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Respectful Audience Behavior

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1 Respectful Audience Behavior
How to behave during a concert, theatrical performance, or assembly By Mr. Ferrara, Music Teacher

2 Different audience settings call for different expected behavior
Sports Event – Shouting, yelling at the players, talking, standing, booing… are all appropriate. Pop music concert – Cheering, Singing along, Dancing… all appropriate Formal concert, theatre work, or assembly – Quiet, respectful listening. Applause when appropriate.

3 Character Counts Trustworthy
Respect – Treating something as if it has value. Responsible Fairness Caring Citizenship Character Counts

4 The “THREE RESPECTS” Respect Yourself
Do not behave in a way that makes people think less of you. You “represent” your school, your family, your town, your race Be “Selfish.” You came to be entertained. Let the performer entertain you. The “THREE RESPECTS”

5 The “THREE RESPECTS” Respect Others
The Person Performing – They’re at WORK. They care about this performance. They worked hard to prepare it for you. The Audience. They didn’t pay to see you do your thing. Even if you don’t care, they do. You have every right to enjoy the performance and not be distracted by someone’s poor behavior. The “THREE RESPECTS”

6 The “THREE RESPECTS” Respect The Art
Church is a place for worship, not for other things. A Classroom in a school is a place for learning, not for other things. An Auditorium is a place for music and performance, not for other things. Respect the fact that music, or art, is happening here. The “THREE RESPECTS”

7 Basic Guidelines Be silent, and LISTEN.
Applaud for a good performance, and applaud politely in support of a not-so-good performance. (Applaud the effort) Reserve discussion for later on, unless audience participation is requested. Sit comfortably, and in a way that doesn’t distract others. (Feet on chair in front of you, head in someone else’s way, etc.)

8 Do NOT… Talk, heckle, or Boo performers.
Shout out to someone performing. They know you’re there, be polite. Bring in food, snacks, or drinks. And don’t make noise while unwrapping them. Take pictures or video of the performance. It is distracting and dangerous for the performers. It is also illegal!

9 When in doubt ask yourself…
Am I respectful of what is going on here? Am I respecting myself? Am I respecting others? If you are, then you’re OK.

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