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Created by Lance Baldwin Rocky Run Middle School Chantilly, VA

2 Personal Safety Common Sense Grab Bag Super- vision Aware- ness 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

3 When using machines shirttails will be _______ ___.
What is Tucked In? Personal Safety 100

4 Long Hair should be tied back to prevent it from being _______ in a machine.
What is caught? Personal Safety 200

5 Loose long sleeves will be ______ _____ when using a machine
What is Rolled Up? Personal Safety 300

6 A _______ lab is a safe lab.
What is Clean? Personal Safety 400

7 “Eye protection must be worn by everyone anytime a machine is on
“Eye protection must be worn by everyone anytime a machine is on.” This is a Virginia State ____. What is Law? Personal Safety 500

8 ________ ______ is never allowed in the Lab
What is Fooling Around? Common Sense 100

9 That feeling you get when you suspect something maybe wrong is called________ _________.
What is Common Sense? Common Sense 200

10 All adjustments need to be made to a machine when it is ______.
What is Off? Common Sense 300

11 To prevent people from getting bumped, we won’t _______ around the machines.
What is Crowd? Common Sense 400

12 Using the Proper Tool for the Job could mean you wouldn’t ______ a hole with a saw.
What is Drill? Common Sense 500

13 Bulky __________ and sweaters will be removed before using the machines.
What are sweatshirts?” Grab Bag 100

14 If you _______ someone using a machine you will be sent to the back of the line.
What is Distract? Grab Bag 200

15 Loose or dangling ________ must be removed before using the machines.
What is jewelry or bling? Grab Bag 300

16 What is pulled or sucked?
Long hair and loose jewelry or clothing are all secured or removed so you don’t get ________ into the machine. What is pulled or sucked? Grab Bag 400

17 Make sure the machine comes to a _____ _____ before leaving the machine.
What is complete stop? Grab Bag 500

18 Teacher ________ must be obtained before using the machines.
What is approval or permission? Supervision 100

19 If anything seems improper or broken you would …
What is “tell the teacher?” Supervision 200

20 If the teacher has to leave the lab all machines will be…
What is “turned off” or “shut down?” Supervision 300

21 If you get hurt tell your teacher __________.
What is immediately? Supervision 400

22 What are “teacher” and “help?”
Ask your _______ for _______ if you don’t know how to use the a machine. What are “teacher” and “help?” Supervision 500

23 The “ABCs” of safety stand for …
What is “Always Be Careful?” Awareness 100

24 Always check everything on a machine yourself, never _______ it is ok.
What is Assume? Awareness 200

25 People easily lose concentration if others ______ them from their work.
What is Distract? Awareness 300

26 If students _________ on the task at hand it will prevent accidents.
What is Concentrate? Awareness 400

27 There will be no crowding if people observe the ______ _______ marked on the floor around the machines What is Work Zone? Awareness 500


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