollars in your front pocket. That way if you are approached to be robbed, you can just hand it over and they will most likely run away and leave you alone.

3 BASIC TIPS  Buy a prepaid cell phone for emergencies and calling taxis. Some homestays may provide you with one already, just ask.  The police are very corrupt in Buenos Aires and are not exactly a safe friend to call “HELP!” to. They are just as likely to rob you in some instances, so just play it safe.  Use common sense.  DO NOT get involved with riots or protests in city squares!

4 THEFT  Thieves distract their victims by spilling food or drink on their clothing. They offer to clean it up while someone else robs you while you are being distracted.  Asking for directions or pretending to be robbed is another distraction.  Use your judgment when giving directions  DO NOT help people that appear to be getting robbed!!  They will do whatever they can do to divert the attention to something else  Fast scooters may drive up behind and rip off backpacks, purses, cameras, clothing and jewelry  Groups of children and teenagers (They ARE NOT as innocent as they make themselves out to be)

5 ON THE STREETS  #1 AVOID TRAVELLING IN LARGE GROUPS OF AMERICANS AND DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH LOUDLY!  Americans are the most targeted due to the stereotype that they are the most wealthy and are always carrying large amounts of money with them  Walk down the street with confidence, like you know where you are going  Always be aware of your surroundings  Look for people that look suspicious  Watch for people on scooters or motorcycles on the sidewalks, they might be pickpockets  Beware of pickpockets

6 ON THE STREETS  Always try to fit in as much as possible, like you are a local  In crowded areas do not carry your backpack on your back or on one shoulder  Carry it in front of you (“Pregnant Lady”)  Never hang your backpack or purse on the back of your chair, bench or leave it on the ground  Remain alert when using a public phone  Don’t walk around with unwanted items on you  Debit cards, credit cards, passport, excess money, valuables, electronics  Do not leave the bank ATM with your money in one location, split it up!

7 ON THE STREETS  Don’t carry anything in your back pocket!  Carry valuable stuff around your neck or around your waist, under your clothes  Carry just a copy of your passport, not the actual one  ALWAYS speak Spanish as much as possible!  Always carry a contact card with you that includes:  Homestay house number  Homestay cell number  Friend of homestay number  Radio taxi numbers  Program office number  Program office emergency number

8 TAXIS  ALWAYS take a Radio Taxi!  They are the most safe taxi companies in Buenos Aires.  If you leave something in the taxi, they will call you back.  They are monitored by the company, so if you keep the taxi number you can always call to report lost items or problems that have occurred.  How to identify a Radio Taxi  Sign on the top of the car  “Radio Taxi” and company name usually on the back door  Taxi Number on the front doors Sign on the top Taxi number “Radio Taxi” and company

9 TAXIS  ALWAYS ask how much it will cost to get to where you are going, BEFORE you agree to take the taxi  If you don’t, they may make you pay more at the end than it really should cost by changing their meters.  ALWAYS make sure you have plenty of money to pay for the taxi, before you decide to take a taxi  Taxi drivers are willing to stop at a bank, so you can get money from the ATM.  THIS IS NOT SAFE AND YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS AT ANY TIME!  They will then follow you to the ATM and threaten you to withdraw as much money as you can.

10 TAXIS  Calling ahead to reserve a taxi is usually a good idea  They will pick you up at the designated location  They will be there on time  They will usually have a flat fee, which is cheaper than running the meter  You will be able to know who your driver is incase there are problems or you lost something while in the taxi

11 SUBTE (SUBWAY)  ALWAYS make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times  If wearing a backpack, either put under your shoulder or on your front (“Pregnant Lady”).  Hide purses under clothing  Do not make eye contact with people  The children are usually the thieves on the Subte.  One will usually distract you, while the others rob you Pregnant Lady

12 COLECTIVOS (BUSES)  ALWAYS make sure that you have your coins ready  When getting on, make sure you tell the driver where you are going so he can enter in the amount you must pay to get there  Make sure you keep your ticket from the machine, as sometimes the police will check to make sure you have one  Study the bus routes (the bus system is very confusing) as it is easy to get lost within the city  If lost, be very hesitant when asking directions  Carry route book with you at all times  On bus carry your items in front of you  Be aware of your surroundings as buses are extremely crowded

13 AT YOUR HOMESTAY, HOTEL, OR HOSTEL  Keep your money and your passport in a safe place  Maids in households are very commonly known for theft of American student’s items  Sometimes homestay parents have a safe where you can put your valuable items, just ask  Keep excess money and passport in a hidden place or a place in your room that locks (hotels and hostels will most likely give you a safe or a locker)  Hostels will usually require you to bring your own lock and just provide a locker, so keep one handy if you are traveling in your free time  Make sure your homestay parents know where you are going and what time you will return, so they don’t begin to worry and then have the program provider looking for you  If you will be late, CALL!

14 NIGHTLIFE  Drink responsibly!  Drinking excessively will put you in danger  It gives an ugly impression of Americans  Getting drunk in public will separate you from your host culture  Natives will ignore you, except those that want to take advantage of you  It will ruin your time abroad by drinking to get drunk  Going to the bar to enjoy a few drinks is completely normal and is encouraged  Don’t drink as much as the locals would in an entire evening  DO NOT DO DRUGS!  You do not know what you are getting and you could compromise a fun trip abroad by being expelled from your program

15 NIGHTLIFE  Do not take unnecessary items to boliches (clubs), most students get robbed  iPhones  MP3  iPods  DON’T walk home alone at night  Call a taxi to take you home and wait for it in a well-lit area  Stick together in groups of 3-4 or have a male escort  Don’t let a stranger walk you home or take a taxi with you

16 WOMEN  DO NOT make an acknowledgement to male strangers with a smile or any type of gesture  Do not feel obligated to talk to men when they attempt to have a conversation  They usually only approach you if they would like to have sex with you  Never accept to go to a private place with a guy  Car, apartment, any dark area, etc  By accepting to go to a private place, you have said “Yes” to having sex with them  “NO” to Argentine’s does not usually mean “NO!”  They are very touchy people and forward people, and once you give in to whatever they have to offer, there is usually no turning back  Should not necessarily carry a purse, unless it is a crossbody purse  Over the shoulder purses are really easy to steal  Guard it securely

17 UNWANTED ATTENTION  Native men are known for making unwanted gestures or comments to American women that are very vulgar  Your best option is to IGNORE them!  Do not give your attention to them, just keep walking  Avoid acknowledging them, especially DO NOT smile  If you can, walk with a man to the divert attention

18 TRAVELING  It is safer to buy tickets (autobus, Buquebus, airplanes, train, etc) before you are planning to leave  Make sure you have fully located the route to the bus station, train station, airport, or port before you make the journey  The bus terminal (Retiro) is in an unsafe part of the city, so just be aware of your surroundings if you are taking the Subte there  Reserve your hotels or hostels ahead of time and make sure you have maps to where it is located


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