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The Word Within the Word Stem Lesson 1 Part 1 (stems 1-15)

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1 The Word Within the Word Stem Lesson 1 Part 1 (stems 1-15)

2 1. ante meaning: before Sentence example: The Civil War antedates the Korean War by decades

3 Clue Words: antedate, antecedent, antebellum, anterior anterior

4 2. anti meaning: against Sentence example: The antiaircraft fire shot down the enemy plane.

5 Clue Words: antiaircraft, antibody, anticlimax, antitoxin, antithesis

6 3. bi meaning: two Sentence example: The two nations had a bilateral agreement.

7 Clue Words: bilateral, bicycle, binary, bimonthly, biped, binocular

8 4. circum meaning: around Sentence example: The circumspect spy is difficult to catch.

9 Clue Words: circumnavigate, circumspect, circumvent, circus

10 5. com meaning: together Sentence example: The two together are an interesting combination.

11 Clue Words: combination, comfort, common, complete, combo

12 6. con meaning: together Sentence example: He was confined to his bedroom until he apologized.

13 Clue Words: contract, confidence, confine, confederate, conjunction, contact

14 7. de meaning: down Sentence example: The lunar lander descended through the atmosphere.

15 Clue Words: deposit, descent, despicable, denounce, demolish, decrepit

16 8. dis meaning: away Sentence example: His attention was easily distracted.

17 Clue Words: distract, distort, dispute, dissonant, dismiss, disprove

18 9. equi meaning: equal Sentence example: She made an equilateral triangle with three straws.

19 Clue Words: equitable, equilateral, equation, equilibrium

20 10. extra meaning: beyond Sentence example: It was an extraordinary achievement.

21 Clue Words: extraterrestrial, extraordinary, extravagant, extrovert, extramural

22 11. inter meaning: between Sentence example: They were lost in interstellar space.

23 Clue Words: international, interdepartmental, interstellar, interject, interlude

24 12. intra meaning: within Sentence example: He received an intravenous solution through a tube in his arm.

25 Clue Words: intracellular, intravenous, intrastate, intramural

26 13. intro meaning: into Sentence example: The boy was a lonely introvert who kept to himself.

27 Clue Words: introduce, introspective, introvert, introject

28 14. mal meaning: bad Sentence example: He looked fearfully at the glowing, malevolent demon.

29 Clue Words: malevolent, malcontent, malicious, malpractice, malady

30 15. mis meaning: bad Sentence example: He had the misfortune to forget his wallet.

31 Clue Words: misfit, mistake, misfortune, misfire, misdeed, misguided

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