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The Art Of Being Human In a Digital Civilization.

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1 The Art Of Being Human In a Digital Civilization


3 The Search for

4 Wi-Fi for God!

5 What is humanity that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? Psalm 8

6 New Catholic Theological Anthropology We become fully human when we become more human, when we let God bring us beyond ourselves in order to attain the fullest truth of our being.” (Pope Francis)

7 What does it mean to be human? What factors distract us from being and becoming more human in a Digital Civilization?

8 Digital engagement is rewiring the brain's neural circuitry, heightening skills like multi-tasking, complex reasoning and decision- making.

9 Offers massive information at our fingertips (volume and velocity) Improves eye-hand coordination Increases reaction time Ability to pick out details from clutter Empowerment via Internet-Digital Resources

10 "A simple, everyday task like searching the Web appears to enhance brain circuitry in older adults," Small said, "demonstrating that our brains are sensitive and can continue to learn as we grow older."

11 All that tech time diminishes "people" skills, including important emotional aptitudes like empathy.

12 RESEARCH FINDINGS Use of Time Divided Attention Sleep deprivation ( suppress nocturnal melatonin secretion) Health Implications Displace other more beneficial pursuits Behavior Patterns Shallow Network of Friends

13 We actually do more in 24 hours because of technology! We live our lives at breakneck speed! But why?

14 What kind of humans are we becoming? How do we bring the Catholic Marianist perspective into the conversation?



17 Vibration Reflex Syndrome Phantom Vibration Syndrome

18 Immersed in a Culture of Distraction

19 Eclipse of Mystery Voice of God

20 Fragmentation Contemplation Presence Emerging Characteristics

21 Rip Van Winkle Syndrome

22 Nick D'Aloisio (17) Sumaly App Mark Zuckerberg ( 19) Facebook Millennial iGeneration: Designers of the Digital Civilization

23 Humanity 2.0


25 Transhumanist,or Posthuman


27 iGeneration





32 We shape our technologies and our technologies shape us!

33 Media as extensions of our senses!


35 Enhanced Meaning of Human Dignity Sense of Transcendent (Universal) Values vs. Transitory Detachment (Digital Fasting vs. Instant Gratification) Sabbath Time (Contemplation/Silence – Inner life) Appreciation of Beauty Quality Discernment (likes vs. dis-likes) Quality of Life (Balanced) Counter Cultural Dimension Within the Digital Civilization

36 Reflection and Discussion

37  How do I approach and embrace the expanding digital reality in my life? Consciously or unconsciously Intentionally or unintentionally By being in the flow or by deeper personal discernment

38  How does my engagement with digital reality help me to become more human and holy?

39 Missionary Apostolic

40 “Mere administration can no longer be enough. Throughout the world, let us be permanently in a state of mission.” (#25)


42 ‘The desire for digital connectivity can have the effect of isolating us from our neighbors, from those closest to us!” (Pope Francis)

43 A New Missionary Apostolic in the Digital Civilization!

44 The Art of Accompaniment


46 How do we enhance the meaning of being human in a digital civilization? What is our role as a Catholic Marianist University in the quest?

47 ISSUES Technological Determinism Singularity


49 “Why grant such superior status to the self that has the body when the selves that don’t have bodies are able to have different kinds of experiences.” (Turkle) The Challenge

50 Catholic Theological Anthropology We become fully human when we become more human, when we let God bring us beyond ourselves in order to attain the fullest truth of our being.” (Pope Francis)





55 Promote a faith-and culture dialogue which illuminates reality from the perspective of the Gospel Promote quality education of the whole person Develop respect for the dignity of the person Develop an interior spirit and self-knowledge Characteristics of Marianist Education in a Digital Civilization

56 Develop a concern for global and local issues of culture, ecology, and the use of technology Cultivate interpersonal relationships characterized by openness, respect, Integrity, and dialogue Promote a missionary spirit Educate to shape the future Develop Critical thinking Skills in search for truth

57 How do I address these Marianist Characteristics within a digital civilization? What difference can I offer for becoming more human in a digital civilization? What are the challenges I (we) face? What are the changes I (we) can offer?


59 The Hidden Energy of The Good News Stir into Flame – Radiate Joy!

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