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Designing Accommodation for Adults who have Autism Presented By: Nick Haake, NAS Cymru Area Manager 22.04.2008.

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1 Designing Accommodation for Adults who have Autism Presented By: Nick Haake, NAS Cymru Area Manager 22.04.2008

2 Workshop Objectives Things to consider when designing a property Useful design ideas based on our experiences so far

3 NAS Cymru Orchard House-10 bedded Residential Home Plas Newydd-3 bedded Residential Home Longford Court-19 bedded Residential Home Pale Road-4 bedded Residential Home Rhyd Hir-3 bedded Residential Home Ty Nant-6 bedded Supported Living

4 What is a Home?

5 “…sometimes it’s like I’m a wasp trapped in a jar I can see and hear the people all around me but every time I try to get into their world I just keep buzzing and bumping against the glass”. Paul, 41, has Asperger Syndrome

6 “Reality to an Autistic person is a confusing, interacting mass of events, people, places, sounds and sights. There seems to be no clear boundaries, order or meaning to anything. A large part of my lift is spent just trying to work out the pattern behind everything. Set routines, times, particular routes and rituals all help to get order into an unbearable chaotic life”.

7 The right Property should make it easier to ……….. Reduce Anxiety Enhance motivation, confidence and self esteem Reduce behaviours which inhibit progress or impair quality of life Enhance concentration/remove distraction Play to strengths/likes Keep people safe

8 Key Considerations Vision and Values Have a clear Brief (cost, key features) Autism Who are you designing for? Get the right Architect Team work (Project Management, Partnering)

9 Planning Features Compulsions and obsessions Known Likes/Dislikes Known Likes/Dislikes Challenging Behaviour & Risks Hypersensitivity Phobias Living Space Living Space

10 “Sensory Sensitivity in any form can make it difficult to concentrate, to trust, at attending to things other than the source of hypersensitivity or join in or to relax. If the discomfort or distraction is extreme enough, they can distract from the ability to learn”. Donna Williams

11 Sensory Hypersensitivity Distress with Sound Sensitivity to light Discomfort with Textures Insecurity with Heights Insecurity with Movement/Proximity Clutter Temperature Issues

12 The Brief Develop a Home for five individuals who have Autism, learning disabilities and very complex needs, providing self contained flats and shared accommodation in the same property. Consider the Pen Pictures What would you build into your design

13 Ty Mynydd

14 3 Self-Contained Flats plus 2 Single On suites (Shared Living)



17 Design Features Self contained individual design flats with their own lounge/bed area, kitchen with dining area and bath/shower room. Floor area 51m( 2 ) which permits flexible usage and potential for conversion to Welsh Assembly Government flat units Communal accommodation to include lounge, dining room, kitchen, quiet rooms to Ground and First Floors, utility room with sluices Open circulation areas with curved walls, thus omitting all 90° corners

18 Design Features Cont’d. Electro magnetic free swing door closers Thermal and acoustic laminated double glazed performance windows Glazing to suit special light transmissions and reflectance Internal sandwiched solar control glazing blinds which also provide privacy and temperature control Fully secure scheme perimeter boundary to South Wales Police secured as standard, semi defendable zone around parking area Bath/shower room fully concealed pipe work and services with fully tiled walls and level access shower tray where indicated.

19 Design Features Cont’d. Purpose built robust and durable kitchen units and fitted wardrobes Substantial levels of sound reduction built into proposals from sustainable natural resource Extensive provision of natural light with wide circulation areas with high ceiling levels, to include double glazing and sunpipes Internal colour scheme to NAS recommendations, colours and tonal contract with lighting to assist sensory impairment Integrated fire alarm/emergency lighting installations where fitting appearances matches normal domestic appearance Robust electrical switches and sockets with secure screw fixing with domestic appearance with low energy domestic light fittings

20 Design Features Cont’d. Energy management under floor heating installations. Efficient boilers heating sources with weather compensated controls. Internal building environments with air comfort cooling installation to include continuous background air movement throughout the whole scheme, coolant effect during high temperature periods. External and flat entrance door alarm system with sounder in staff accommodation flat. Provision of personal alarms. A warden call system and movement sensors also included. The gardens fully landscaped and will contain features that are appropriate for the client group. These features will include a secure boundary, raised flower beds and areas to stimulate and clients’ senses, jacuzzi.

21 Ty Mynydd – Front Elevation

22 Ty Mynydd – Right Side Elevation

23 Ty Mynydd – Left Side Elevation


25 TY NANT – Typical Flat Layout



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