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5.02.2007Marek Jeżabek1 Review of research activities 2005-2006 Members of the SAB: Guido Altarelli Colin Carlile Sydney Gales Andrzej Gałkowski Hans-Georg.

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1 Marek Jeżabek1 Review of research activities Members of the SAB: Guido Altarelli Colin Carlile Sydney Gales Andrzej Gałkowski Hans-Georg Menzel Albrecht Wagner (Chair) Andrzej K. Wróblewski

2 Marek Jeżabek2 General information on IFJ PAN personnel (~190 with Ph.D.) - 17 departments / 5 divisions - centres of excellence - centres of advanced technology - accredited laboratories - technical sections - PhD studies (72 students)

3 Marek Jeżabek3 General Recommendations by SAB (2005) In fundamental research the Institute should maintain and strengthen its distinguished role in Poland and continue to cultivate its strong links to the international scientific community. The Institute should maintain its very successful collaboration with large laboratories, such as CERN, DESY, GANIL, GSI, and ILL in order to assure the leading Polish role in research requiring large facilities. In applied science it should remain attractive for Polish scientists. In environmental and other applied research it should continue to make use of some of its unique possibilities. The role of young people in leading positions should be strengthened. ? The funding of the high level engineering and technical support should at least be maintained.

4 Marek Jeżabek4 Institute Structure SAB Recommendation (2005): The structure of the Institute should be reconsidered with the goal to strengthen the programme oriented work and the exchange between the four main fields of research. Thus, the reviewers encourage the Institute to continue the process to form larger units out of the existing departments.

5 Marek Jeżabek5 Organigram of the IFJ PAN (2005)

6 Marek Jeżabek6 Organigram of the IFJ PAN (2006)

7 Marek Jeżabek7 Research Infrastructure

8 Marek Jeżabek8 Personnel

9 Marek Jeżabek9 Personnel (cont.)

10 Marek Jeżabek10 IFJ PAN Staff (2006)

11 Marek Jeżabek11 IFJ PAN Research Staff

12 Marek Jeżabek12 Age Groups in Research Staff (2006)

13 Marek Jeżabek13 Research Staff Management International PhD Studies –Assoc. Prof. Tadeusz Lesiak Departments and Laboratories –Prof. Henryk Wilczyński –Prof. Agnieszka Zalewska –Prof. Adam Maj –Assoc. Prof. Marek Kowalski –Assoc. Prof. Piotr Zieliński –Prof. Zdzisław Lalowicz –Assoc. Prof. Wojciech Kwiatek –Assoc. Prof. Paweł Wodniecki –Assoc. Prof. Ireneusz Śliwka –Dr. Bogusław Rajchel –Dr. Krzysztof Kozak –Dr. Władysław Węglarz New Leaders of Research Units (Feb 2005 – Feb 2007)

14 Marek Jeżabek14 Age Groups in Research Staff Management (2006)

15 Marek Jeżabek15 IFJ PAN Budget

16 Marek Jeżabek16 Structure of total cost (excl. fixed assets)

17 Marek Jeżabek and 2006 Statutory Costs

18 Marek Jeżabek18 Future Plans Review of research activities

19 Marek Jeżabek19 LHC 33% Neutrino Astroph. 20% Theory 25% Physicist employment (FTE) in FOE in 2006 Future Physicists employment (FTE) in FOE in 2010 Theory 26% HERA RHIC other 17% SPS/KEKB 13% ILC 4% LHC 20% ILC 9% Neutrino Astroph. 20% SPS/KEKB 10% New & other 3% Polish Particle Physics Roadmap

20 Marek Jeżabek20 Polish Particle Physics Roadmap

21 Marek Jeżabek21 Polish Particle Physics Roadmap

22 Marek Jeżabek22 IFJ PAN Long Range Plans ( ) DESY –ZEUS/H1 CERN –ATLAS –LHCb KEKB ILC Pierre Auger Neutrinos –T2K –SUNLAB (Sieroszowice) Particle & Astroparticle Physics

23 Marek Jeżabek23

24 Marek Jeżabek24 IFJ PAN Long Range Plans ( ) RHIC CERN: –ALICE –ATLAS FAIR (GSI) SPIRAL2 (GANIL) Nuclear Physics & Strong Interactions

25 Marek Jeżabek25

26 Marek Jeżabek26 Nuclear Energy and Safety Nuclear technology & enviromental monitoring and dosimetry –Accredited Laboratories of: Individual and Enviromental Dosimetry Radiometric Expertise Radioactivity Analysis –Education in collab. with AGH UST –High Temperature Reactor Thermonuclear energy –Stelarator WX7 (Greifswald) –ITER (neutron transport and cross section measurements)

27 Marek Jeżabek27 Future plans: Neutron transport physics for fusion projects Dept. of Environmental and Radiation Transport Physics Participation in the Association EURATOM-Poland Inst. of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion Future plans (the activity started): Development of neutron detection methods, in particular for the D-D and D-T plasma diagnostics – oriented for the ITER programme. Collaboration with Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik Greifswald, Germany - stellarator W-7X Wendelstein ITER

28 Marek Jeżabek28 Hadron Radiotherapy in IFJ PAN Narodowe Centrum Radioterapii Hadronowej (NCRH) –IFJ PAN: AIC-144 ( ) –NCRH – Phase I (IFJ PAN): cycl. 250 MeV ( ) –NCRH – Phase II (Warsaw): proton & C12 hadron radiotherapy (2010+)

29 Marek Jeżabek29 Life Science Cluster in Kraków Radiobiology in IFJ PAN: –Van de Graaff accelerator: p microbeam –X microbeam –Isochronous cyclotron AIC-144 –NMR Imaging system Collaboration with JINR Dubna Radioisotopes for medicine and biology –two consortia coordinated by IFJ PAN

30 Marek Jeżabek30 Condensed Matter & Material Science Local research infrastructure –IONMED, … Neutron sources –ILL (Grenoble): coordination of consortium ILLPL –ISIS (RAL) Synchrotron radiation –ESRF –HASYLAB / FLASH / XFEL

31 Marek Jeżabek31 Technical Sections LHC accelerator (-2007) LHC detectors ( ) XFEL (linac DESY) ( ) WX7 (Greifswald) ( ) FAIR Synchrotron in Kraków Participation in construction of research infrastructure and detectors:

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