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The Paper Bag Speech A Self Introduction.

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1 The Paper Bag Speech A Self Introduction

2 Purpose The purpose of the Speech is to introduce yourself to your audience The purpose of the Paper Bag is for size. Anything that can fit in the bag is the right size Visual Aid for this speech. *The bag should be left at your desk or under the podium (not a distraction)

3 Content & Organization
Follow basic Outlining format for presentations Everything will be spoken, including your SIGNPOST (preview to main points) Answer the questions on the Speech Inventory worksheet to help you decide what to include (things that make up who you are)

4 Visual Aids Place items into your Paper Bag that will be used to illustrate your main ideas in your speech Items must be able to fit in the bag, but be able to be seen by the entire audience Examples: a book that influenced you, a piece of jewelry, a large photo, a statue…

5 Visual Aids PRACTICE your speech with your Visual Aids ahead of time
Choose the appropriate time to show your V.A. during each main point Do not pass your V.Aids around the room, as this will distract from your speech Be sure to explain the significance of each

6 Content & Organization
Organize your ideas into 3 MAIN POINTS Your MAIN POINTS will be the 3 main ideas that will include your content… Ex. (1) My Background (2) My Characteristics (3) My Accomplishments Or “Past, Present, Future” of My Life

7 Support and Analysis Under each main point, include examples, stories, and a VISUAL AID from your bag. Be sure to explain any claim that you make Ex. “Music has played a big part in my life…” now, follow that up with “why,” “how,” “in what ways,” etc… That’s support with analysis!

8 Introduction Don’t ever begin your speech with “ok” or “um” or “ok, I’m going to begin.” Just jump right in with your ATTENTION-GETTER Be sure to have clear and definite parts of the Intro

9 Conclusion NEVER end a speech with “That’s it,” or “ok, I’m done.”
Be sure to include the very important parts of the Conclusion: the SUMMARY and the CLINCHER Hints: the Summary is the same as your Signpost & the Clincher can round out the Attention Getter!

10 Delivery DOs and DON’Ts
Don’t hide behind or hold onto the podium when you speak Do use controlled gestures to help you illustrate your points Don’t write out your speech or else you will read to us, and that is not the goal Do speak from an Outline, PRACTICE to be able to be free from your notes, and speak conversationally to your audience

11 Delivery DOs and DON’Ts
Don’t be silly or distracted by audience members Do use controlled humor and/or jokes to entertain your audience Don’t chew gum, put hands in pockets, cross arms or legs, or shift weight/rocking Do stand straight and tall, and practice to avoid nervous mannerisms

12 DO ADD ENERGY! Make sure you are smiling and friendly to your audience during a speech Make sure you PRACTICE for the time limit, and to reduce nervousness PRACTICE using your Visual Aids, and plan out when they will be shown Have FUN with this one!

13 TIME LIMIT The time limit for this speech will be 3-5 minutes
PRACTICE your speech several times WITH your visual aids ahead of time! Time signals will be given during your Speech

14 DUE DATES Bring notes for Test Review on Monday
Test day will be Wednesday – bring #2 pencil Be prepared to work on your SPEECH both of these days, as well Speeches will be DUE on March 4, 11, 13 – Bring Bag of Visual Aids at that time

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