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Jon Boyes Curriculum and Work-Related Learning Officer Presentation skills.

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1 Jon Boyes Curriculum and Work-Related Learning Officer Presentation skills

2 P lan P ace I mpact I nteract Presentation skills

3 Session objectives Identify the characteristics of an effective presentation Structure an effective presentation Identify techniques for maintaining audience interest Identify techniques for coping with nerves Plan and deliver a short presentation Presentation skills

4 What makes an effective presentation? Put your points into themes: Content Delivery (behaviour of presenter) Resources Presentation skills

5 Planning/preparation Clear objectives – what do you want to achieve? Target audience: their needs – format? Mind map – brainstorm – list content Structure Intro: who you are, purpose of presentation – benefits to audience. IMPACT! Middle: key messages, content arranged in themes/sections Conclusion/summary: take away message/call to action Presentation plan with timings Presentation skills

6 Body language Act confident, feel confident Large personal space Eye contact with audience Open body language Standing upright with shoulders back Use your hands for emphasis but avoid ‘flapping’ Presentation skills

7 Do... Illustrate your key messages, eg. a startling statistic or image a quotation from someone famous that applies to your message Use personal stories and easy examples to help illustrate your points Involve your audience – interaction Ask questions to involve, establish rapport and support your arguments Practice, Practice, Practice Presentation skills

8 Don’t... Presentation skills

9 Don’ts – a recap Just read your slides Script everything Put too much information on a slide Go overboard with fancy effects, they distract from you and your key messages Presentation skills

10 Exercise Prepare and deliver a 3 minute presentation on one of the following themes: The perfect weekend The invention that will change your life The Exeter University Student Presentation skills

11 Coping with nerves Controlling your environment and handling pressure Practice using any equipment Plan B if technology fails you – eg. PPT formats Recognising adrenalin gives you an edge Pace yourself – most people speak too fast if nervous The more you practice and run through it, the more natural it becomes Use crib cards with brief notes if you need to remember lots of information Practice under pressure Deep breathing Presentation skills

12 Summary Clear objectives Structure: Intro - Middle – Summary Work to a timed plan Learn from your favourite presenters – what they say and how they say it Remember what not to do... Calm nerves by deep breathing, slowing down, controlling your environment, having a back up plan and plenty of PRACTICE Presentation skills

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