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Courtesy golf By Valeria Herrera Mendoza.

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1 Courtesy golf By Valeria Herrera Mendoza





6 Golf is a game of gentlemen. The game of golf requires a high degree of concentration. Learning and playing by the rules of golf etiquette can only enhance the golf experience. Golf etiquette is, for the most part, a simple matter of courtesy. It’s all about showing respect for the other players and the golf course facility that you’re enjoying.

7 At the First Tee If you’re playing with strangers, get to know them a little before tee-off. (introduce yourself) Mark your ball and let everyone know what you’re playing. (introduce ball example: Nike 1) Ask if there's water hashers and out of bounce ect. Determine who will tee off first and subsequently. Flipping a tee is a common practice. (home team then alphabetical order at first or whoever wins the hole) Be quiet while your partners are teeing off. The first tee can be daunting enough without distractions.

8 Remember to keep up the pace. Your group should be comfortably behind the group in front. Walk to your ball as soon as is reasonably possible. Remember to respect and not distract other golfers who may be taking their shot. As you get closer to your ball, begin to plan your next shot. Don’t rush your shot, but be aware of the amount of time you’re taking. If you’re not ready to take your shot, ask one of your playing partners to go ahead. When approaching the green, place your bag, around the area where you will be exiting the green, which should be in the direction of the next tee. Walking back to the front of the green to get your bag in front of will take additional time and can be frustrating to the group behind. take enough clubs and your putter to finish the hole. Don’t take an extended time to look for a lost ball. The rules allow up to 5 minutes, however if your first assessment tells you that there’s no chance, forget it and move on. If your ball is lost in an out-of-bounds area, take a drop. Do not take time to look for and collect other lost balls.

9 Respect the golf course. Replace your divots or fill the divot with the soil mixture provided on the cart. (in this case tell a coach ) Avoid walking into bunkers.(if ball isn’t in there) If taking a bunker shot, take a rake into the bunker with you so you don’t make the trip twice and double the footprints to rake. Always rake the bunker after your shot.

10 On the Putting Green Be aware of your partner's putting lines and don’t step on them. Offer to mark your ball if it’s in the line of another player. Walk behind, not in front of, another player who’s lining up his putt. Don’t distract the other players in any way. Be aware of where you’re standing and don’t move around, talk, or distract in any other way while another player putts. It’s also courteous to ensure that your shadow isn’t on a putter’s line. After putting out, remain around the green until the other players have finished. Replace the flagstick and immediately go to the next tee. Remember that there’s a group behind you.

11 Other notables Never hit your ball if there’s a chance that you can reach the group ahead. If you think there’s even a chance that your ball could hit someone, yell “fore”, and make sure to apologize the next time you meet the group. Don’t complain or whine about your game. It won’t help, and no one will enjoy your company. At the end of the round, shake hands with your partners and thank them for the game.

12 What to wear………….

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