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Teapot Advanced Pottery A. 5 Components Foot Body Spout Handle Lid.

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1 Teapot Advanced Pottery A

2 5 Components Foot Body Spout Handle Lid

3 To Begin… Collect Images Create sketches I need to see evidence of both in your potter’s log!

4 Body May be thrown on the wheel or handbuilt*. Size must be appropriate for a final grade Functional/Decorative Unity

5 Handle, Lid, Spout Should be created shortly after the body Consider different styles to fit your piece Handles that are pulled must be made from bagged clay, all other parts from reclaim





















26 Craftsmanship Separate components demonstrate solid- level craftsmanship quality appropriate to utilized technique. No flaws in seam work, contour, surface, etc. Craftsmanship errors or sloppiness begins to distract viewer from overall form of piece. One or two flaws in seam work, contour, surface, etc. Craftsmanship errors or sloppiness shows a rushed product. Teapot is nearly lost beneath “sloppy grammar/spelling” of construction or design. Craftsmanship errors or sloppiness now focus of piece. Errors, like mosquito bites, cover “body” of installation. Errors reflect last minute rush, no refining. Unity All parts of teapot joined by visual theme using elements of design. Overall design is strong, unified, compelling. Maybe two of three components match on another in design; unity less strong… some inconsistency. Only two elements seem unified by design. Piece seems more randomly assembled… a bit more incongruous. This might just be Frankenstein’s monster. Pieces have no relation or are incomplete. Visually plain, stark. Complexity of Form Form successfully demonstrates construction risk or design risk. Student problem-solved through piece. Form has elements of risk, but shows some traces of playing it safe. Student kept to more traditional forms. Piece is more predictable in its construction and design. Design aimed mostly at completing assignment. Piece is very elementary. Does not show mastery of any technique. No improvement from past work. Glazing Glazing makes the pot… the coloration or application adds to the unity, center of interest and finish of the piece. Glaze a strong plus to the piece, though some blemishes or inconsistencies exist. May distract slightly. Glaze added without much consideration of overall design. Glaze may actually harm the detail, not fit the form. Glaze drowns out the detail. Piece may not be glazed. Or glaze application is sloppy or problematic to piece. Use of Class Time Artist clearly spent as much time on the design and production as possible. A phenomenal piece. Artist clearly spent quality time on the piece but may have played it a little safe. Used first pot off the wheel. Artist may have stopped working too soon, could have spent more time designing or building a more creative/refined piece. Artist clearly gave up early or did not complete all that was required for the project.

27 Due Built by

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